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    Revisiting: Dr. Amalia Amaki, As she explores the life of Michael Jackson...

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    I think there is a Mike of pure spirit and he knew things that he had no business knowing. If he wasn’t saying — I’ll give you an example, I shared this with a very close friend of mine Lana and another friend Claudette just a few days ago, and it still boggles my mind because I can remember how Mike could turn on a dime. He could be very playful and silly, and then all of a sudden you could look over and he’d be looking at you with this heavy, weighty kind of gaze and my reaction would always be “what are you looking at?” He would say, “I’m not looking at you, I’m looking for you.” There were always these little things that he would say that I now understand to be challenges for you to come to know something that was you that you had not addressed yet.

    Dr. Amalia Amaki

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    Deliverance Freedom/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

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    Amazon.com: Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books       amzn.to/1tmYt28

    Deliverance can follow a systematic method. Verbal confession of faith in Jesus Christ. Complete surrender to the Lordship of Christ in every area of the life; surrender if the deliverance is to be permanent. Forgive all persons. Verbal confession of the sins of word, mind, body or occult involvement which gave Satan legal access of your life. Turn from all sin and contact with evil spirits. Break Satan's legal right to your life by renouncing each sin and its effect  II Cor.. 4:2 and claim  God's word. Command the demons to go in the name of Jesus!

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    Free For all Fridays with Sabrina and Company

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    It is friday at Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets and that means you can help pick the topic of the day.  Join Sabrina as she shares the microphone with you.  Jill Reed will return on Monday, so, come play while she is away.  Join us!

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    Spiritual Energy/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall

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    Spiritual Energy

    Demons in vast numbers constitute a part of Satan’s hierarchy and fight in his army. They are spiritual beings without bodies of their own, hence they seek embodiment; they have supernatural power and strength. They are not omniscient, but are creatures of cunning intellect and given to deceits and wiles. They are unclean, corrupt, and bent on destruction and ruin. They degrade the bodies they invade and possess, whether of animals or men. They tremble at the Word of God and have to bow to the authority of Jesus Christ whether exerted directly by Him or by those to whom. He delegated the authority.

    “He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil,” (I Jn. 3:8).

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    Everything w/KathyB,Dr Jackson,RunokoRashidi, RL,Early Jackson, Minister Ed Ward

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    Source Nation! Join us tonight at 6 for Male Boxx Sundays where the men are holding it down in the studio.

    At 6, we have It's Your Time: Personal Development with Dr Jackson. Tune in at 6:15 as Dr. Jackson welcomes Dr. Runoko Rashidi into the studio to discuss, How Revisiting Our History Helps with Personal Development.

    7:15 Early Jackson

    Join us for Conversations with RL as he welcomes Early L. Jackson Jr., into the studio to discuss the topic, HEALTHY DATING ! Tune in as Early defines what Healthy Dating is and the signs to look for when you are not in a Healthy Relationship.

    Early Jackson is profoundly recognized as a Social Activist and has been laboring to
    bring balance, skill , relevance and understanding to people of all nationalities. After
    effectively overcoming a stretch of drug addictions, Early has highly developed himself
    to become a successful Life coach.

    At 8, Join Minister Ed Ward for, A Word From God as he discusses the topic: "Stop Worrying & Start Believing" Source Nation! Minister Ward wants you to know, "Its time to either believe the Word of God or Not. Too many of us are literally worrying ourselves sick over issues in life that God has already prepared the answer and way out. So stop worrying & start Believing. Tune in tonight to hear more of Minister Wards message, From God To You.

    Call in and be a part of the conversation at 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    Cleansing Inanimate Objects/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

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    Cleansing Inanimate Objects

    Many Christians, including some pastors do not believe that demons will inhabit inanimate objects. In heathen nations, they know that devils live in idols and worship them! In fact, many Christians believe that you if you teach the dangers of demonic powers over idols that you are going off the deep end if you talk about these things. However, the Bible is on the side that teaches the dangers of idolatry! There is Biblical evidence to the truth of demons association with inanimate objects.

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    Demons Alcohol and Drugs/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

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    Amazon.com: Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books


    Demons Alcohol and Drugs Rarely Live Alone

    He usually keeps several of his demon friends with him, such as Drugs, Tobac (tobacco), Sexual Promiscuity, and Masturbation.  He also frequently attracts and lives with other harmful spirits (not exactly demons, but harmful nevertheless) such as Chronic Failure, Confusion, Deception, Unreliability, Low Self-Esteem.

    Some people call Alcoholism a disease but it is not a disease. It is sin. 

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    Seven Wicked Spirits/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

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    You can do them more harm by trying to cast evil spirits out if they are not believers or backsliders who have not repented and committed their lives to Jesus.  Jesus told us that seven worse spirits would return if the proper conditions were not met in deliverance.

    “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and takes with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there; and the last stage of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation,” (Matt. 12: 42-44).

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    Free For All Fridays with Sabrina and Company

    in Lifestyle

    Will you speak up at Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets today?  Be the "Company" for Sabrina as she takes you to new places with her wild imagination and integrated thinking.  She doesn't just talk to talk, she helps you see pictures and think differently?  Will you continue using this skill you were born with or revert to following boring routines again on Saturday?  The choice is yours.  Call her to chat about what is on your mind.  She is a great listener and speaker.  A talent many people don't develop but could.

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    Bert Martinez joined by Francis Jackson, Dr. John Izzo, Dr. Angelo Volandes

    in Business

    Francis Jackson attorney who specializes in disability law for those seeking veterans disability benefits and social security disability benefits. A founding partner of Jackson & MacNichol. He has also been quoted in USA Today and is listed in Cambridge Who’s Who. He was honored by the National Academy of Best Selling Authors with a "Quilly" award  for his contribution to the best selling book "Protect and Defend"

    Dr. John Izzo leading business leadership expert, bestselling author, and community leader. He consults and advises some of the most admired companies in the world, teaches at major universities, conducts leading edge research on workplace values, and has spoken to more than one million people across the globe. A bestselling author of six books and his recent book titled Stepping Up

    Dr. Angelo Volandes physician and researcher at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, has witnessed far too often the unnecessary suffering patients and their families face when confronted with difficult end-of-life decisions.  The most effective, powerful, and empathetic tool a doctor can offer at this stage is perhaps the simplest in his groundbreaking new book THE CONVERSATION: A Revolutionary Plan for End-of-Life Care


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    Free For All Friday with Sabrina April 21, 2015

    in Lifestyle

    If you want to challenge your mind then call Sabrina.  She will think through whatever you bring her and make you see life differently.  She is an artist and can see in pictures so you just might be completely amazed if you come listen to her and her audience on Friday.  It's a free for all, so, call her!