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    Gate Opener, Elegba, Hermes (Unleashing your Inner Power 3)

    in Spirituality

    This is the 3rd Installment in the Unleashing your Inner Orisa series. This segment deals with the energy of Esu, Elegba, Ganesha, Loki, Jesus Christ, Pan, Lucifer, Set, Satan, Hermes, and Mercury; the divine messengers and openers of “the way”.
    For Questions or comments visit www.HRUASSAAN.com. Also make sure to pick up your copy of my book “Grasping the Root of Divine Power” and use this valuable tool in order to increase your psychic abilities and take hold of the power inherent in the spirit world boldly and competently.

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    Transitions, meditation and New Moon in Pisces (Olokun)

    in Motivation

    Elegba's planet Mercury just made a direct transit a day before the New Moon (Osupa Titun) moved into the sign of Aquarius. Let's talk about it.

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    Shell Readings and Odu Ifa - Divination Oracles

    in Spirituality

    Shell Readings and Odu Ifa.
    This show will answer some of the questions that we've received in regards to Shell Readings, Casting Surfaces, and Spiritual Books.

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    Tetragrammaton, Chaos, ESU - QnA

    in Spirituality

    In this show I'll be answering some student and listerner emails over the air.
    We'll be covering the science of the Kaballic Tetragrammaton, Elegba, and much more!

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    Conscious Groove with T.R.O.O.T.H Heal

    in Poetry

    Join poetess Tracy Powell with T.R.O.O.T.H. Born July 3rd 1984, Trooth was born from the elements of water and fire. Hailing out of Houston, TX,he has been writing poetry for approximately 13 years. Over three thousand poems in his arsenal, T.R.O.O.T.H. evolved from two acronyms. One being between (T)hem and (H)im lies the root and T.he R.eality O.f O.vercoming T.he H.urt I.s the real TROOTH. Receiving a Bachelors of Science in Theatre Performance. In 2004, Trooth joined the world Renown Black on Black Rhyme Back Talk Poetry Troupe-Tallahassee Sector. The young determined artist lives by the motto of the late great Malcolm X: “Freedom by Any Means Necessary”. he also lives by the motto: “One shot at freedom, pull the trigger”. There is no limit for reaching out beyond the cosmos. He is also involved in African drumming, attaining his Hatha Yoga Degree, writing a book of quotes and haiku s and perusing an acting career. After featuring in two independent films: “21 Doors of Elegba’s Dreams and The Voice Of Sa Ra and receiving a scholarship to attend the Amrit Institute to practice yoga there are no more dark tomorrows .

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    The Healing Drum - Part X-The Spoken Word-Silence is Golden

    in Spirituality

    The Healing Drum:By Yaya Diallo and Mitchell Hall- Music and Healing Join us as we honor the life of Gill Scott Heron and  feature a worldwide best selling book based on a"collaboration of two spiritually minded men from different cultural backgrounds.This book is noteworthy for its emphasis on the moral significance of music.In this time of rapid change,The Healing Drum wisely suggests what music and musicians can do to help create a moral and spiritual world."(Spectrum Review)."Born in Mali, West Africa, and a member of the Minianka(Bamana)tribe,Yaya Diallo was raised in a culture that works,worships,lives,and breathes to the beat of the drum. An instrument for transmitting traditional knowledge among the Minianka, the drum is the focal point of Yaya's life story and his link-through the universl medium of music-with the Western world."Exploring the Minianka view of the human being and the cosmos relative to daily work,celebration,herbal medicine,dance,trance initiation and death,in the tradition of the Minianka, music is a remedy for both physical and psychological imbalances,harmonizing the forces of the visible and invisible worlds.Along with excerpts from the book we will discuss the message of The Healing Drum and how it can affect change in the African diaspora and other communities of the world.A word about the Global"DAY OF THE DRUM"(JULY 3RD,4TH AND 5TH)COME "SHAKE THE WORLD"! We are encouraging established and young choreographers,dancers and movers to create works to.complement the Drum.DRUMMERS, DANCERS and SPOKEN WORD ARTISTS come take part in making history on this glorious global day of celebration!For more information please go to Facebook and search for name(IYPAD)

