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    REAL Conversations with Johnny Regan, Susan Atherton Reed and Dorit Papelbaum!

    in Motivation

    In my inagural show, I am honored to bring you THREE visonary's who I have come to love and honor rather quickly because of their authenticy and how they show up in their own world and community! 

    In my first half hour I will be speaking with Johnny and Susan! 

    Johnny started being an entrepreneur at the age of 9 with "Saturday Night Movies and Popcorn" on Sanibel Island. He was a youth pastor and led many, many people. Johnny started Vision Miami in 2002 where many visions came to life. The Vision:Global Conference Call came to life as an international call where people are inspired by the amazing guests! 

    Susan started out as an Art Historian and got a degree in Information Technology. The internet was the perfect marriage of art and technology, and she has done a lot of "web work." She's worked in online learning for the past 12 years and currently working with Johnny on his vision! 

    In the second half hour, I will be speaking with Dorit and her ability to connect heart centered entrepenuers through her company called Bridge Builders! 

    Dorit states:  I realized my passion 2 years ago. Last year Bridge Builders came to me as a vehicle to use to connect more people with each other and it is my passion to connect people with people. It’s a way to gather like-minded people together in a fun and party atmosphere and create deep and meaningful connections.

    See you on Friday at HIGH NOON! 

    Kimberly Marie West






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    Fit, Fine & Fabulous - In Career, Business & Life with Dr. Laureen Wishom

    in Christianity

    Dr. Laureen Wishom Award-Winning International Speaker, Amazon Best Selling Author, Success Solutionist & Lifestyle Architect. Stops by the virtual studio to discuss her book Fit, Fine & Fabulous In Career, Business & Life. Dr. Laureen answers some of the questions that most entrepenuers seek answers for. Listen to the show and learn about some of the things Dr. Laureen Wishom is giving away to help you start your business and finance off the right way!

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    The Black Trans Male Experience w/Dr.Kortney Ziegler

    in LGBT

    What are some of the pressing needs of the Black Trans Male community? Often ignored by Mainstream media BTM and TMOC (Trans Men Of Color) in general are often rarely discussed when it comes to issues that concern the Trans Community as a whole. Despite many visible and highly educated men of color out there like Kye Allums, Sasha Alexander and Tiq Milan to name a few, TMOC voices and stories rarely get attention. What are some of the daily experiences of these men? what are their daily stories of survival like? How do they perservere despite representing one of the most scrutinized bodies and minds on this planet...THE BLACK MALE. Joining me to DIscuss this issue and share his experineces is Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler. Dr. Ziegler will discuss some of the pertinent issues in the TM community as a whole as well as some of the profound revolutionary work coming out of Oakland and his TRANS H4CK events!! We will be taking calls please Join us!!

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    in Entertainment



    An interview with two entrepenuers, Nathan Jenkins and Joe Estrada, both whom will give us advice and ideas on how we can earn some extra cash in this wicked economy.

    Listeners Call-In 805-830-8320

    The Fantasy Lime-Light is our premium show for authors, musicians, business owner, film makers, etc. to showcase their latest projects. Introduce yourself and your talents, products, or services to our listeners in an exclusive interview and conversation with hostess and creator Lakrush Hearts. If you wanna be on the Lime-Light send us an email to phonefantasyradio@gmail.com

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    Selling as a Profession presents Velton Showell's 2014 Plan to Excell

    in Business

    2014 has begun and I decided today I would share a question that I have been working on in my own life and business...

    What are five things that I have found our about Motivating myself and achieving my dreams?

    Listen in as I review my internal opportunities with this issue. Do you also struggle with answering this question? I think we all do, I will share my thoughts and issues.

    Please join me!

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    Women Warriors - 2 Simple Steps to Massive Profits & Authentic Freedom

    in Women

    Start the New Year off with Women Warriors on Jan 1st at Noon ET as our guest, Erika Ferenczi, shares“2 Simple Steps to Massive Profits and Authentic Freedom.”  Don’t miss this powerful discussion for your success in 2014!


    Erika Ferenczi, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, EH, MFIN is a Leading Business and Wealth Mindset Mentor, CEO of Life is Yours, LLC. & Founder of www.ErikaFerenczi.com and www.ProfitsforFreedom.com, a coaching and mentoring firm devoted to empowering women to achieve massive profits and authentic freedom by helping her clients “Be Outstanding, Rock their Profits and Love their Life.”

