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    Dorian Missick Talks Lenox Avenue

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    Dorian Missick star of the SyFy Channel series HAVEN talks to I Am So Not Hollywood Radio about his exciting new webseries LENOX AVENUE!

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    Rodney Perry Live - Episode #64 - Dorian Missick

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    This week on Rodney Perry Live Rodney will chat with Actor Dorian Missick. Missick is currently on TnT's #1 cop drama, "Southland" alongside Regina King as her partner Det. Ruben Robinson which has been renewed for a 5th season. Recently Missick joined the cast of SyFy's HAVEN and currently filming in Nova Scotia for Season 3. He landed the recurring role of Tommy Bowen, a no nonsense Boston Detective whose investigation of a serial killer brings him to the strange town.
    Missick is back and forth to NYC shooting the indie film “BIG WORDS” in the title role opposite YaYa DaCosta and Gbenga Akinnagbe.  
    This renaissance man is an established DJ, devout Christian and newly married.  He’s a sports fanatic, athletic, mentor to young boys in South Central Los Angeles, fashionable and opinionated.With a thriving career and passion for music. Tune in on 6/18 at 2pm EST to learn more about Dorian Missick.Rodney Perry Live is a show consisting of all arts and entertainment. Everything from comedy and politics to music and acting. Rodney covers it all with a comedic slant. Tune in each and every Monday at 2pm EST www.blogtalkradio.com/rodneyperrylive to check out "Rodney Perry Live" on internet radio: Call in number: (718) 305-6383.

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    EQUALITY UPDATES 71: DORIAN BEACH & a Sober Life; Equality, and MUCH MORE!

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    Good morning!

    On today's broadcast:  

    Join me as I speak with my dear friend, and colleague, Dorian Beach, about her battle with managing addiction(s), finding her center, coming out on the other side, and learning how to live; This week in Marriage Equality; US federal government will recognize same-sex marriage in seven additional states; One couple and an Indiana dream come true; Arizona and Wyoming decide to pull the plug on equality opposition; The Vatican does selective editing on pro-gay statement; Glass ceiling for Women just got a bit thinner in Canada; and so much more!

    JOIN US!  

    That's Sunday, October 19th, 2014 at 11:30AM (ET)/8:30 (PT)! on Equality Updates with Marcinho Savant !  I find it baffling that human beings are unable, and unwilling, to remember to love one another, and to "do unto others, as we would have them do unto us", in today's world. and, as usual, we welcome your calls, thoughts, and opinions!  Be sure to call in at : (760) 283-5125!!!

    Join us!  That's today, 10/19/14, at 11:30AM (ET)/8:30 (PT)!  Exclusively on #blogtalkradio! 

    DISCLAIMER: The views expressed by the guests on this broadcast are theirs alone, and do not, necessarily, reflect those of the Equality Updates with Marcinho Savant broadcast, its host, staff, sponsors or any other person or party, directly, or peripherally, involved with this program.

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    The P. Missick Encouraging Show #28/ You Want Mental Healing

    in Spirituality

    Are you tired of being confused? A lot of things borther you and cause you to say things you really don't want to say and do things you really don't want to do. Of course, you are tired of spending big money on going to doctors and asking them to solve your probelms. As a matter of fact, you can not develop friendships because the people think you are crazy. Nobody wants to spend to much time with a depressed person who has no knowledge of where they are going and how they are going to get there. Nobody wants to be around people who drag them down in their thinking. It is time for a change. It is time to be in your right mind. It is time to stand up and face yourself and some of your most fearful enemies. Step out of the box of fear and live bountifully and rejoice in the victory of life. Change your thinking pattern and be happy.

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    The P. Missick Encouraging Show #26/ Overcome Loneliness

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever felt lonely? How did you feel when you felt lonely? Loneliness is a terrible way to feel. Sometimes you feel like you can't do anything about it. You feel you are in a situation that you can't get out. You can have many people around you and  still feel lonely. You feel uncertain about tomorrow. Join the club. Many people feel that same way. Let me put a smile on your face. You have the power to overcome your loneliness without even leaving the house.

