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    Emergence Earth Presents...

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    Emergence Earth presents...
    We will be starting each show with a "Mini-Medi" which is three minute centering and grounding meditation.
    Then, we will be connecting with Three inspired beings who are busy doing good works in 2012.
    Eric Dennis, (http://thisisagoodsign.com)  founder of "This is a good sign" will be talking about spreading positive vibes everywherre he goes.
    Nick Bryce (www.wompalalooza.com)  will be talking to us live from Shepard, Mi. site of the 2nd annual Wompalooza ourdoor music and arts event and how this year he is hoping to bring higher vibrations and consciouness during this years event.
    and we will be hearing from Daphne Domingo (Emergence: Washington D.C.) on a subject near and dear to her heart.
    This will be our first "Official" radio show and we are excited to be sharing it with you. 

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    The Law of Emergence with Derek Rydall - (www.DerekRydall.com)

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    After a life-changing, near-death experience, Derek Rydall seriously considered becoming a monk, then a minister, then cloistered himself in his apartment,  without TV or news, and meditated for several years; ultimately becoming a licensed integrative therapist for 17 years and the world’s #1 expert on the Law of Emergence.  As a best- selling author, prominent life coach and consultant to fortune 500 companies, as well as Emmy and Oscar winners, Derek has helped tens of thousands of people around the world realize their higher purpose and fulfill their greatest potential.

    For those of you who are ready to exchange the mental-emotional struggle and suffering for a life filled with joy, ease and contentment; then it’s time to get acquainted with the Law of Emergence.  According to this Law, the thing that we are seeking, we already are, and that the only effective goal that we can choose for ourselves is the desire for our conscious contact with spirit; a deeper connection (perhaps for the first time) with our real Self.  But keep in mind that this sacred space can only be accessed through our soul faculties, which opens up when the mind stops weaving its’ stories of neediness, greediness, and conflict, and becomes an avenue of awareness for a deeper reality. This show will demonstrate “Inner Work” at its finest, and we thank you for joining us. 

    Hosts:  Ruby and Ethel

    E-mail:  livingfromwithin2@yahoo.com

    Website:  www.lfw2.net    

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    The Law of Emergence with DEREK RYDALL!

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    Living By Design Radio is back! After successfully launching our TV Show, we are now back on the radio with a powerful guest that will transform your life.

    After a life-changing near-death experience, Derek Rydall dropped off the scene and meditated for several years – finally emerging to become a licensed integrative therapist. He went on to train top executives in Fortune 500 companies (such as American Express, Disney, Carrier, Hartford Insurance, and CBS) in relationship-building and deeper communication, coach thousands of artists and entertainment professionals on how to create more enlightened entertainment, and has worked with a diverse array of people around the planet, helping them to live a more passionate, purposeful life.

    As an author, Derek has written two books, the Amazon best-sellers “I Could’ve Written a Better Movie than that!” (Michael Wiese, March 2006) and “There’s No Business Like Soul Business: A Spiritual Path to Enlightened Screenwriting, Filmmaking, and Performing Arts” (Michael Wiese, Feb. 2007), as well as articles for online and offline magazines such as Spirituality & Health, The Writers Store, Inktip, Pen & Quill, Script, and more. As a professional screenwriter, he has sold or been hired to develop over 20 feature film screenplays and a dozen hours of TV (with studios such as Fox, Universal, Sony, MPCA, UA, Disney, Miramax, and indy producers). As an actor, Derek has starred in several films and TV shows.

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    Women and Girls...Our Emergence Part 4

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    As part of our continued discussion on Women and Girls...Our Emergence, today we will look at ways the female is being called to her own personal blossoming for the greater story of humanity's evoluntion to unfold. This is one of our most important discussions to date. Don't miss it. 

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    Women and Girls...Our Emergence Part 3

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    As part of our continued discussion on Women and Girls...Our Emergence, today we will look at ways the female is being depicted in the media. It appears that we have become media's junk food. Negative images through a high sex, high violence, high conflict content has become the process that's creating a culture.  norm in our media. What can we do to become less susceptible to messages in the media?Let's discuss this question and more on today's show.

