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    Chris Higgins talks about downsizing of the Albany County Legislature

    in Politics

    Chris Higgins talks about downsizing of the Albany County Legislature

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    Get Your Life On Track: Downsizing and Organising with Moreen Torpy

    in Health


    Discover the positives of moving forwards in life by downsizing possessions and becoming organised. Uncover the happiness it CAN bring you.

    Guest: Moreen Torpy

    Downsizing and moving are among Moreen’s specialties along with facilitating teleclasses on different aspects of organising. She believes it’s her life’s mission to share her knowledge of downsizing and organising.

    Moreen Torpy is a Professional Organizer and author of several books, most recently Going Forward: Downsizing, Moving and Settling In. 

    Host: Lucinda Curran

    Join us to learn how to embrace this time of life-change.


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    The Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe 7 28 15

    in Business

    Airs Tuesdays @ 9p CDT on BOCI. Click here to listen:http://tobtr.com/s/7807165
    Downsizing to a smaller home, but the big home hasn't sold yet? Got very high credit card debt with high adjustable rates of interest and you want to do something about it?  Your HOME can work for you! The Real 
    Estate Mortgage Shoppe with Jo Garner, mortgage expert has answers and solutions for you and your situation. Dont miss tonight's episode. Special guest, Sally Baker, will tell you how to organize. 

                                       "SIMPLE RULES FOR ORGANIZING YOUR WORLD, YOUR MIND
                                        AND YOUR FINANCES"

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    Reclaiming Space: Don't Downsize, RIGHT Size Your Life

    in Self Help

    "Downsizing" is a buzzword we hear a lot amidst overstuffed homes and clutter-ridden spaces, but it can often bring up feelings of loss. What if we changed our standpoint and thought about decluttering as RIGHT sizing our lives? In the episode Tracy interviews Professional Organizers Moreen Torpy who gives us practical suggestions and tips for bring our homes to the RIGHT size to support our best lives.

    Moreen Torpy is an Author and Professional Organizer. In her role as the De-Clutter Coach, she offers her clients an improved quality of life through becoming organized since 2004.

    Always an organized person, Moreen remembers as a child lining up her mother’s scattered shoes, placing them carefully against a wall and posting a For Sale sign.

    She holds several Certificates of Study from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. 

    Moreen has authored three books, the most recent being Going Forward: Downsizing, Moving and Settling In. To learn more and communicate with Moreen go to www.decluttercoach.ca 

    Tracy K. Pierce is a Clutter Coach, Holistic Organizer, and the creator of the Reclaiming Space course series. She works with people ready to embark upon a quest of self discovery driven by the desire for Truth. By exploring and releasing clutter as a primary mode of transformation, Tracy guides clients to reclaim space for what matters most. Learn more at www.SynergyOrganizing.com.

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    Downsizing For Retirement-The Art of Letting Go

    in Self Help

    Now that you have settled into retirement, have you decided to downsize?  Or are you someone who needs a caregiver or companion in your home but due to clutter are unable to get someone to assist you?  Are  you just not sure what to do or where to start?  Join me and my guest as we share techniques to help you and those you love declutter, downsize and get organized for this new phase of life. 

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    Decorate Your Castle-Downsizing "How To" From a Realtor's Point of View

    in Caregiving

    When the time comes, and you are faced with downsizing. The right people can help make the transition as painless as possible.

    One of the people that can help you along the path of downsizing is a compassionate real estate agent. Sandra Vipperman, of Napier Realtors ERA, is one of those special people who get what this is all about..  She will make sure that she finds the right house for the person that is downsizing. She matches up the person to the right home, and makes sure the place suits all the needs of the downsizer.

    So tune in to this important show about downsizing   

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    Decorate Your Castle - Postive Downsizing starts now

    in Caregiving

    DeAnna Radaj is my guest this week on Blog Talk Radio to continue the discussion on downsizing. So why do we fear downsizing? And how do we get past it? Downsizing affects everybody. With proper planning, downsizing can be manageable!
    I will be a guest on DeAnna's show to further talk about downsizing the day after my show airs. DeAnna's show is on 5/30/2013, Click here to listen to her show. www.blogtalkradio.com/deannaondesign/2013/05/30/making-the-down-sizing-experience-a-positive-one    

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    Aging Parent? Tips for Downsizing & Moving.

    in Family

    Please join me and Kynette Setear, owner of Caring Transitions, a business that helps seniors and their families needing assistance coping with senior moving, downsizing and estate sales.  It can be an enormous challenge to even know where to start when a parent needs to move. 
    Tune in as Kynette and I have conversation about how to plan for and then carry out helping an aging loved one move from their home of many, many years.  Kynette will share some of her insider tips and stories of families she has helped. 
    While Kynette provides her services in northern Indiana, she will share who to reach out to in other parts of the country.  Again, in this segment, we’ll share why you shouldn't "go it alone" in caregiving, and who you can reach out to.  In just 30 minutes, you will walk away with a terrific resource that you can tap into in the future
    During our show, you will be able to submit your questions for Kynette via the web chat or our call-in number. Let’s kick off February right … with a lively and informative discussion.  Your call-in questions are welcome. Thank you! Dale Carter, Transition Aging Parents (For more info about Kynette and her services: www.caringtransitions.net/mishawakain) (For those with aging loved ones, you will find more resources at my website:http://www.transitionagingparents.com/welcome/)

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    Downsizing... Help is on the Way!

    in Lifestyle

    I'm replaying one of my favorite episodes from 2013. Listen to my conversation with Carol Peoples-Proctor as she shares some helpful information in the downsizing process for assisting older adults and their families. Awesome Interview!

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    Downsizing Design- Compassion and Family Impact Part 2

    in Caregiving

    Beyond the years of "stuff" jammed in the closets, families and loved ones take on the impact of downsizing design and going through the process.  Even the word "downsizing" can impact negatively on the senior in the process of the mindset change needed to do this. Join us for this discussion of the nuts and bolts of making downsizing design easier for everyone in the family.

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    Downsizing and Decluttering as Steps Toward a Sustainable Lifestyle

    in Environment

    Sometimes the answer isn’t more time or more space—it’s less stuff. But how do you begin to sort out everything that has accumulated over the years? And how do you keep from accumulating more?

    Host Kathy Sipple speaks with Marianne Beal Peters, the author of "Declutter for Good: Share Your Stuff & Reclaim Your Life, a book that will inspire you to rid yourself of the possessions that are clogging up your plans, goals and dreams so you can pass them along to those who could use them. 

    The owner at Fresh Words, Marianne writes on a variety of topics and contributes to several publications, specializing in sustainability and gardening topics. Marianne lives with her husband and two teenage daughters in Plymouth, Indiana. They recently downsized, giving away three-quarters of their possessions to move into an 85-year-old house where she's trying to establish an organic urban garden without doing permanent damage to her body or mind. When she has a free moment, she likes to sneak outside and pull weeds.