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    Love's Outer Limits - SexEcology, Ecosexuality

    in Self Help

    Rescheduled for June 17th. What's the connection between sex and the environment? What's meant by "SexEcology," "ecosexuality," and "ecosexology?" Could you be an ecosexual? Should you use "green" sex toys? Why do we now say "Lover Earth" not "Mother Earth?" Sexologist Dr. Amy Marsh will discuss all this and more. 
    She'll be a panelist at the Second Annual SexEcology Symposium, created by Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, and held at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco June 17-19, You're invited to preview her newest booklet, "Sex Without Solvents (and Other Toxins) - Professional and Personal Perspectives on Clinical Ecosexology" and to read Fundamentals of Ecosexology Part 1 and Fundamentals of Ecosexology Part II, published online last year on CarnalNation.com.

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    Love's Outer Limits - Special Guest, Michael Holman

    in Entertainment

    Love's Outer Limits is delighted to welcome Michael Holman - filmmaker, artist, and musician - to discuss the release of his long-awaited CD - "Shades of" (Gray). Gray was originally a collaboration with the late Jean-Michel Basquiat and others, but currently includes Nicholas Taylor. (See Glenn O'Brian's piece in GQ, Gray Matters). Michael called us in the middle of an amazing dinner with friends at 11 Madison Park in NY, so our time was cut short. He'll be back. I played a track from "Shades of" and for the rest of the show discussed my new booklet about clinical ecosexology, "Sex Without Solvents." 
    Two corrections in the show. http://www.plushsaferecords.com/ is the correct URL for obtaining "Shades of." I mistakenly referred to the website as "Plush Safe Music." 
    During the show, Michael told his friends I had a PhD. However, my doctorate is a professional degree (DHS - doctor of human sexuality).  I am currently a PhD candidate at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.