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    Podcast 448 – Andrew Davis

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    Andrew Davis. How will millennials change the political process? To find out, my favorite millennial Andrew Davis joins the podcast. He’s working on a new way to use television to examine issues, called The Millennial Project. So, in this very personal podcast, some history about the way father and son have interacted over the years on […] Read more

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    Ronald A. Edwards on BlogTalkRadio -Don Allen returns in Feb.

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    Join Mr. Edwards has he takes listeners on a detailed history lesson that only he can give. Phone lines are not open, th show is live. 

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    HWD - Episode 2 - Grave in the Garden - Pastor Herbert Wallace Davis

    in Spirituality

    HWD -Episode 2 - Grave in the Garden Pastor Herbert Wallace Davis

    Recorded 11-30-1980 at Sylvan Hills Church of God

    Special Thanks to Uncle Mike Davis for supplying the Audio

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    HWD - Episode 1 - Endowment of Power - Pastor HW Davis

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    HWD - Episode 1 - Endowment of Power

    Pastor HW Davis

    Recorded 1-10-1980 - Sun AM Service

    Special Thanks to Uncle Michael Davis for this Audio

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live - Emotional Intensity In your life

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    On The Don S. McClure Show Live tonight – Your Emotional Intensity
    At this time in your life, there is a larger amount of emotional intensity that you normally don’t have -- and you welcome this. Even challenging experiences can have their own satisfaction because you connect with them so deeply. 
    Your inner senses are awakened. Everything from love to fear is a learning experience at this point.  
    Your relationships provide you with wonderful chances to grow and improve. 
    And that's exactly what you love about them. 

    Enjoy this impassioned experience of life, for now, you have gained the wisdom to complete your life task.
    Your search for answers on how to cope has been realized once you examine your strengths. 
    You are the conqueror of your dreams, desires and your destiny.
    The conquest is yours.

    Featured song tracks, Spoken Word: Poems by Walter Benton, born 1907- Died 1976

    Your words are born not spoken, I shall Wish for you, Remembering However when we could be warm together.                  

    This is how I learned the beauty of poetry alongside the films I enjoyed. Filled with romance, adventure, and courage.

    I learned a man could be a soldier and possess the knowledge of art and beauty. 

    Renowned American Author Don S. McClure

    Paying honor to an music Icon: Maurice White: Co/Founder Earth Wind and Fire: Died at thge age of 74

    Featured Film Pick Heist: Staring; (Robert De Niro) (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) (Dave Bautista) (Morris Chestnut).(Gina Carano).(Kate Bosworth) The ending is amazing and one direction you won't see coming. 

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live - The Pursuit of bringing jazz to the air waves

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live - The Pursuit of bringing Jazz and building stronger networks

    Tonight’s: Topic The Pursuit of Jazz Our special extended show will take a look at the music of Jazz. Audio Recording by from Billie Taylor so this is jazz and interpretations from those who played and created jazz to those who study the history of jazz from the BBC perspective.  

    I grew up in a home with older brothers who loved the music of jazz, and I became aware of many names like Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Stan Gets, Monk and Dakota Staton, Kenny Burrell and Joe Sample just to name a few and of course Louis Armstrong. But there were many others my older brothers introduced me because they played in a jazz group themselves. My older brother Marvin played in his own Jazz group and made a recording of Fly me to the Moon. My Brother Roland also played Jazz while he created many of his artist drawing and while he entertained many of his friends in our home.  My mother and father loved Louis Armstrong and Sarah Vaugh but my favorite singer was Dakota Staton and Nancy Wilson as I grew up hearing the music of Jazz.

    The audios are part one of The History of Jazz and part two the BBC look at Jazz and Louis Armstrong.

