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    “The Fundamentals of Efficiency”

    in Business

    “Efficiency Management System Coaching” approach of Coaching is designed to help you, the executive, professional of any size or type of organization and you, the business owner, to overcome the feeling of anxiety and overwhelm you get when looking at your desk or work area.

    It is a very precise and highly workable set of steps that will get you to assume a new perspective from which to observe your processes and systems. This not only enables you to identify the problem areas but makes it possible to come up with custom tailored solutions that work!

    As a starting executive or business owner you developed or adopted certain procedures. At that time these procedures worked quite well for you. However, over time certain changes and growth happened including a whole new set of electronic traffic, but the existing procedures were not designed to adapt to most of that and are now outdated, not working too well and in some cases even have become the problem.

    The special coaching approach of the Efficiency Management System Coaching addresses all of this, plus zeros in on the factor that makes the difference between being reactively running your organization / business or being proactively in charge of it. The end result is you running your business / organization instead of it running you!

    Our special guest is Gerhard B. Schwandt, CEO / President
    Management Partners International, Inc.
    Efficiency Expert – Plus

    International Speaker and 5 Star Executive Chef

    Contact him at Schwandt@efficiencyexperts.us 
    and check out their website at www.efficiencyexperts.us 

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    Efficiency and Productivity with M.A.G.'s

    in Education

    Efficiency and Productivity with M.A.G.'s
    The Other Side...A Preppers Path!
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Sundays 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to:http://prepperbroadcasting.com
    In essence to quote my guest this Sunday, Charley Hogwood, of Ready Go Prep ( Personal Readiness Education Programs) http://readygoprep.com/website/ a MAG a is “a group of like-minded individuals who pledge to assist each other in times of crisis.” The need or reasoning is pretty clear however this same reason creates a plethora of questions including who, what, when, where and how. The Other Side of a Preppers Path examines the MAG this Sunday. Lynna has tapped well known instructor and prepper, Charley Hogwood asking him to share his extensive knowledge on MAG’s. Charley recently posted a series of articles available at http://www.livingreadyonline.com/emergency-preparedness/ what-is-a-mutual-assistance-group regarding MAG’s. Rest your eyes and tune in to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

    Tags: The Other Side A Preppers Path, Prepping, Independence, preparedness, self-sufficiency, Prepper Broadcasting, assistance

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    What A Dental Efficiency Coach Can Do For You! ~ Evelyn Teague Samuel, D.M.D.

    in Business

    Dentists tend to be incredibly intelligent people who are very well trained in their tradecraft. But, does being a great clinician guarantee a successful business? Absolutely not! Most dentists would rather not deal with the business side of practice and would rather do what they’re passionate about, dentistry. However, in order to truly be successful, one must be able to run an efficient business.  Dr. Samuel is an expert dental efficiency coach.  By coaching you, the dentist and facilitating the implementation of proper office efficiencies, she aids you in taking your practice to your goal level. Tune in to learn MORE!

    Dr. Evelyn Teague Samuel is a gifted and charismatic orator, connecting with people of all ages and walks of life to provide her inspirational life message and mantra of planning, perseverance and excellence in all things. She owns and operates Teague Principles, LLC, with the express purpose of reaching and equipping youth, business professionals and other medical practitioners with the necessary life skills, knowledge, and proven systems to succeed in any venture or calling. Serving as a personal and tangible exemplar of her message, Dr. Samuel blends real-world examples with humor, wit and insight to stir the soul of her audience and provide new hope, renewed drive and a world of new and promising possibilities. Her freshly-published book, “100 Things I HATE/Love about Dentistry, A professional’s guide to efficiency, profitability, and sanity!” is an assembly of practical vignettes designed to inspire and instruct business professionals through their everyday challenges. http://www.drevelynteaguesamuel.com/

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    Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy at the Mass Bay Transportation Authority

    in Business

    Our guest this month is Mike Donaghy from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).  Mike will review the MBTA's efforts implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.  The MBTA has implemented many projects that have saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Mike will discuss the unique challenges implementing sustainability projects for an agency that uses enough electricity daily to power 42,000 homes.

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    Social Media Maximizing Efficiency and Reach Using DLVR. It Social Networking

    in Social Networking

    Host Lori Wilk interviews the Founder of Dlvr. It, Bill Flitter about his platform. Bill will answer questions about social media and social networking platforms and how they can help you to maximize your efficiency and to reach a larger audience. We'll learn from of the basic and more advanced skills you need to succeed with your online efforts. Live call-in show and you're invited to participate by dialing 347.237.5638. To register on this social media platform go to http://www.DLVR.it You can Follow Lori's Social presene on Appearoo.com/LoriWilk. 