    I am excited about this information because many people feel they can not live in the a world of loneliness because it is too painful. I just want to encourage you and show you ways to overcome that nightmare of loneliness. I will leave it up to you to tap in on the information that I will share with you so that you will not have to be overcomed by loneliness but you will overcome it with prosperous livin.

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    Ian Corrigan

    in Spirituality

    Renowned Magic man, Author and all around Renaissance man will be joining us once again, with a possible appearance by his lovely wife. He will be talking about the formal launch of the Tredara Center as well as laying down some knowledge as usual!

    Please visit Ian's links,






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    Pagan Politics

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    Taliesin Govannon joins us for his monthly Pagan Pundit chat. Come join in!



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    Free Night

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    We will be having a short free night in the after bloat of the kickoff of the most chaotic holiday grouping of the year. We wish you a safe and happy one!

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    Getting to know Author Dorian Grey

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    Discussion with Author Dorian Grey about his debut novel Gorilla Mob.

    Gorilla Mob

    Two lovers, Smoke and Naja, are pushed to their breaking point when it becomes painfully clear that one of them has a secret. Smoke is also one quarter of a ruthless criminal outfit who call themselves the Gorilla Mob. Drug dealing, robbery, and shootouts are all just another day in the life for Smoke and his crew…until their supplier, Bones, gives them an opportunity to add “guns for hire” to their repertoire for a bounty that surpasses any payday they’ve seen thus far. 
    Scenes that are brimming with action, detail, and unforgettable characters are what make this tale jump directly off the page for the reader. Gorilla Mob is a harrowing glimpse into the underworld of street culture that will not be soon forgotten. 

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    FerguSON, Your SON or My SON ~ Injustice Against Just ~ US!

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    he shooting of Michael Brown occurred on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Brown, an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, 28, a white police officer. The disputed circumstances of the shooting and the resultant protests and civil unrest received considerable attention in the United States and abroad, and have sparked debate about Use of Force Doctrine in Missouri.

    Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson were walking down the middle of the street when Wilson drove up and told them to move to the sidewalk. Brown and Wilson struggled through the window of the police vehicle until Wilson's gun was fired as a result of the struggle. Brown and Johnson then fled in different directions, with Wilson in pursuit of Brown. Wilson shot Brown six times, killing him. Witness reports differ as to whether and when Brown had his hands raised, and whether he was moving toward Wilson, when the final shots were fired.

    Tune in and Call in Let Your Voice Be Heard

    Call in number ~1 {347) 327-9305

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    The P. Missick Encouraging Show #25/ Overcome Your Negative Self-Defeating Talk

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        Don't you get tired of hearing your own inner voice saying things to you like: (a) nobody loves me,  (b) I'm  never going to get there, (c) I'm not beautiful or handsome, (d) I'm so ugly, (e) I can't do it, (f) nobody really likes me, (g) I'm not creative (h) I'm not that educated, (g) I feel so small, (h) I feel so stupid, (I) I wish I could do better, (j) I'm to old, (k) I'm afraid to take a chance, (L) I'm to sick to do it, (m) I'm afraid of everything, (m) I feel sorry for myself, (n) why was I born, (o) I'm afraid I will fail, (p) I'm afraid they won't accept me, (q) nobody wants me around, and (r) I wish I was dead.

       There are many and many varied negative thoughts that enter into the mind. I just mentioned a few negative thoughts. It is almost impossible to keep negative thoughts out of the mind. However, it can be possible to put some positive thoughts in the mind. The positive thoughts will replace the negative thoughts but you need to have the power to tread on those negative thoughts as if they were never there. I will show you some steps you can take to see just how to end those negative thoughts and give you power within your spirit to do it with victory!


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