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    Sedona Journal of Emergence Predictions 2015

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    (apologies for first 48 seconds only, of loud volume)

    December 2014, her 20th anniversary channeling, Summer Bacon in Sedona, Arizona allowed Dr. James Martin Peebles to proclaim,"It's energetics for the year 2015."

    Read from the pages of the Sedona Journal of Emergence Annual Predictions Issue are 12 channelers covering topics as nanotechnology, the physics of consciousness,"Wisdom Barrier", and the "High Heart Chakra" of spirituality. Backround music by Mark Dwane, "Atlantis Factor 8".

    In order of appearance: Lee Carroll, Robert Shapiro, Edna G. Frankel, Zintis, Arthur Fanning, Jonni Gray & Cheryl Margaret, Abby Isadora Haydon, David Reid Lowell, Carol Sydney, Heather Wallace, and Therese Dorer.

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    Women and Girls...Our Emergence: Part 1

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    Women and girls are affected by hunger, food insecurity, physical/sexual abuse and poverty due to gender inequality and discrimination. The plight facing women and girls is the most critical issue of our time. Join us for our new series: Women and Girls...Our Emergence. Over the next few weeks, we will ask the question: What are the biggest challenges facing women and girls worldwide, and how do we solve them? Gather your daughters, your sisters, your mothers, your girlfriends and tune into this most important discussion.

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    Women and Girls...Our Emergence Part 2

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    The evolution of the female will be our topic today as we continue on with our series on Woman and Girls...Our Emergence. When we think about the rise of rape, abuse, poverty and discrimination, we can't help but think of women and girls because somehow we are affected more severely by these things than everyone esle. Join us today as Angela and her co-host discuss where do we go from here? What the first step in healing? What is the female evolution?

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    We have to be careful drawing conclusions with reductionism. Taking a complex system and reducing it into smaller isolated parts changes both perspective and the results. The human body is much too complex to explain this way.

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    THE END OF DAYS: Prophecies for the Emergence: Chief Robert Ghost Wolf PhD

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    Part One... Prerecorded... 

    Through The Looking Glass: Predictions for 2005 - 2009

    This is Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf's sixth Prophecykeepers Interview where he speaks about what we need to be doing as far as cleaning up our own act and changing ourselves for the better. This is what Purificattion Day is all about.

    Interview Related Guest Website

    Known both for Good and for Evil, Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf is definitely a force to be reckoned with. The year before the "Powers That Be" went after Art Bell, they went after Ghost Wolf. All kinds of rumors swirl around this man... he is supposedly a criminal, he according to rumor bombed a federal building... blah blah blah. The truth is, the Sioux and Hopi Elders loved him, taught him, and gave him a mission, and they still trust him with their lives. You can't fool people who can read a heart a mile away!


    Recently Dr. Ghost Wolf, appeared on Out There TV in early July, he then spoke about this again on Ask Mother Earth Radio on KFNX 100am out of Phoenix, with host Rain Morgan.

    click here Dr. Ghost Wolf gave a series of NEW predictions called The End of Days Prophecies Part Prophecies for the Emergence. Now just a few short weeks later they are topics on the evening news

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    The Law of Emergence with Derek Rydall on America Meditating Radio

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    The #1 expert on the Law of Emergence, Derek Rydall is part of a new generation of spiritual visionaries and revolutionary thought leaders. He has trained top executives at Fortune 500 companies in communications and empowered leadership, coached Oscar and Emmy winning celebrities and media professionals on creating conscious entertainment, is a professional screenwriter, best-selling author and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

    Through two decades of speaking, teaching, coaching and writing, Derek has built a global platform that touches hundreds of thousands of people around the world with his message on finding your path, living your purpose and making a powerful impact in the world! Visit Derek’s website at http://derekrydall.com/main/home

    See below two bonus offers Derek is providing for our listeners. 

    EMERGENCE: The Strange, Radical Process for Eliminating Obstacles, Becoming Unstuck, and Effortlessly Achieving Almost Anything! (Hint: it's not what you think!)  

    Bonus:  Vibration Radiation Meditation & Offer:  Free BYOL Coaching call recording

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD by Sister Jenna 

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