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    The HC Live & Direct - Presents Kwanzaa Online

    in Culture

    The HC Live & Direct is the voice for Umoja connecting with you and other listeners with the teachings, inspirations, and definitions of liberation and empowerment, for our Afrikan Conscious Thought, Spirituality and Way of Life. On this day of Kujichagulia/Self Determination we will be hosting a collective of Kwanzaa celebrants to come together and commemorate this valuable time and expression of Kwanzaa and unity amongst each other. Join with us in this experience as we will be sharing the time with Spoken Word, Libations, Music & more... We will be featuring special guests; Bro Mwalimu Kabaila Founding Member of Kwanzaa member of California African American Political and Economic Institute and more... Janine Bell from The Elegba Folklore Society of Richmond, VA the cultural embassador and host of one of the areas largest Kwanzaa Gatherings. We will also be welcoming back Darah Monifah the founder of Kwanzaa 365 Organization in St Thomas, VI. There you will find a collective of groups and organizations that are a part of or have connected with Kwanzaa 365 and have brought to life the meaning and value of the very principles of Kwanzaa. We will be presenting others as they connect with us, but look forward to connecting with you as we give life and meaning to this special occasion. Kwanzaa Online. This is one of the few times when Africans of the diaspora come together at the same relative time to express OUR reverence for the Creator and creation, to commemorate respect for our worthy ancestors, to recommit to cultural ideals and for the celebration of the good.

    Ankh, Udja, Seneb

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    Stephanie Wilson, Play Wright, Director, and Producer of " A Wound In Time"

    in Lifestyle

    Stephanie Wilson was born and raised in the Bronx and studied Communications at Bronx Community College, and Theatre at NYU School of the Arts. She has appeared in film, on stage, and in music video, and was a resident playwright at R.A.P.P. Arts in the East Village where actor Ella Joyce ("Roc") was in the Actors Pool. It was there that Stephanie wrote "A Wound In Time", her upcoming drama opening at The Nuyorican Poets Cafe on October 22nd. The play had 2 staged readings, one in which Ella Joyce read the role of Iya Carmen, a Santeria priestess, 22 years ago. The play was recently revised, and adapted into a screenplay where it was semi and quarter finalist in 2 of 3 film festivals entered.

    Stephanie is an Olorisha, having Elegba crowned for 27 years this month. She wrote "A Wound In Time" because she loves a good drama, but mainly to show the beauty of the Santeria tradition, and inspire social change.

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    Juneteenth - National Freedom Day

    in Culture

    Discussions about the Juneteenth National Freedom Day, and upcoming Celebration in Richmond Va. with the Elegba Folklore Society.

    And Guest, Brotha Rock will be with us to have a discussion about his book Tree Of Life and a natural way of growing spiritually.

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    Samiya Bashir

    in Writing

    Samiya Bashir is the author of "Gospel" and "Where the Apple Falls", a finalist for the 2005 Lambda Literary Award. Bashir edited two groundbreaking anthologies: "Best Black Women’s Erotica 2" and "Role Call: A Generational Anthology of Social & Political Black Literature & Art". She has published three chapbook poetry collections: "Wearing Shorts on the First Day of Spring", "American Visa" and "Teasing Crow". Bashir is a founding organizer of Fire & Ink, a
    writers festival for LGBT writers of African descent, and is an alumni fellow of Cave Canem: African American Poetry Workshop/Retreat. She has served as James Cody Scholar for the James
    Dick Foundation for the Arts and as Writer in Residence at SoulMountain; Bashir is currently Artist in Residence with The Austin Project. Her poetry, stories, articles, essays and editorial work have been widely published.

    Join us as we discuss her latest book "Gospel" an ecumenical resistance song in four parts. We enter at the crossroads, tripped up by trickster deity Eshu-Elegba. A chorus of crows, led by Norse god Odin’s raven messengers Hugin & Munin, guides us into each movement. In this passionate follow-up to 2005’s Lambda Literary Award finalist, Where the Apple Falls, Bashir’s poems challenge truth to stare down the power of fear and paralysis.

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