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    The Cherry Spot with Cherry Bomb featuring Author Sakeena Raheem

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    Sakeena Raheem was born in Chicago, IL to Iralena Williams and Jerry Gates in June of 1982. She was taught to write at an early age by her teacher Mrs. Lowe at Thomas A. Hendricks elementary school where she graduated from in 1996. She went on to further her education at North Chicago Community High school where she graduated in 2000. Sakeena enjoys reading every book she can get her hands on playing sports and watching them and writing which is her passion. Sakeena has two beautiful kids a son name William and he is thirteen and a daughter name Maleena and she is fourteen. Sakeena’s debut novel was first published on Nov.25, 2014 titled A Love to Die For. The Authoress pens under her maiden name and still resides in the Chicago area. Her love for reading was the reason why she says she became an author, she wanted everyone to know how wild her imagination was and to have people travel that journey with her is a bonus. Sakeena was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 27 but not once have it slowed her or detoured her from her goals. Her favorite authors are Robert Frost, Ernest Hemingway, Gwendolyn Brooks and Mark Twain. Her favorite books are Of Mice and Men, A Tale of Two Cities, The Coldest Winter Ever and Catcher in The Rye. Sakeena is not married and have no plans of getting married no time soon. The authoress is currently signed to Right Circle Publications.

    Call in #773-897-6297

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    The Final Say - with Mark Hemingway

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Brett & Jon Rappaport on The Final Say each Monday to Friday from 3 to 4 PM EST, as we discuss and analyze current news, politics, policy, issues, and world events.

    Mark Hemingway, Author & Senior Writer at The Weekly Standard, joins the show to discuss Obama and his dealings with current international situations.

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    Saranna DeWylde joins Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

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    Haunted Nights Live hosts Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross welcome .....

    Saranna De Wylde has always been fascinated by things better left in the dark. She wrote her first story after watching The Exorcist at a slumber party. Since then, she's published horror, romance and narrative nonfiction. Like all writers, Saranna has held a variety of jobs, from operations supervisor for an airline, to an assistant for a call girl, to a corrections officer. But like Hemingway said, "Once writing has become your major vice and greatest pleasure, only death can stop it." So she traded in her cuffs for a full-time keyboard.

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.

    Night Moves, the fifth installment of the serialized Gothic novel, The Ghosts of Ravencrest, by Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross. Available at The Ghosts of Ravencrest: Darker Shadows. Buy from Amazon at.....




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    Meet the Green Divas

    in Environment

    Meet Green Divas Meg McWilliams and Lynn Hasselberger. They actually refer to themselves as that.  They are the founders and co-hosts of The Green Divas Radio, a nationally known green media company. Drum roll please… they are starting a green radio revolution with the FIRST radio network dedicated to green and healthy living  GDGD Radio so look out world.  GDGD Radio already features some of the top green and healthy living shows including: Mariel Hemingway’s Running with Nature, Earth Matters with Bill Kurtis, Yale Climate Connections, Mrs. Green’s World, The Mike Nowak Show, The Green Diva Radio Show (of course), GVK: Good Vibrations with Kristin (which is also locally grown featuring Morristown resident actress, healer and storyteller Kristin Ace). So needless to say they are on a BIG green role and they are REALLY fun.  Please plan to listen in and join our fun.

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    Magick Occult Radio: Celtic Magick & Druidism with Ian Corrigan

    in Paranormal

    Welcome to another episode of Magick Occult Radio! Our host is Taliesin McKnight and our co-host is the Vayu Tiger. Today we are exploring Celtic magick and Druidism with special guest Ian Corrigan. Ian Corrigan has been teaching, leading, singing & playing in the Pagan and occult communities since 1975. He is a Senior Priest and Archdruid Emeritus of Ar nDraiocht Fein (ahrn dree-okht fayn) and was a colleague of Isaac Bonewits in the development of that Druidic Pagan system. He is the Author of Sacred Fire, Holy Well, The Book of Nine Moons and several other titles devoted to the creation of a power Pagan occultism. Thank you for joining the show! Enjoy.

  • power of perception radio with Brenda Rachel

    in Spirituality

    Composer and songwriter of spiritual music known as Brenda Rachel has released her latest EP record, “In This Moment.” The album has been released on the Brenda Rachel independent record label, entirely without support from the corporate music power structure. It comprises nearly 25 minutes of uplifting spiritual listening in six original tracks. Featuring powerful and evocative vocals by co-arranger Jon Hemingway and Una St. Clair, “In This Moment” by Brenda Rachel et al is a true work of celestial inspiration with a clear and exultant message to its hearers.

