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    Total Emancipation~ Completing the Usufruct w/Jim Hebin and Boris Erickson

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    This is gonna be a good one, folks. Join us for a 2hr jam-session in law and freedom concepts as we invite Beachhouse Jim aka. Jim Hebin and Boris Erickson of iamsomedude.com to reveal their recent mega-discoveries and how these new freedom solutions are working out in real-time in courts and in people's lives. Jim and Boris are like a "force of nature" when they combine their legal knowledge and procedural know-how to teach others the most important final steps in the Freedom Process of Emancipation.

    Subjects to be covered:

    ~The Emergency Banking Act - 3/9/33- The Day America Went Bankrupt

    ~Trading With The Enemy Act/ War Powers Act

    ~ Americans as "Enemies of the State"

    ~ Martial Law Wartime Jurisdiction

    ~The Leiber Code

    ~HJR-192, Treasury Direct Accounts and "Accepted for Value"

    ~Public Insurance Policy 12USC95a Part 2

    ~ Completing the Usufruct

    ~Reversionary Interest Law

    ~Assigning Reversionary Interest

    ~The New Frontier Discharge

    ~The Path of the Peaceful Inhabitant


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    Individual Emancipation

    in Spirituality

    Lesson by Emma Curtis Hopkins. Interpreted by Rev. Natalie Jean

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    The Naked Truth: Juneteenth = Emancipation

    in Culture

    In honor of the 150 anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, we interview Rev. Dennis Dillon, publisher of the New York Christian Times, visionary and chief researcher behind New York Economic State of Black New York. The Naked Truth is the talk show targeting young, independent-thinking adults who don't mind their news on art, faith and culture delivered with an ascorbic twist. Hosted by Tiffani Knowles and Crystal Dundas.

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    Fighting Gravity: From Emancipation To Annihilation

    in Poetry

     In Association with the T.E.A.B.A.G. Enterprises Incorporated

    Fighting Gravity:
    Stop the fighting and enjoy flight and embrace the reality of life.
    Reaching each mind and Teaching each mind to REACH and TEACH others to REACH and TEACH ONE ANOTHER. Reaching out to those who want to join in the effort to affect the mind of the masses lifting the weight of Gr...avity.

    A vehicle for progress. If anything holds you down , let it go, and rise. That means "Anything".
    If something or someone is the catalyst of you not getting to your destination; Let it go... Its like; two heads of cattle in a yoke, and one is walking and the other is standing still. What is happening? The team is going in circles, not getting anywhere.

    Empowerment and Enabling, Keys for Construction and Destruction... Lets talk about it

    Releasing the dead weight = The sky is only the base of how far you can actually go.

    Wednesday Nights 8PM - 10PM EST on BlogtalkRadio  (713) 955-0328

    Hosted By: Dray TheDoctor & Co Host: UndeniableTruth

    All viewpoints express on this show are the sole responsibility of the creators Fighting Gravity: Join the conversation

                     Fighting Gravity: Wednesday Nights

    8PM - 10PM EST on  BlogtalkRadio.com (713) 955-0328
    Hosted By: The Poet 365 & UndeniableTruth

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    A Moment with Jeff Philips & Tru Blu and Tyrone Birkett Emancipation

    in Entertainment

    Jeff Philips & Tru Blu  

    Jeff Philips & Tru Blu have been together as a unit for close to five years, its members have been playing in combination in various groups and projects together for many years. For more info about the band,  www.scwewy.com/jeffphilipsandtrublu

    Tyrone Birkett Emancipation 

    Tyrone Birkett is a saxophonist who creates progressive & unique music.  The music is defined as using jazz improvisation & language as a springboard but extending and filtering it through gospel, 70’s soul/jazz and funk. Unique, in that these influences have been assimilated to the point of producing something new but still familiar.


