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    OUReality , , , EXPLOITING the CHILDREN

    in Education

    Tonight We dive into the topic of Exploiting the Children.  I came across a Headline which reads 6-year-old Tranny Gets A Reality Show, further reading, the family has a reality now, staring their 17 year old child with dwarfism, a 15  year old child who is training to be in beauty pagents, and the 6 year old tranny.  Capitolizing off your child ,,, My Dad, My Manager / My Mom, My Manager!  Who is the deciding factor, child or parent?


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    Saturday Night Showdown With LT and Shorty T!!!

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    A talk show about current events, entertainment news, sports and life at the point of view of two little people..#twodwarfsonamission, #OMGOMGOMG #ShortyTRocks....Also you never know who will we will have on the show..We encourage any and everyone to call in and discuss the hot topics on hand..Don't forget to check out our facebook at www.facebook.com/blksheepradio for all of our upcoming shows and topics we discuss on the show. 

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    Empowering Those with Disabilities – Debra Ruh on The Empowerment Show

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    Debra knew that her daughter Sara was bound for great things.  But no one else seemed to agree.  Not the doctors who said she would never speak or walk.  Not her teachers who thought her best hope was becoming a bagger at a supermarket.  Debra and Sara knew differently and now Sara in her 20’s hs been named one of the Top 40 Under 40 in Richmond Virginia and has spoken to groups around the world.  Sara also has Down syndrome.

    Sara and her story have affected those near and far to her changing the course of their lives.  One person thus affected is her mother Debra who wrote in The Mobility Resource,  “I believe that God does not make mistakes when a child with Down syndrome is born.  Instead many people with Down syndrome are great teachers – if we stop and listen to their wisdom.  Disabilities are part of life.  We need to embrace the lessons that we are taught by our abilities and disabilities.”  Debra’s experience not only affected her viewpoint on life, but also her career.

    In an effort to show all her daughter and others with disabilities are capable of, Sara founded TecAccess which helps businesses ensure their products and websites are truly usable by those with disabilities by hiring individuals with disabilities to test them.  The world of marketing has advanced to include many different ethnicities in their marketing and product development, yet the community of people with disabilities (PwD) is largely underserved.  It is TecAccess and Ruh Global’s goals to give PwD more of a voice in the marketplace and the world.

    Join us on Tuesday December 17th to learn directly from Debra Ruh her story and her mission.  

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    Little Person Big Life Changing the Views of Disabilities

    in Religion

    For most of us getting ready to leave our home is no big deal, taking a stroll in the park or even sitting having a coffee at the local Starbucks. I want you to think for a moment what it would be like to know that as soon as you step out of your home you will suddenly be put on display. You know that everyone will stare; some will nudge each other and point fingers.
    This is all part of life for Becky Curran. Becky was born into this world as a little person; however, she is anything but. Her louder than life personality, everything she does she does with her whole heart. She has never seen herself as different, never had the can’t do attitude. Not Becky, nope she ran right along side all her average height friends and continues to lives her life out loud.
    Becky’s accomplishments are beyond impressive; she pushed her way into the entertainment business, even though she would be told hundreds of times no. She never gave up. Currently working  as a casting assistant for a major TV Studio, she is preparing to live her real dream as an inspirational speaker and an advocate for people with disabilities.  Teaching others that the “Disabled” are anything but…they are indeed perfectly “able”. 
    Join me as I delve into the beautiful mind of Miss Becky Curran.  

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    A Time of Encouraging Words with Evangelist Debra Tate

    in Religion

    Spiritual Dwarfism
    This week I am teaching on Live365.com/Thecrowngem on Snow White and The Seven Spiritual Dwarfs.  I will be doing a 30 minute Podcast of that program.
    I am explaining what dwarfism is and how the mega churches have stunt the spiritual growth of the Church the “ekklesia” a Greek word that means “to be called out”. Many who are watching the Body of Christ, not live what they are preaching, no longer feel a need to be called out from what they are doing or the way they are living, thereby the church which is an organism is being stunt in growth.
    I will talk about this in full on Live365.com/Thecrowngem
    “60 Minutes of Encouraging Words”