    Brenda Rachel cites as main artistic influences her mother, Barbara Solis, and a broad array of popular legends including Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, Diana Krall, Sara Brightman, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Michael Buble, Clint Black, Jesse Cook, Yanni, Michael Bolton, and Sara MacLachlan. Her own musical background began at the young age of six on piano, but the Canadian-born Brenda Rachel states plainly that the songs which make up “In This Moment” are not entirely of her own creation.

    Brenda Rachel writes of this, “I am a ‘Messenger for the Angels’ delivering words of encouragement, inspiration, hope, love, peace and joy. My songs were channeled to me by the Angels in 2004 when I was unable to walk for several months due to bilateral plantar fasciitis in both feet. I would lay on the couch and ask God and the Angels what they wanted me to learn from this experience and why was I in such excruciating pain.”

    She goes on to impart that within hours, the EP’s title track was being channeled to her by Angels, complete with lyrics, corresponding melody and chord progressions.

    “Over the next 1.5 years,” she writes, “21 additional songs with both music and lyrics were channeled to me.

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    Poetry in Just SIx Words...It Can be Done

    in Poetry

    Welcome to Life From all Sides. This show is about exploring life from every angle. You can't examine anything by looking at one side.

    Today's show is about poetry.  We create what we love and this artform is called 6 words.

    http://lit.genius.com/Ernest-hemingway-six-word-story-annotated  From thie website:

    There’s been a craze in the poetry world over the six word story.

    Hemingway receives credit as the inventor of the six word story.

    Let's examine this form of poetry.   

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    Happy Holidays: Out 2014 In 2015

    in Entertainment

    It has been long year!!!!  A lot has happened!  On the next House of Harley Talk Radio join us as we reflect on the year and spread Christmas cheer.  We will have full line up of guests that I'm sure that you all will enjoy!  We will have Dr. Germon Miller-Bey, Fitness Expert and Nutritionist Michele Reid our featured business owner Thomas Anderson of Potter's Computer Systems.  We will also have our Featured Artist Sunshyne P with guest appearances from Walter Hemingway of the Root Doctors Band, and Arischa.  We will also have a chance for you as a listener to win $50 from House of Harley Talk Radio by calling to sing your favorite Christmas Song.  Don't Be Scurred!!!!  Finally we will have Battle of the Sexes Christmas Edition.

    Call the show 347-884-9373

    Sponsor: www.ladysusieqfashions.com

    Twitter @hohtalkradio


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    Saints march into Heinz Field and dismantle the Steelers

    in Football

    In this episode of the Terrible Towel Tantrum; presented by The Red Light Sports Network, and sponsored by The Million Dollar Ramble, Rudy Reyes and Troy Otradovec will discuss what happened at Heinz Field, on Sunday.  The New Orleans Saints left Pittsburgh, with a 35-32 victory.  The score was closer than the game.  A few mop up touchdowns, to help fantasy owners, made the score respectable.  

    The game was in the Saints control, after the third quarter.  The score was 28-13, and Dree Brees was picking apart the Steelers secondary.  Although the loss, does not eliminate them from playoff contention.  The Steelers now have to take care of business against the Cincinnati Bengals, not once, but twice.  Do you think that the Pittsburgh Steelers can make the playoffs?  Listen in or call the show, with your thoughts.

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    Idaho's Trailing of the Sheep Festival in Sun Valley

    in Travel

    Come with Travel Brigade to the annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival in the beautiful mountain towns of Ketchum and Hailey, Idaho, near the famous Sun Valley Resort. This festival in the area where Hemingway once lived, features history, celebrations and more ways than you could ever think of to cook lamb as chefs from around the area fill the festival with their dishes. We’ll also take in the Championship Sheepdog Trials where border collies show off their herding skills. The event culminates with a parade where thousands of sheep are herded right down Ketchum’s Main Street. Enjoy the trip! Follow us on Twitter @TravelBrigade.

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    January Jones - SEX without Guilt!

    in Religion

    January Jones - SEX without Guilt!

    Jerome Tuccille is the award-winning, best-selling author of more than 30 books covering a wide range of topics. His latest book, Heavin or Hell, explores how ex-Catholics deal with SEX without Guilt! Jerome reveals his secrets to living life to the fullest with or without religion.

    In September 2009 he wrote the award-winning Gallo Be Thy Name, a biography of the Gallo wine empire and its roots in Prohibition. The author's Hemingway and Gellhorn is a biography of Hemingway and his third wife, Martha Gellhorn.It was the subject of a HBO special starring Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman.


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