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  • 01:59

    DVA Commanders Dinner Preview

    in Military

    We are going to give you a little preview of the DVA Commander's Dinner scheduled to be in Cincinnati, Ohio. We will be covering the story the night of the event and give you an update on te 04/17/2014 show as well.

    Additionally, we are talking about the water rights in the United States and the big red flags springing up around that issue. We will also tackle tough debates around military bases being "gun free zones".

    Tune in and join the conversation!

  • 00:59

    Mudrost Almine

    in Spirituality

    Radio Mudrost Almine

    Veduschaja: Alena Shuvalova


    V etoj peredache gost' - Olga Pilipenko - rasskazhet o svoem opyte transformaciji Soznanija

    Kak zhizn' stanovitsja prostoj i jarkoj, kogda otkryvaetsja serdce

    Peredacha posviaschena tschudesnym i misticheskim sobytijam, sluchivshimsia so mnoj i gruppoj zhenschin neskolko dnej nazad.

    Dva Solnca... - vozmozhno li eto???

    Kak proiskhodit izmenenie realnosti.

    Kak Namerenie Beskonechnosti, proistekajuscheje tscherez nashi dejstvija izmeniaet vse vokrug!!!

    Tselitelnyj seans Belvaspata - Pesnia Vyssshej Samosti. Seans napolnen vysokimi tschastotami, poluchennymi mnoj za poslednie 2 dnia. Ja peredaju Sostojanije


    Kontaktnaja informacija Aleny Shuvalovoj:




  • 02:24

    Metal International EP16

    in Rock Music

    Tonight's "Metal International Show EP16" will feature international metal and punk by:

    Die Antwoord - Pitbull Terrier (Cape Town, South Africa)

    Midhaven - Spellbound - 04 Tales From The Tide (Mumbai, India)

    Midhaven - Spellbound - 08 Whitewash (Mumbai, India)

    Midhaven - Spellbound - 09 Death Row (feat. Jordan Veigas) (Mumbai, India)

    Napalm Death - Silence Is Deafening (Meriden, West Midlands, England, UK)

    Archangel - Bohemian Travesty (Tampa, Florida)

    Catcher And The Rye - Ukraine Falls (Daytona Beach, Florida)

    Hound of Hades - A Blessing, A Curse (Bentonville, Arkansas)

    Hound Of Hades - Decimate The Storm (Bentonville, Arkansas)    

    Hound Of Hades - Galton's Theory (Bentonville, Arkansas)

    Osmi Putnik Dva (2) - Vukodlak (Belgrade, Serbia)

    Psychic Violents - You Are Downstairs (Gainesville, Florida)

    Slayer - When The Stillness Comes (Huntington Park, California)

    Sworn Enemy - No Mercy (New York City, New York)

    The Cunningham Wake - Sunless (Tampa, Florida)

    Don't miss our interview with Hound of Hades from Bentonville, Arkansas and three new tracks never heard on the show by our pals in Midhaven from Mumbai, India!

  • 01:00

    New Beginning with Dva Hair & Ryan The Numba One Stylist

    in Women

    It's that time again! Come and join us as we discuss todays hot topics and not so hot topics!! As always come on in, grab a drink, and join in on the conversation!

  • 01:01

    Aren't you Worth More

    in Women

    Come chat with DVA and the Numba One stylist about a silent topic that needs to be addressed. Abuse Domestic,Physical and Emotional. We need to stand up against this come lets talk.Listen to survior stories.

  • 03:01

    Fryday Night Dva

    in Entertainment

    At the beach with Animus.

  • 03:00

    Fryday Night Live Dva

    in Entertainment

    More, more more.

  • 01:38

    Thirsty Thursday Dva

    in Entertainment

    How to steal cable.

  • 03:01

    YOUR Open Mic - With Craig Siclia

    in Social Networking

    Tonight because of vacations, craig will be filling in for WTF to let anyone who is want to, have their chance to reach thousands of listeners with their message of hope or information on brain injury- have some interviews with command cornel Lee who has just retired after 25 years DVA Directors, as well intervies with theropiests at the VA Hospital, and ashoke talking about the caregivers among us.
    call in 424-243-9540 first come first serve to get your message out lets do a weird show not sure where its going or how long it will last 1, 2 3, 4 ,5 its up to the callers.

  • 02:57

    Saturday Night Live- Dva

    in Entertainment

    Getin in, or miss out.

  • 00:51

    How You Can Become A Jobs Creator __Now!

    in Business

    Review of GAO's Decision On DVA's Utilization Of AbilityOne.
    __We will take a close look at GAO's decision on ACE, LLC; Pierce First Medical's Protest of DVA's utilization of AbilityOne to support those items that are by Law authorized to be acquired from AbilityOne "First".
    __We will also review SBA's Proposed Ruling "Acquisition Process: Task and Delivery Order Contracts, Bundling, Consolidation."