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    Detroit Public Schools: Our Kids Deserve Better

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    Some 88 out of 97 schools in Detroit closed recently after teachers called in sick in protest of rodent and mold problems. There are complaints of an odious smell of mold and mildew that hits you like a ton of bricks when you step through the front doors at Spain Elementary-Middle School in Detroit. Once a school any city would be proud to have in its district. Today, it’s the poster child for neglect and indifference to a quality teaching and learning environment for some 500 students.

    The gym is closed because half of the floor is buckled and the other half suffered so much rainwater damage from the dripping ceiling that it became covered with toxic black mold. Instead of professionally addressing the problem, a black tarp simply was placed over the entire area. That area of the school has since been condemned.

    The once beautiful pool sits empty because no one has come to fix it. The playground is off-limits because a geyser of searing hot steam explodes out of the ground.

    Exposed wires hang from missing ceiling tiles. Watermarks from leaks abound. Kids either sit in freezing classrooms with their coats on or strip off layers because of stifling heat.

    Complaints to Darnell Earley, the emergency manager over the Detroit Public Schools have seemingly fallen on deaf ears.

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    Mix It Up Friday

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    free style Friday 

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    current events

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    current events

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    I can see this quisling gafawing at communist controlled cocktail parties. CBS trying to out do the FIX news hit on Trump. They goaded him hoping he would lose his cool. Instead El Trumpo mashed Scott's bananas.  Our hero would have none of it. CBS was using the communist tactic of asking a question and half way through the answer ask another question.  All you could see was the venom dripping from Scott's fangs and the evil look in his eye. I think I saw him dressed as a Nazi officer in the movie Schindler's list. If Scott was Oscar Shindler,  the only name on the list to save would be his. But he did his job for the Communist Broadcasting System or as Mother Theresa called them the  Catholic Bashing System. She really did not say that.  It was me who said that.  I was only playing democrat/rino. 

    Trump looked great and fielded the quisling questions with panache. There is one thing that Trump is not telling the voter. He does not like drug, alcohol and cigarettes. Imagine Trump wins and Carson joins him as surgeon general. What a save America team. Add Ted Cruz as senate majority leader.

    In the house we can go with  whoever Mark Levin picks. Definetley not a Boehner clone like McCarthy. The only McCarthy I trust is Joe who the communists killed and took over the government.

    Trump will put more people to work keeping more of what they earn.  He will pull more Latinos than you think and he will pull more blacks than you think. He will pull all the Americans . He wants a great military, stronger than any military

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    Fun Friday

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    Fun Friday 

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    The Start of Something New - 4th Period

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    The Start of Something New - 4th Period 

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    The N'Tuned Show Welcomes Fene Da Mayor

    in Hip Hop Music

    Fene Da Mayor (FDM), Fene for short, is an artist that has grown over the years based out of Orlando, Florida.  Fene is  determined to prove to the world that talented female MCs still exist in the Hip Hop/Rap genre of music. Fene will NOT fall into the stereotypes of how to look, or what she should be rapping about. "I am out to make the stand for female artists stronger,  and to exhibit originality at its full potential, " Fene Da Mayor.

    Fene is currently pushing her single "Dripping Sauce" off her upcoming EP "No L's" that is set to be released this Winter. When Fene is not behind the mic, or killing the stage she is using her other talents in graphics and photography to further her grind, and further promote her brand with her company Underconstruction Entertainment.

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    AVID 1 Featuring Mr. Luna

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    AVID 1 Show 

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    AVID 1 2014 Test Show

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    Test Show

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    DCMS AVID Show #1 with Mr. Thomas Graham

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    DCMS AVID Students presents their first official "Dripping With S.W.A.G." show with special guest, Mr. Thomas Graham, Principal of David Crockett Middle School. This broadcast is sponsored by Image Kafe', located on 3715 Hwy 6 South, suite 120, Houston, TX 77083. Thank you for your support!

    Sponsor Highlight: Mr. Lamont Bourgeois, the proud owner of Image Kafe', has been in business since January 2000. Image Kafe', LLC. was established in 2007 and puts a new twist into the Barber industry by introducing new technology and new innovative ways to grow, while catering to its customers' grooming needs.

    Special Shoutout to Ms. Dee Knox from the George Foundation for seeing promise in the students of DCMS and granting us $60,000 to start the AVID program here at DCMS. Thank you Ms. Knox and George Foundation! 

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    AVID 1 Thanksgiving Show

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    AVID 1 Thanksgiving Show

    Music by Tom Jones...Give a Little Love 

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