• Live from Taiji - Dolphin Alerts and Report

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    **Show Time 11:00PM EST - 8:00PM PDT -  12noon JP **

    Tonight we will be speaking live with Cove Monitors from Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project.. Please listen and learn about Taiji and the challenges a cove monitor faces at the Cove in Japan.  Cove Monitors Terran Vicent Baylor and Tim Burns, from Ecojoia are the scheduled guest. Come and join us nightly for some updates and questions and answer session.

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    Interview with Vicki Kiely - Dolphin Project Monitor in Taiji, Japan.

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    Come and chat with Vicki Kiely and Terran Vincent Baylor. Vicki just landed in Taiji a few days back and this is her second time as a Cove monitor for Dolphin Project. Vicki lives in Phuket, Thailand and she will be able to give us some background information about the new aquarium that wants to open in Thailand.

    Vicki's roots are from Ireland and she is a drama and voice teacher  in Hong Kong, she had her own performing arts school there. Moved back to Thailand with my her kids in August and studying  "Marine Sciences".

    Don't miss out on this great opportunity to talk to Cove Monitors that are our "Boots on the Ground in Taiji".

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    Live from Taiji - Dolphin Alerts and Report

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    **Show Time 11:00PM EST - 8:00PM PDT -  12noon JP **

    Tonight we will be speaking live with Cove Monitors from Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project.. Please listen and learn about Taiji and the challenges a cove monitor faces at the Cove in Japan.  Cove Monitors Terran Vicent Baylor and Tim Burns, from Ecojoia are the scheduled guest. Come and join us nightly for some updates and questions and answer session.

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    Karla Sanjur reporting live from Taiji, Japan

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    Karla Sanjur, Cove Monitor from Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project will be giving us an update about Angel the white albino dolphin. As the 1 year in captivity anniversary of this young albino dolphin. Sanjur visited Angel at the Taiji Whale Museum along with Ric O'Barry.

    Sanjur will also give us updates and relate to us the past two days she has spent in Taiji, Japn.

    Come and join us and call in and speak with Karla Sanjur. Once the radio show starts a Skype logo will appear, its a skype to listen and talk. Or, Call in to speak with the host and guest at (424) 675-8287


    Don't miss this show!

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    Report from Taiji with Cove Monitors Cynthia Fernandez and Vicki Kiely

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    Call in and speak to Cynthia Fernandez and Vickie Kiely are Cove Monitors for http://dolphinproject.net/ The Ric O'Barry Dolphin Project. Cynthia is from the USA and Vickie Kiely is from Thailand and both are teachers.

    Today a pod of Rissos Dolphins were slaughtered in Taiji, Japan. A small pod of Rissos dolphins were brought into the cove. Listen to Cove Monitors Cynthia Fernandez and Vicki Kiely. They were on the beach when the Rissos trying to escape swam past the net!

    Correction: Vicki Kiely lives in Thailand not in Taiji.

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    Gecko Phuket students report as mini-cove monitors from the Cove in Taiji, Japan

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    From the Phuket TV "Students from the Gecko School in Thalang undertook a stupendous challenge recently - a 100 kilometer cycle trip to the JW Marriott in Khao Lak. The adventure was organized to help raise funds to pay for the students to visit Taiji in Japan, home of the notorious Cove - where hundreds of dolphins are slaughtered each year. The group heading to Khao Lak were joined by dozens more on the first 20 kilometer section of the ride - from the school to the JW Marriott Phuket, where they were met by GM Oriol Montal and CSR director Sean Panton, who were eager to introduce them to another ecological endeavor - a new turtle shelter at the resort." See more at: http://www.phuketgazette.net/tv/Phuket-People/Phuket-kids-ride-dolphins-dig-turtles-video/11773#sthash.m32mEOFO.dpuf


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    Dr. Barbara Maas - Voice for the last 50 Maui dolphins

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    NABU International’s Head of International Species Conservation Dr. Barbara Maas will be our special guest. Dr. Maas and world's marine mammal scientists urge immediate action. Under current protection levels, Maui’s dolphins will become practically extinct by 2030 as a result of fishing.