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    How Efficient Is Energy Efficiency?

    in Books

    It's a centerpiece of U.S. climate policy and a sacred cow among environmentalists. Does it work?

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    Freight Efficiency

    in Business

    On Renewable Now this Wednesday at 1pmJoin Peter Arpin as we kick off the first of our 2013 series.We also will be welcoming Jeff Flath from Enow as a  new co host to the Renewable Now.This weeks guest we will feature Mike Roeth. Mr. Roeth is the Executive Director of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency.  We will learn about the green trucking industry as well as the importance of Freight efficiency.Make one of your New years Resolutions to listen to Renewable Now every Wednesday at 1pm . Renewable Now ,educating you on the business side of Green .

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    Energy Efficiency investment over 300% payback

    in Environment

    The Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA) is one of six regional energy efficiency organizations in the U.S. working to transform the energy efficiency marketplace. Energy efficiency is a catalyst for economic growth, workforce development and energy security, and SEEA promotes its benefits and opportunities across 11 southeastern states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana,  Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

    In this discussion, Southeast Green will interview SEEA and their partner, the Cadmus Group, about the findings of their recent economic analysis, which showed a 378 percent return on the $20.2M investment made by the U.S. Department of Energy in energy efficiency programming in the Southeast, from 2010 to 2013. We'll look at how the region performed overall, as well as how the eight participating states fared individually. We'll talk about economic output, labor income, and the number of new jobs created per million dollars invested. And, we'll explore the factors that led to the best performances.

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    Open Forum: Increase Fuel Efficiency Standards NPRM

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    Join us for our Open Forum as we focus on President Obama's order for the DOT and EPA to develop and issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) by March 2015 to increase fuel efficiency standards for big trucks, while also calling for technological innovations and alternate fuels.

    Joining us will be Mr. Samuel Burlum, CEO/President/Chairman of Extreme Energy Solutions and Mr. Anthony Evans, Founder/COO of Onboard Oil Tech.

    What will this new order mean for Owner Operators? Will they be able to meet the financial obligations? How can truck drivers influence the NPRM and can Owner Operators, fleets, meet the standards now?

    Come join the conversation as our guests share their insight into how meeting higher fuel efficiency standards will have an impact on the future of trucking.

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    Productivity, Progress and Prosperity with energy efficiency

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    Energy Pro is the name of the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance’s initiative that presents the story of energy efficiency and the promise it holds for the southeast region (“energy productivity”), for demonstrating the results its partners and cities have achieved over the past three years (“progress”), and for highlighting how the many facets of this work continue to pave the way for sustained economic “prosperity” in the Southeast. The Energy Pro initiative includes a report that offers an honest assessment of the infrastructure, resources and opportunities in the Southeast that support the deployment of energy efficiency programming; a roadshow to six southeastern cities that highlights the economic revitalization that has resulted from the energy efficiency work done; and a series of awards to recognize the citizens who have significantly advanced energy efficiency over the past three years.

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    Savings from Energy Efficiency with No Up-Front Costs

    in Business

    My guest will be Barry Korn .  Barry is a Chartered Financial Analyst with over 30 years of direct lending and consulting experience. As Founder and Managing Director of Barrett Capital Corporation, he is responsible for and oversees client relationships and assignments. Barrett is a banking and financial consulting firm, specializing in debt and equity placement with an emphasis on asset based financing. It maintains strategic relationships with a number of bank and non-bank lenders, private equity sources and consultants in order to offer a complete range of corporate and real estate financing options and advisory services. Barrett Capital, which has owned and managed in excess of $125 million of loans, leases and real estate, serves small and middle market companies. With respect to its niche in real estate finance, Barrett Capital focuses on financing energy efficiency upgrade contracts.
    Prior to founding Barrett, Barry was Vice President of Webster Business Credit Corporation; the asset based lending division of Webster Bank, and at New York City-based Sterling National Bank. He is a founding Board Member and President of Energy Infotech NYC, Inc., a not-for-profit, established to leverage NYC’s unique capabilities in information technology, internet applications, media, and finance and to foster a leading innovation ecosystem to position New York City as a global leader at the intersection of IT and clean tech. He also serves as a Board Member of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) New York Chapter and is a Vice President and Chair of its Sponsorship Committee.

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