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    Mayweather & Dr. Dre are straight outta compton

    in Sports

    Tommie Wills and Jamarr Patrick discuss the hottest stories in sports. We will also touch on the latest news in the entertainment business. Sprinkle in an honest assessment of the hip hop scene. You will also hear about latest in video game buzz. A truly diverse and entertaining show. You'll lol at the slang and outlandish views from these hilarious host..So dive in!!! Tonights show is on floyd mayweather Dr. dre and straight outta compton

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    Cincinnati Business Talk #247 Missy Kirkpatrick-Lindale & Taylor Glen Golf Clubs

    in Business

    Cincinnati Business Talk highlights the positive side of Cincinnati area businesses. We will be talking to CEOs who have won awards, innovated with new products and services.

    Today's show is different.  I will be talking with Missy Kirkpatrick, General Manager of Lindale Golf Club in Ameila, OH.

    We will be talking the two Golf Clubs that her family owns and how she runs the club.  We'll learn why many people prefer to play at their clubs.

    The show streamed live on Friday August 7th at 4 PM.

    The short link to this show:  http://tobtr.com/7801069

    You can listen to the show on Apple iTunes as a Podcast. You can add the podcast at:   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Cincy-Business-talk.rss

    You can add Cincy-Business-Talk as an RSS feed to your Outlook email program. The exact feed http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Cincy-Business-talk.rss


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    Orlando Presentz....Before the Fame: Dre Tee

    in Radio

    We have a great show for you today, special guest  Dre Tee will be calling in to talk to us about his new single plus his testimony on how God has changed his life. He used to be on the streets selling drugs and just didnt care about his  life until he found the lord and he changed all that. We will hear his story. 

    Also its the first Segment of "Monday Motivation" with Latrice Dailey of Calling to Encourage Inc. First message is on Relationships, "Every ship is meant to carry you some where"

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    Mr. Showtime Dre Hilton

    in Entertainment

    he is motivational speaker, part of one of most popolarist shows in pigeon forge tennessee soul of motown. he is mr. dre hilton. live on the show . dont miss it,

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    Dre Dolla South Memphis

    in Entertainment

    “Hunc Entertainment enter rock genre www.catapultdistribution.com/artist/reoentertainment discovered by ASCAP member Magic Mike Spud. My name is Lara Anderson, I was born right in the heart of the all so fabulous, Hollywood California. (Wilcox and Selma to be exact). I have been creating, singing and dancing from a really young age. Music IS and has always been part of me, and as I grew with it, came the dancing and other wild ideas I create to go along with it. I will always remember the time, ..”
    Eddie Norward Jr - SpeedCity Fashion Blog

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    Bike 4 Hipe Humanitarian Global Campaign - Dr. Dre

    in News

    Dr. Dre (aka Eli Marshall-Evans Grant, aka Andre A. R. Willis) reflects on his many experiences, ranging from having it all to having nothing at all.  Dr.Dre enjoyed all the benefits of a "well-to-do" lifestyle and lived in the limelight while managing the legendary Rock-n-Roll star, "Little Richard.  His life then took the ultimate turn from glamorous to being homeless.

    Dr. Dre is a pastor, a Vietnam veteran and an extraordinary man whose passion is to make a notable difference in the lives of others.  He is known to many as the Biking Pastor".  Armed with nothing more than a 10 speed bicycle, he sought to do more than talk about helping people--much more.  He not only "walks the talk," he rides the talk!  His bike campaign already logged in thousands of miles to share his vision and bring awareness to issues that affects every family from all walks of life.  

    Six years and three campaigns later, Dr. Dre talks about how he completed all his campaigns with nothing more than his 10 speed bicycle.  Feeling the urgency to do all that he can for those that are often forgotten--the homeless, those who are physically challenged, and students that lack a source for better educational assistance.  The people who are autistic and has Down Syndrome has added more reason to take on another monumental journey.  He will meet with Oprah to get his message out to millions as he embarks on another 3,000 miles. 

    Dr. Dre founded the City of Life Foundation in 2007 to meet the needs of humanity. He is still going strong and biking his way to help those in dire need. Please join his campaign and open up your hearts and your wallets.


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    15 Hz Live from Beats by Dre Office

    in Social Networking

    15 Hz talks about their business trip to Los Angeles to visit agencies and clients. This episode features special guests from Beats by Dre.

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    ARE CELEBRITY'S MORALLY EXEMPT? On Gut Level Live - The Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    This week we're gonna go in on the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Celebrity's like Dr. Dre beating the hell out of the women in his life. Bill Cosby doping chicks to fuck them. Ray Rice beating his wife senseless on camera and still eligible to play in the NFL and on and on. The fact of the matter is that feminist advocates condem domestic violence but have NWA music in heavy rotation in their ipods. Is it cool to just sweep this stuff under the rug cuz these peope are talented, and are or have been at the top of their fields? All that and much more as you regular listeners know. On Gut Level Live - The Radio Show

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    He Cheated . . . So What?

    in Women

    We love you, really we do so we are committed to bringing you topics and guests experts that are thought provoking, informative or provide a different perspective. I would definitely say that this is DIFFERENT!

    For centuries, people have debated the most effective ways to deal with unfaithful lovers. Dave Pounder says the best answer is simple: Don't worry about it. Pounder says most men are unfaithful in some way, at some time, but it has nothing to do with how they feel about their partners.

    According to him, if people understood that the perception of infidelity, rather than the infidelity itself, is what ruins relationships, everyone would be happier. His book, OBSCENE THOUGHTS: A ographer's Perspective on Sex, Love, and Dating, delves into the issues that prevent men and women from truly understanding each other.

    Basketball player Dre Baldwin: Step your game up!

    Dre Baldwin is an internet pioneer who built his brand name on the discipline and persistence that made him a professional athlete.

    After graduating with a Business Marketing degree from Penn State Altoona, Dre played pro basketball internationally for 9 years. Coming from a small school, Dre learned to market and promote himself to create opportunities: he began recording and publishing his basketball workouts and motivational messages to YouTube in 2006.

    In 2009, Dre started posting new daily content on YouTube, a discipline that continues to this day: He has published 4,000+ videos, going out to 100,000 subscribers, viewed over 30,000,000 times.

    Dre works with brand owners, businesses and entrepreneurs to enhance their online presence and reach consumers through leveraging emerging tools of branding & marketing. Dre has published 5 books, over 100 athletic training programs, and speaks to business organizations on the topics of Discipline, Marketing and Branding.

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 134: Plummeting Market

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Plummeting Market

    Side Topics:  Surgeon wrote of becoming a killer before botching surgeries.  Dr. Dre album sales collapse all over the place & it's probably well deserved.  Bionic Penis!  De Blasio may open Times Square to vehicular traffic again & ban topless women as well.

    All This in 30 Minutes!!