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    Inner Healing: How To Begin Again After An Emotional Trauma

    in Women

    We are all wounded children, still living with the memories of hurtful experiences that limit who we believe we are worthy of becoming. Our guest today walks us through a process of inner healing of emotional traumas that may have affected us for an entire lifetime. Now is the season to begin again, without the painful baggage of the past

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    Healing the Pain of Emotional Trauma

    in Health

    ** This is a re-broadcast ** Bullying comes in several forms such as cyber bullying, verbal abuse and even physical violence. Dial 347-850-8486 and join our distinguished panel of symptometrists and special guests - Keva Williams and Coach Khayr Love - for solutions on overcoming bullying and emotional abuse once and for all.

    Root Cause Radio gladly welcomes back Dr. Charlie Abbott, OMD, LAc, LSym & Director of Administration at the AMERICAN SCHOOL OF SYMTPOMETRY to give our listeners the advantage in reducing emotional vulnerability and repurposing anger/aggression.

    Tonight's empowerment panel will also feature Keva Williams - author of THE QUIET RAGE - and Coach Khayr Love - astrologer, mentor, success trainer, and Symptometry advocate. Keva has made it one of her life's purpose is to destroy the, "I Can't" that women carry when subjected to any form of abuse because of Shame, Pride, or Fear of leaving that Abusive Situation. Coach Khayr Love specializes in the Emotional Freedom Technique and empowering individuals to overcome. This will be one show to share!

    Root Cause Radio  -  Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health - www.RootCauseRadio.com

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    "There Is Healing & Victory After Emotional & Psychological Trauma"

    in Christianity

    Any type of trauma can be debilitating. We are weakened by its' impact and the use of our abilities seem lost. Yet, in Christ, ALL IS NOT LOST. For that we ought to thank God in advance who gives his people the victory through Christ Jesus our Lord who came that we might have LIFE and have it in its' fullness. 

    Listen in as I share from my latest book, Aging With Grace, pg. 40, "Sis Got Issues".   Let someone know who has been traumatized physically, emotionally and/or psychologically that this podcast is available just for them.      

    Abundant Blessings,      






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    The Importance of Emotional Regulation in Trauma Recovery

    in Self Help

    Ever feel like you just can't control your emotional responses to anything? It's very common for trauma survivors to overreact to any kind of stimulus from fear to sadness, grief and even joy. On this episode we'll go over 3 ways to begin reclaiming your control over your emotions.

    Michele Rosenthal is a popular keynote speaker, award-winning author and post-trauma coach. Her shows combine scientific research, cutting-edge guests and personal stories that highlight the challenges and successes of deliberately deciding to change the direction of your life. For more ideas about how to create change you choose, visit www.ChangeYouChoose.com.

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    Understanding Emotional Trauma with Muriel P. Warren, DSW

    in Psychology


    Dr. Muriel P. Warren, DSW, ACSW, is a professional psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and author of five books including “From TRUAMA To Transformation." Dr. Warren is engaged in private practice in Nyack, NY and is one of the leading Traumatologists in the country.  Find her at www.drmurielpwarren.com

    We will be discussing Emotional Trauma, its causes, symptoms and which therapies have been found to be the most effective in treating this pervasive disorder.

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    Emotional immaturity

    in Friends

    Everyone wants happy and fulfilling relationships. One of the things that prevent us from having them is emotinal immaturity. Emotionally immature people can be extremely challenging to deal with, because their ability to interpret and react to the variety of life's challenges is often impaired. If you are in a relationship with someone that is emotionally immature you probably face great challenges in dealing with their moods and behaviors. They tend to try to control their world and those around them. We'll talk about the signs of emotional immaturity. What it's rooted in? And perhaps we can help each other change and grow. 

