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  • 01:41

    Replacing EOBRs with Mobile Fleet Optimization

    in Technology

    XRS Corporation is a leading expert in trucking fleet performance management. According to XRS (Xata Road Science), mobile devices are already commonly used by almost 90 percent of truck drivers.
    As the mobile revolution continues to expand, the company believes that the days of expensive, hard-wired, on-board installations such as the EOBR are over and the future of fleet optimization technology is mobile.
    Joining us from XRS Corporation are Christian Schenk, vice president of market development and product marketing and Megan Derkey, marketing communications manager.
    We will discuss their newest mobile technology, the future of EOBR's (Electronic Onboard Recorders) and hear their answers to the questions of most concern by the professional trucker.

  • 02:29

    Coping with Truckers' Top Challenges

    in Current Events

    As the "Voice of the American Trucker" for 50-plus-years, Overdrive Magazine will be joining forces with sister publication Truckers News and quarterly Overdrive spinoff, Custom Rigs, beginning August, 2012.
    Senior Editor, Todd Dills, asked readers what they believed to be the top trucking challenges faced by owner operators. Heading at the top of the "challenges list" included: fuel prices, EOBR's, Hours of Service, uncompensated detention time and freight rates.
    Todd Dills joins us to discuss his report, along with truck drivers': small-fleet owner, Tom Blake, and Jeff Clark of Trucking Solutions Group who were two of the primary sources for his report in the August issue of Overdrive Magazine.
    Mr. Dills is also host of the Channel 19 Blog where he will be sharing more reports on these issues in the August edition of Overdrive Magazine.

  • 02:36

    Happy 4th of July

    in Entertainment

    Happy 4th every1 it all open mic tonight so anything goes We will also be talking about Fatalities in the trucking industry which company has more or less. Richard Wilson will be on too to discuss what happend whith the EOBRs

  • 01:04

    The Northern Radio Show / Hammer Down

    in Entertainment

    Tonight from 9pm-10pm we will be hosting another "hammer down" show. We will only be hosting the show for 1 hour due to the amount of bandwidth we used due to the larger listener base. Tonight's show will be on Hours of Service/EOBRs, The Mexican Truck Pilot Program and the CSA... and what ever else is on your mind!