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    Are You Helping or Enabling?

    in Finance

    When someone we love is going through a hard time financially, it's natural for us to want to jump in and help them.  But what happens when your help ISN'T helping, but instead enables the person to continue to be financially irresponsible?  It can be hard to know when to bail someone out of their messes and when to show them some much-needed "tough love."  This is especially tricky when that person is your adult child.  I'll talk about the signs to look for that indicate you've crossed over into enabling and how to set healthy boundaries.  As always, if you have questions before the show, email them to me at Christine@ChristineLuken.com and I'll answer them on the air.

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    Breaking The Curse Of Enabling !

    in Current Events

    I am so tired of hearing and seeing so many families throw there lives away by enabling loved ones in there addictions and behaviors ! I believe Enabling is second behind Mental Health as a leading health epidemic in America !  Grandparents raising there Grandkids because there child is irresponsible and won't do the right thing ! Parents letting there grown children live with them just because they are irresposible ! And the main thing is, Why do you give money to a addict and klnow there and addict ? What happened to tough love, especially for men Who's parents rather they live at home instead of learnig a lesson by stayng in a Shelter or Streets ? What happened to tough Love !


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    in Lifestyle

    Are you enabling someone and don't know it ?

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    How to stop being a fixer and kill the demons, enabling & co-dependency

    in Romance

    Tonight I am joined by the author Dr Lesly Devereaux.  She will share practical ways that we can break codependence at any point in time, and the sooner the better! What differentiates Breaking Co-Dependency, (order the book @ http://www.breakingcodependencybook.com)  from other books on this topic is that you are brought into the life of the author as she navigates being incarcerated while reflecting on the enabling behaviors that put her there in the first place.  Through the narrative of the author, a courageous speaker, coach and ordained minister, we are provided a valuable reference on how to break codependency. Its real value begins with the recommendations of how to stop enabling others.

    Dr Lesly says....Deal with the demons of enabling; don’t run from them. Running from your problem will only exhaust you. You have heard the expression: you can run but you sure can’t hide. This is true of any situation that you find yourself in which requires you to face ugly truths about yourself. It always seems easier to act like your problem does not exist as opposed to facing it head on. The tendency to avoid internal confrontation is appealing, but it never works.

    If you want to join the conversation call in on 3479457556 or register with BTR and ask questions or comment in the chat room.

    Thank you for your continued support for this show


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    Show #98: Enabling Employee Voice with Digital Tools

    in Business

    Special Guest: Antony Cousins, Director of Customer Success at ProFinda

    Join us as we talk about employee engagement through enabling employee voice via digital tools.

    Host: Jo Dodds

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    Where the Possibilities Are: Brain Boosts, Hallucinogens, and Enabling Failure

    in Technology

    Where are the possibilities? Everywhere. All around us.

    Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon explore a grab-bag of possibilities:

    Finding success through enabling failure.

    Creating the roadmap for post-scarcity.

    Awarding a prize for the biggest contribution to the datafication of our world.

    Do hallucinogens have a role to play in getting us to the future?

    Is there more value in data or in our tools for understanding it?

    Should there be some reward just for efforts to make things happen faster?

    Looking for ways to get a 10-20% brain boost.

    Tune in and explore!


  • Voice of Rebellion presents TPP the Corporate Enabling Act

    in Politics

    TPP the corporate enabling act , that will give corporations unlimitedbpower as Hitler had in Nazi Germany, and the people none. Why in depth why the TPP needs to be stopped, and how we can stop it.


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    The Challenges of Enabling a Talent Management Strategy with Technology

    in Business

    The TalentCulture #TChat Show is back live on Wednesday, November 19, 2014, from 7-8 pm ET (4-5 pm PT).

    Last week we talked about how global megatrends impact engagement strategy, and this week we’re going to talk about the challenges of enabling a talent management strategy with technology.

    Let’s start with ERP solutions, the backbones of many global companies. Panoramic Consulting conducted a survey in 2013 for the outcomes of companies that have implemented an ERP solution. Shockingly, 53% of the respondents reported being over budget and 61% said that the time to implement was longer than they planned for.

    So, how can companies alleviate these problems when it comes to their talent management strategy and technology implementations?

    It all starts with an enterprise’s talent management programs and processes; if the right ones aren’t in place, no amount of software automation can help improve and drive business outcomes.

    What’s clear is that any successful talent management project must start with a solid plan based on an accurate assessment of current programs and processes, and a technology solution that’s highly configurable and will help drive talent decisions and business outcomes. 

    Join TalentCulture #TChat Show co-founders and co-hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as we learn about the challenges of enabling a talent management strategy with technology with this week’s guests: Margaret Wood, HR Generalist at Kay Flo; and Tom McKeown, Head of Sales and Marketing at HRsmart.

    Thank you to our sponsors and partners: SAP/SuccessFactors, Dice, RIVS, GreatRated! of Great Place to Work, IBM Smarter Workforce, CareerBuilder, PeopleFluent, Fisher Vista and HRmarketer Insight.

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    in Christianity

    With Host and Author of " MY 7 SECONDS IN HELL THE COMPLETE STORY" Dale Garret

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    TOPIC # 2 Enabling MEN

    From the very beginning, mother washes his clothes, cleans his room, encourages him academically, and loves him unconditionally. When he’s old enough and deems himself ready to enter a committed relationship, he’s probably looking for the likeness of his mother. In the interest of maintaining your relationship and nurturing your man, you wash his clothes, clean the house, and become his biggest . Sure, he has his short comings but just as mother did, you love him unconditionally.

    How well do all of those traits translate into a relationship? If you’re both well adjusted adults with matching ambition and accolades, this article may not apply to you. However, if you are in a relationship where you feel like your load may be heavier than your partners’, some of the points mentioned may be worth a thought.
    Support is identified as the bearer of weight. In order for support to be recognized, it should be evenly distributed. If you’re in a relationship where you’re cooking, cleaning,, and loving unconditionally, while holding down a full time job…kudos to you if you’re completely happy. In your mind, you’re being the best that you can be and appreciating your partner.


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    Fresh Manna: Shalom Health and Wellness-WASTE NOT, WANT NOT!

    in Religion


    Apostle Loretta Williams is a Motivational Speaker and Teacher who will be sharing information that is essential and vital to our physical (body) welfare which will also include the benefits of nutritious meals, herbs and spices and various foods that provide protein and vitamins that are good for our bodies.  We will learn more on how to stabilize our mental and psychological (the mind and our thoughts) and dealing with our emotions (how we feel). Occasionally she will have guests who are health specialist or advocates who can enlighten us further, so we can learn as much as possible about maintaining good health and enabling us through their knowledge and expertise to live better and fulfilling lives so we can be happy! 

    Today’s Lesson Topic: WASTE NOT, WANT NOT!

    Our eyes can deceive us many times into believing that we want something, but then when we get it, we discover that we no longer desire it, or that we lose our appetite.   Remedy: Discipline Your Body and Your Mind so that you Waste Not, Want Not!  Listen to this important listen during the scheduled “live broadcast” or the recorded program anytime.

    SCRIPTURE TOPIC: (3 John 1:2)  Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 

    Read and Learn more about Shalom Health and Wellness on the Oasis World Wide News Publication at www.oasisnewspublication.com/id79.html