    Her work includes business coaching, mentoring, leadership and inner transformation to help her clients build profitable businesses and achieve the results and impact they desire and deserve. She assist her clients in creating a space in which they can be unapologetic for who they are, and make the money that will set them free to live life on their own terms.  For more information visit her at www.ErikaFerenczi.com where you can take advantage of a FREE Training “ Your Massive Profits and Authentic Freedom ~ 7 steps to shift from Confusion Struggle and Overwhelm to Clear Direction, Consistent Action and Outrageous Cash Flow”

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    Women Warriors - Creating a Life and Work that Work

    in Women

    On Women Warriors (Wed, Dec 18th at Noon ET), our special guest is executive coach and strategy consultant, Cornelia Shipley who will be discussing the topic of “Creating a life and work that work.”   Don’t miss out on the secrets of creating your ideal life.


    An executive coach and strategy consultant  with nearly 20 years experience in corporate America, Cornelia Shipley began her career in Sales and Sales Training and Development with The Procter & Gamble Company.  While at P&G, she developed key management and strategic planning skills she uses with clients today.  After receiving her MBA in Management Consulting and Strategy, Ms. Shipley made a career change and worked as a Human Resource Professional for both Raytheon Company and General Mills supporting Supply Chain, Corporate Engineering, and Corporate HR.

    A Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership, Cornelia is Professionally Certified (PCC) as a coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF), Ms. Shipley has been in private practice since 2006.  Clients value her holistic approach to leadership development and strategic planning.  Her practice is focused on assisting senior executives and entrepreneurs to develop and leverage their personal brand, influence strategy, and strategic plan to create their designed outcomes.  In addition, Ms. Shipley is a faculty member for 3 international coach training programs and works with entrepreneurs worldwide.

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    Kinky convo After Dark Special guest ms Deja Vu

    in Entertainment

    The ladies of kinky convo (Qua Live and Pra'Nyia Dymond) will be interveiwing ms deja vu of baltimore, Maryland. We will explore everything from where ms Deja vu started, her motivations, strive, her out come and even down to her sexy calender thats about to hit stores soon.

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    Entrepreneurs of Faith-Achieving Success & Staying Well Mind,Body,Spirit

    in Health

    Entrepreneurship is the "NEW" Women's Movement.  It's exciting!  Women are opening new businesses every day.  Women are getting inspired and motivated to pursue their visions, their passions with boundless enthusiasm and energy.  While all of this is wonderful, how important is it for are all these wonderful women to stay spiritually connected, emotionally stable, and physically well?

    Join us as we talk with Monique Stoner is a Business Coach, Brand Catalysist, Life Strategist, Host of the "Emerge" Talk Show. Monique shares with us her story of success and a great testimony about the importance of health when being an Entrepenuer. 

    Shae Bynes and Antonina Geer are the founders of The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur™ community is the place for entrepreneurs of faith who desire to build thriving businesses so they can serve their families, truly impact lives, and advance the Kingdom of God.  Shae Bynes will join us to talk about the importance of operating a business based on Kingdom building principles and staying spiritually connected.

    Tune in for wonderfu interviews with these dynamic, inspiration and successful Entrepenuers.

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    Home Based Business

    in Business

    How to start and run a business from home - We will Feature an Industry that has thousands bringing home extra cash and some have made it their primary income  

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    Mind of a Leader Dr. Carol Francis with CEO Bill Boyajian,

    in Self Help

    CEO Bill Boyajian interviewed by  Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis.
    Small business owners, growing companies with tiers of managers, entrepenuers, or project leaders need to understand Human Engineering principles in order to maximizes the productivity of their company, growth, and functionality of their team. How do company leaders become productive and effective?  What business practices sculpt an effective leader so a team can be a winning group?  What are the essential and proven traits of a leader?  How do those traits differ from a manager or an ineffective leader?  
    With over 40 years of leadership experience and an amazing reputation heralded by his former employees and staff, CEO Bill Boyajian has pragmatically answered these and other questions in his recently released book, "Developing The Mind Of A Leader."
    Bill Boyajian delineates the 6 C's of a leader's personality and character.  He tackles how to lead a team crippled with complications into functionality.  He explains how to hire the 10's and how to be a 10 too.  Bill Boyajian explains the difference between being a Star and Leading Stars.  You can review his book at http://billboyajianassociates.com/book-preview/ and order his book.  
    Join Bill Boyajian with Dr. Carol Francis.  Dr. Carol Francis has functioned as a consultant for many companies/Coorporations, CEO's, Project Managers, and Employees to improve the atmosphere of cooperation and the functionality of businesses since 1983. 

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