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    A Time of Encouraging Words

    in Religion

                                Topic: Spiritual Genetic Dwarfism 
    Santyfied new single “The Voice of The Lord” from their album “Waiting to Fly” on Live365.com/Thecrowngem and ThecrowngemTV
    “Now That’s An Encouraging Word”
     Also Follow Them on . +Sanctyfiedhttps://plus.google.com/b/103082677601125369162
    Listen to  Mellissa Hayward  who was in American Rejoice because of her album success  “Caught Up”  and her single from that album called, “Happy”  on BlogTalkRadio.com/Royaldiademministries

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    DISABLED CHRISTIANS: Are you spiritually crippled?

    in Religion

    When you think of a person being disabled, you normally think of physical or mental handicap that keeps one's body from functioning normally. MS or a missing limb has damages mobility; Blindness affects sight; Autism and Retardation affects the mental process. Some diseases come from the environment; such as survivors of Chernobl or Hiroshima. What SPIRITUAL DISABILITY does the environment of the Institutionalized Church produced?  Biblical Illiteracy? Stunted Growth? Dwarfism? Gigantism? Paralysis? Paranoia? Retardation? What spiritual disabilities CRIPPLE the church?

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    Lauren Ruotolo is Unstoppable in Stilettos

    in Entertainment

    The director of entertainment promotions at Hearst Magazines stands just 4-foot-2. But she doesn’t have dwarfism. Nor is she a paraplegic. Lauren Ruotolo has McCune-Albright syndrome, and discusses it in her new book, "Unstoppable in Stilettos: A Girl's Guide to Living Tall in a Small World", with "Model Talk" host Isobella Jade. Lauren Ruotolo has spent most of her life seeing the world from a unique angle—upward facing, and she could have gone the wheelchair route, but that was never a path Lauren wanted to travel. Instead Lauren rocks really awesome stiletto heels. And as the author of Unstoppable in Stilettos: A Girl's Guide to Living Tall in a Small World, she brings hard-earned wisdom and inspiring life experiences to offer you a unique perspective that you can apply to your own life. Lauren is the director of entertainment promotions at Hearst Magazines in New York City, where she is responsible for developing strategic key partnerships with television and cable networks, music labels, and movie studios. Lauren joined Hearst Magazines from TV Guide magazine, where she was the director of consumer marketing and promotions and created the first-ever newsstand promotion in the United States with a CD on the cover. Ruotolo's first-person essay, 'Get Shorty,' was published in Marie Claire magazine in 2009 and was one of the most responded-to articles in the magazine's history. Ruotolo is on the advisory board of GlamourGals Foundation, Inc., Love Our Children USA, and is an active member in the New York chapter of Women in Communications. Visit Lauren on Facebook, follow her on Twitter (Laurenjaenyc), or log on to www.unstoppableinstilettos.com and www.laurenruotolo.com.

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    Steven Diamond's StopStressingNow.Com

    in Health

    Matt Roloff – from TLC’s Hit Reality Show – “Little People Big World.” Signs on as featured keynote speaker for the StopStressingNow.Com 2010 “Sail Your Cares Away” Cruise to Alaska!

    August 27th through September 3rd – 2010 – Journey To Alaska with Matt Roloff

    Few People understand how to overcome life’s biggest challenges like Matt Roloff.
    The celebrity father, multi-millionaire businessman, entrepreneur, father of four, renown speaker and a natural dreamer. He’s also one of the most recognizable people on television today.
    Matt has faced huge challenges in his life. He was often hospitalized as a child due to his dwarfism. His recuperation from leg surgeries left him missing out on the experiences of average children. As an adult, Matt made up for his lost childhood by creating a play land for his children on the farm. For years, Matt was a huge success in the computer industry, selling systems software to companies. In 1999, Matt wrote and published Against Tall Odds where he expresses his business and professional success, although he is a little person. With the money rolling in, Matt created his dream home, and a 34-acre farm in Oregon called Roloff Farms.
    A few years later, Matt gave up his software career and decided to establish his own business. Direct Access Solutions which focuses on mobility and accessibility products for little people. Matt has been married to Amy for over 20 years and is a father of four children,Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob.The Roloff family is now known around the world thanks to the hit TV show “Little People; Big World”. The show currently airs on The Learning Channel.
    On this years cruise, Matt is one of four celebrity guest speakers. He will teach you how to face life’s biggest challenges and how to overcome any obstacle you may endure.

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