    Research by Renowned American Author Don S. McClure for tonight’s program; Guest Interview: Wes Smooth

    Owner and founder of a new Internet Jazz Station Featuring a candid conversation with owner and CEO, Wes Smooth, of Twin Cities Radio Network

    Featured Song Tracks by Dakota Staton and Keiko Matsui born in Tokyo, Japan as Keiko Doi, she is a Japanese keyboardist and composer, specializing in smooth jazz, jazz fusion and new-age music, and the music of Peter White and Donald Byrd Chant 1963 Born 1932 Detroit Died Feb 4, 2013 passed at the age of 81 

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

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    Governor cuomo proposed using his budget surplus to fund a $154 Billion dollars spending plan that includes $2.1 billion increase in school funding, and the legacy building construction projects.  But what about those who are hungry and unemployed? He states that he has kept state spending under a 2 percent cap, which allows him now go wild. He is cashing in on $9.3 billion in Federal aid and much $$$ Sandy revenue. He stated he would authorize mixed martial arts matches in the state as a tax revenue producer. He underscored his announcement proposing billions in overhauling Penn Station, A third rail for the long Island Railroad and a possible tunnel from Long Island to Westchester, the Bronx, or Connecticut, a billion on Jacob Javits changes, and still no word on increased tolls on the Tappanzee Bridge.  I guess he wants to be another Trump.  Tune in a hear all about it on blogtalkradio.com /don-durant 

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

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    How many time can we allow a comparison of armed takeover of government property and no responsive action from the government and we watch as the Terrorists are emboldened by their ability to get away with these criminal acts. Young Black men are shot down in cold blood by authority figures and no action is taken.  

    Ted Cruz is running for the Presidency of the U.S. and only turned in his Canadian Birth Certificate three years ago to run for the U.S. Senate.  Tune to blogtalkradio.com /don-durant  or listen in on your phone when we are live on air.

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    Living,Caring, Learning and Sharing /DON DURANT

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    Many say the reason for mass immigration is because of teh murders and abuse in so many countries. DHS is undertaking a major effort to deport many of the immigrants who came here and did not show for their court cases.

    Our laws are small and large and each should be obeyed with the same devotion.  Kim Davis, with Marriage licenses, and Arron Schok, former Congressman, stealing Campaign funds to vacation and club, as well as to decorate his office in Downton Abby style.  To listen in on your phone while we are live on air: 718-305-6322  or click on: blogtalkradio.com /don-durant

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    Special Update from Omega Man - Shannon Ray Davis - 1-26-2016

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    Special Update from Omega Man - Shannon Ray Davis - 1-26-2016

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live Creating a Lasting Memory for Life.

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live - Creating a Lasting Memory for Life. 

    Will you create a lasting memory in life?  

    Like a painting or such piece of art, or something that makes people say they were glad you were born in their time on earth. Will you leave a lasting memory by becoming someone's lasting love in their heart forever or create some busines or enterprise that brings joy and substance to others and their families. Will you become that inspirational leader by chance becaue of your beliefs. And will you make others say the world is a better place because you were in it. And last but note lease will your name be carried down through the ages. Your words from some speech or just your writings in your personal diary and once found, others find something amazing about your life to encourage them to believe in self.

    Our featured film title is "THE LONG RUN" Actress: Nthati Moshesh - Featured Character: Christine Moyo

    The Comrades Marathon is a 90-k race in South Africa. An aging running coach, Barry, wants to field a winner; he's working with four men from a factory, but when he's fired to make way for a smooth, corporate type, he's at loose ends. He sees Christine, a Namibian immigrant who runs to forget her troubles. He offers to coach her.

    Photo of Nthati Moshesh in The Long Run (2001) 

    The Comrades Marathon is a 90-k race in South Africa. 

    The longest run in the world.

    Research by Renowned American Author Don S. McClure

    For jazz lovers: Featuring The Eva Cassidy Story: 

    Live at Blues Alley is an album by American singer Eva Cassidy, It is the final album by Cassidy before her death. 

    Featured Recording Artist Wendy Moten Featuring Forever yours.