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    Emotional Trauma Release Technique: Get Healed Now!

    in Health

    Join Dr. Cherilyn Lee, co-host Karlynn Cammon and special guest Dr. Jeffrey Benton as they discuss the New Trauma Release Technique™ that releases aches and pains from the cellular level of the body. Dr. Benton uses advanced chiropractic techniques which include Applied Kinesiology and Neuro-Emotional Technique to heal the body. He locates, identifies, and removes the underlying cause of your pain. As a result, he reconnects the body to the creative life force, resulting in optimal function.

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    What is Childhood Trauma? Discover the Truth Behind Emotional Abuse

    in Parents

    Emotional abuse can be worse than physical abuse! What is childhood trauma and how does it affect your children?

    Prevent and treat trauma and stress in your children by joining us on this episode CCFL Blog Talk Radio. Discover the truth behind emotional abuse and physical abuse so you can end it once and for all! 

    Jane Evans has worked with families and children who are dealing with childhood trauma, physical and emotional abuse. She can help you heal and unite your family with simple awareness and strategies. 

    To get the best answers visit us and join our group on LinkedIn. 

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    in Self Help

    I have heard the question asked time and again in the last 24 hours HOW AND/OR WHY the Black folks in South Kakalakey COULD OR WOULD ....FORGIVE THE MURDERER OF THIER FAMILY MEMBERS AS A FIRST COURSE OF ACTION.....




    A Message from the TRAUMATIZED TRAUMATOLOGIST on the Emotional Status of Black/Afreekans in South Carolina.  What we are seeing and what supports their "ability" to FORGIVE as the FIRST COURSE OF THEIR GRIEF PROCESS is BACKWARD and reflects the level of HARM they have experienced. 


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    Lessons from Love and Trauma with Mary Jo McVeigh

    in Women

    Mary Jo McVeigh is a social worker with a huge heart and a great capacity to facilitate healing, especially in her area of expertise of working with children and women recovering a sense of secuirty and connection after experiencing serious trauma and abuse.  She  has an open heart to humanity.  Join us to learn about Mary Jo's work and what lessons we can learn from her experiences, how you can support her work and if you or someone you know needs help, what the first step is to reach out.  We will also learn from Mary Jo how we can improve our everyday parenting.  We often question ouselves as we look for the boundary of bringing up strong and resilient children without crossing over into the grey areas of abuse or traumatic childhood experiences and for bringing up happy, emotionally connected children without wrapping them in cotton wool.   Her solution - wrapping them with love and happiness, consistency and flexibility as she does with her Angel Blankets.  Listen in for some most profoundly important insights into healing and parenting from a woman who truly does embody empowerment in motherhood.  Find out more about Mary Jo at www.carahouse.com.au and PLEASE GIVE to her charity www.caracares.org.au which will help a child mark a turning point on thier road to finding an inner connection with love and security.

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    Transformation Via Coming out of Crisis & Trauma

    in Lifestyle

    Hi Everyone, welcome to Happy Tuesday June 30th, 2015 , 3p.m.-5p.m. , yes we're having a Full pack 2 hour show for divine healing.  call 347-205-9957 for Readings or just some life coaching.Chat room is open.

    My beautiful Guest is Rev. Robyne Mariewho Irefer toas a Dynamo who gives itup in love.Transformation via Coming out of Crisis & Trauma.  Rev. Robyne Marie, a renowned International Medium and Star of TV, Film, Radio, Stage and Author –deemed “The Boston Ghost Magnet”. Clairvoyant since age 4, she acts as a bridge between the living and the world beyond. “Through the eyes…into the spirit world”, she says of her unique gift of Photo Scrying. Robyne possesses the innate ability to see Live and Animated spirits through photographs.  As Salem’s Star Medium, she has worked on police and cold cases since 1981, earning her critical acclaim for her accuracy through remote viewing. Robyne is a Behavioral Psychologist, Parapsychologist, Ph.D in Metaphysics, Holistic Life Coach and ordained Minister. She implements a holistic approach toward Spirit contact, teaching paranormal teams around the world that “Ghosts are people too. So much is needing to be cleaned for all of us now so I know she is an instrument of  Divine Love , and thankful she's available. Thanks for joining . Love Vanda