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    Gullah/Geechee Kwanzaa Celebration: Gullah/Geechee Nation Imani and Emancipation

    in Culture

    Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation (www.QueenQuet.com) is the hostess of "Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio" on behalf of the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition (www.gullahgeechee.net).  On this episode, she concludes the 2013 Kwanzaa celebration and opens the new year with the annual celebration of emancipation.  She will link the principle of faith (imani) to the emancipation of the Gullah/Geechee Nation.  Tune een fa yeddi we sho-Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radiio!


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    INSIDE THE BLACK BOX Emancipation Episode

    in History

    It's the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION CELEBRATION Episode. Baba Kenya Steps INSIDE THE BLACK BOX with Actor, Director, Producer, and Master Teacher Zuhairah McGill as they brings you into the exciting dramatic world of theatre in this special episode!   Learn more about The Emanicpation Proclamation Celebration Weekend taking place June 1 thru 2, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA that features sellected lectures, readings, and historical reenacments Baba Kenya's The Life and Times of Omar ibn Sayyid and the Zuhairah's nationally renowned performance of Richard LaMonte Pierce's SOJOURNER.   As a premiere theatre broadcast and authority on Black Theatre, INSIDE THE BLACK BOX via Zuhairah will bring the creative genius of theatre and its audience (aka YOU) to the radio mainstage to create an exciting one-of-a-kind experience. Zuhairah is the Founder and Executive Artistic Director of First World Theatre Ensemble www.firstworldtheatre.biz Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114638978646976723483/114638978646976723483/posts/p/pub Facebook: http://facebook.com/FirstWorldTheatre

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    Dr Kevin McGruder on Emancipation Proclamation: Forever Free

    in Books

    Dr. Kevin McGruder visits The Wealthy Speaker Show to share insight on his book, Emancipation Proclamation: Forever Free. Paul Lawrence Vann hosts this episode to assist listeners to commemorate 150 years after Emancipation Proclamation: Are we really free?
    Dr. McGruder is attending the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) 43rd Annual Conference, as part of the Author's Pavilion to meet and greet attendees while conducting book signings.
    Emancipation Proclamation: Forever Free provide readers with a behind the scenes look at the people who fought against slavery before the Constitution, Civil War and covers the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery. The book also covers the reelection of President Barack Obama and the irony of President Obama being reelected 150 years after Emancipaiton Proclamation.
    Dr. McGruder co-authored Emancipation Proclamation with Ms. Velma Maia Thomas. Dr. McGruder, PhD, holds a BA in Economics from Harvard University, an MBA from COlumbia Business School and a doctorate from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.
    During the 2011 to 2012 academic year Dr. McGruder was a Scholar Residence at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. McGruder is currently Assistant Professor of History at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
    Tune in, Listen in and call in with questions at (877) 404-1615 and or join us in the web chat room: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/paullawrencevann

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    Leadership Emancipation

    in Books

    Juneteenth is a good time for leaders to declare their Leadership Freedom.  Some leaders struggle with many factors that cause leadership power to be subjugated by their own personal tyrannies. 
    Juneteenth, recognized on June 19, commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery in the U.S. state of Texas in 1865. 
    And so as it pertains to leadership, what are the things that cause us to not recognize our leadership freedom? Let’s talk about three things: fear, oppression, and ignorance. 

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    Legacy Of 1804 with Dr. Matthew Smith #Haiti #Jamaica

    in Culture

    Historian and UWI professor  Matthew J. Smith joins host Alice Backer tonight at 9PM  to discuss his research about Haiti-Jamaica migratory relations before 1915. Jamaica was the place where Haitian presidents went into exile then and in 1900 Jamaicans were the biggest group of English speakers in Haiti. 

    He will tell us about his latest book on the topic: Liberty, Fraternity, Exile: Haiti and Jamaica after emancipation.

    We'll also discuss broader patterns of inter-Caribbean migration during that time. 

    You might be surprised to discover the links.

    Visit www.kiskeacity.com for more on this and past episodes.

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