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    Elections in Greece and what it means for the US and Europe

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    Michael Prada joins us for look at the stunning elections in Greece.   It was a stunning victory for the left and will have consequences in Europe and the US.      





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    The Sonny Milano Affair: BC Interruption Talks With the OHL

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    The Sonny Milano Affair with BC is one that stirs emotions one way or the other.  Everyone has an opinion on it.  Joe Grav joins New Guy in studio to talk about what happened in detail.  We'll have guests on from the Ontario Hockey League to discuss primary differences between junior hockey and the NCAA, and we'll encourage the discussion about what Milano did.  Was it right?  Was it wrong?  Does it really matter in the end?

    This is going to be one of the shows you don't want to miss this year.

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    Diana and Barbara talk about the upcoming elections - join us!

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    Boston College Football: Ryan Day's Departure Fallout

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    In 2015, Boston College will have a new offensive coordinator.

    Ryan Day is no longer a member of the Boston College football coaching staff. The offensive coordinator returns to his old college coach by accepting the quarterbacks position coach slot with the Philadelphia Eagles. Reunited with Chip Kelly, Day will be at the reigns of a position featuring one of the brightest young arms in the NFL.

    With Day gone, there will be much speculation as to who is the next man up to help run the Eagles offense. There is also going to be a reverberating impact on the team, especially with a plethora of young talent still waiting to be refined by the Boston College system. As the team heads into the spring of 2015, this adds to the question marks surrounding the wide receiver, offensive line, and quarterback positions.

    We try to make sense of Day's departure and try to look forward into the crystal ball of who could be stepping forward as the new OC of the Eagles. Join us Tuesday at 8 PM as Dan and AJ jump on live with BCI Radio for what is sure to be a tense show. Give us a call at 646-200-0446 to discuss Day, the BC Eagles, and the steps forward.

    For the first time in what seems like a long time (but not too long at all), the Eagles are at a crossroads. We try to talk it through on BCI Radio. So tune in and let us hear your thoughts!

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    Los Angeles Elections 2015

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    Looking to the Los Angeles City Elections of 2015 for LA City Council, LAUSD Board and Community College Board of Trustees.

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    Crossroads with Van /AZ GOP State Elections / Thurs.. @ 2:00pm @ http://www.blog

    in Politics Conservative

    Campaign for Liberty / We the People Are One

    I'll be discussing the Issues at hand for the AZ GOP State Elections, we've once again invited Candidates to call in, lets see if they do or not.  Vans programs consist mainly on Political Issues and his Comments on them. He'll have Guests,and take Call ins @ 347-857-4804 / 877-572-4283, join us in the Chat Room. We appreciate your Sharing the Program & Join me on Face Book with comments, postings, likes etc., Contact Van to speak with your groups in person.  God Bless You All; Van\

    Look up Definition of Activist and see if it fits you, if not why not & if you're really going to make a difference then time to become One. 

    Van started a Group on Face Book called AZ'S Constitutional Conservative Coalition / Campaign for Liberty .

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    The 2014 Elections

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    Republicans take back control of the Senate.

    President Obama claims its because people stayed home.  Harry Reid says the message is that the people want us to work together.

    The spin is on full force and the speculation is for the Administration to act like sore losers.

    Was the election a complete repudiation of Obama's policies?  Are we now taking back our Republic?  What will the future hold for Obamacare and Amnesty?

    Joining us to discuss is Save Jersey founder Matt Rooney political strategist Rick Shaftan.

    Thank you to our advertiser Montville Executive Suites.  

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    Boston College Hockey: It's Hate Week

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    Come Saturday, Boston College and Boston University will play each other for their second meeting this season. After a 5-3 Terrier victory at Conte Forum, the series shifts down Comm. Ave. to the home of the red and white.

    The Eagles will board the Green Line and invade BU for round two of the Green Line Rivalry. After five goals in the third period of their last meeting, the blue collar BC squad, hoping to turn around their second half of the season, will take on Jack Eichel and the Terriers, a team vying for a #1 seed in the national tournament.

    We'll have a special edition of BCI Radio, one featuring Eastern Bias's Joe and Shep. We'll set up a great roundtable discussion, with Joe and Grant on one side and Shep and a partner of his choosing on the other. In the middle, reffing the situation, is New Guy - the regular host of BCI Radio and a noted fan of both programs.

    Tune in at 8 PM and deliver your questions for the guys to answer at 646-200-0446. It's a Boston city showdown in the timeless college hockey rivalry!

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    Let's Talk TV Live

    in Entertainment

    Join Blogcritics Publisher and Executive Editor, author Barbara Barnett (Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House M.D.)  in a weekly chat show about the latest in primetime television, with focus on genre fare: The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hannibal, Black Sails, Sleepy Hollow, and more. 

    Barbara will be joined by Blogcritics writers JeromeWetzelTV and Christine Piccolo (@SleepyAddicts) for discussion and interviews with intriguing guests...and all of us in TV Land. So listen in, call in, or visit the chatroom!

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    The SYRIZA Party Challenge in Greece Elections

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    1) Program Intro

    2) To nights program is a intreview with Prof. Leo Panitch of York University about the SYRIZA Partys challenge to cut the greek eccomony free from the control of the Bankers controling the Greek Goverment .

    3) The SYRIZA Challenge in Greece Part 1

    - Prof. Leo Panitch of York University says only in Greece is there a political party that is putting forth a clear radical democratic alternative of a progressive kind, and they are very close to taking power.

    4 ) Music break

    5) The SYRIZA Challenge in Greece Part 2

    - Leo Panitch: Even mainstream economists like Krugman, Piketty and Munchau are saying that SYRIZA is advancing the only rational plan for Greece  

    6) My Finnal Comments

    7) Closing Music , the them song of O Canada

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    29. Is it Important to Vote for the Midterm Elections

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    On the eve of perhaps one of the most important Midterm elections since 1945, The GreenHouse FX Radio Show opens discussion on the importance (or non-importance) to vote on November 4th.

    There are many opinions fuel by a lot of emotions... a way to poll  the president’s first two years; an opportunity to tip the scales of balance to Congress; or, a chance to change "the norm" in Washington and bring in "some fresh blood." Whatever your take, the final vote will have a huge impact on the legislation that passes through Congress over the next 24 months, and no matter which way you lean, voicing your opinion is key or is it?

    Your host, Will Green leaves the microphone open for YOU to voice your opinion. Also, did you early vote? If so, share your experience. Listen online at www.blogtalkradio.com/thegreenhousefx or on your phone: 818-691-7412, press "1" to voice your opinion.

    Take care of each other.

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