    In a letter to New Zealand’s Prime Minister, the Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) urges the government to ban gillnets and trawling in Maui’s dolphin habitat immediately to avoid their extinction. With a membership of some 2,000 scientists from 60 countries, the SMM is the world's largest professional body dedicated to research on marine mammals and the ecosystems that support them. The letter highlights that fishing nets alone kill about nine percent of an estimated population of 55 individuals over one year of age, which will render Maui’s dolphins virtually extinct in less than 20 years.

    Barbara took up the position as Head of International Species Conservation for NABU International in 2009. Her current conservation work includes snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan, tigers in India, elephants in Africa, lions in Tanzania’s Serengeti, and Hector’s & Maui’s dolphins in New Zealand.

    She was appointed Secretary for the International Buddhist Confederation’s (IBC) Standing Committee on Environment and Conservation in 2013.

    On October 30th Dr Barbara Maas and Maui's dolphin expert Dr Liz Slooten from the New Zealand's University of Otago hand over petitions signed by 150,000 concerned people from around the world.

    Extinction is forever, once they are gone the species cannot be brought back.

    Please sign the petition: http://www.change.org/p/save-maui-s-dolphins-from-extinction

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    Interview with Nathan Vandenbroek - Blackfish Racing

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    Nathan Vandenbroek is a multi-sport activist who races to raise awareness about marine mammal captivity, the Taiji dolphin slaughter in Japan, and ocean preservation. He raced in the Louisville Ironman this past August dedicating that race to the Taiji, Japan dolphins that are slaughtered every year starting September 1st. After seeing the movie “Blackfish” and “The Cove”, Nathan and his wife started Blackfish Racing which promotes three non-profit organizations, OPS Oceanic Preservation Society, Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project, and The Orca Network. Growing up in Washington state on Whidbey Island, Nathan’s roots are closely tied to the ocean and the Puget Sound area. He will be dedicating the 70.3 Ironman Miami race to the orca known as Lolita who was kidnapped from the Puget Sound area 44 years ago and has been held captive in the smallest tank in North America at the Miami Seaquarium. Blackfish Racing hopes that someday soon Lolita will be returned to her family that still resides in the waters where she was kidnapped. For more information on Lolita please check out www.orcanetwork.org and www.savelolita.org  and www.dolphinproject.net


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    Interview with Ric O'Barry, Star of The Cove Documentary

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    ***SHOW TIME - 12PM (NOON) EDT** 

    Ric O’Barry’s mission is to put an end to dolphin exploitation and slaughter once and for all. Dolphins are regularly captured, harassed, slaughtered and sold into captivity around the world – all in the name of profit. The Dolphin Project was founded In 1970, a group that aims to educate the public about captivity and, where feasible, free captive dolphins. O'Barry works not only to halt these slaughters in countries around the world, but also to rehabilitate captive dolphins, investigate and advocate for economic alternatives to dolphin slaughter exploitation, and to put a permanent end to dolphin captivity. 

    The Dolphin Project has achieved many important victories for dolphins over the years. We brought the world’s attention to brutal drive hunts taking place along the coast of Japan, as seen in the 2009 Academy Award-winning feature documentary “The Cove,” ; we successfully negotiated for an end to dolphin slaughter in the Solomon Islands; we and we continue to raise awareness that captivity is cruel. 

    Ric O’Barry has been working towards there goals for over 40 years, and he continues his quest to put an end to dolphin suffering. Be sure to stay tuned for information on how you can get involved and make a difference. 

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    Animal Communicator, Jon Soeder Discusses The Dolphin Slaughter

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    Dolphin hunting has begun again in Japan. The world is and has been outraged due to the massive slaughter of dolphin beings in Taiji, Japan. Is this a necessary cultural practice? Do humans truly benefit from dolphin meat? What benefits do marine parks gain? In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to animal communicator, Jon Soeder, best-selling author of True Tails, about his exciting work with marine life and how people can get involved. Stay tuned! Today's show is brought to you by Eden Foods the most trusted name in certified organic clean food! Shop online at EdenFoods.com and enter the coupon code “ORGVIEW” when prompted during checkout to receive 20% OFF any regularly priced items (excluding cases). For other promotional offers, please visit TheOrganicView.com’s website.

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    Interview with Takayo a Japanese activist

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    Takayo was deeply moved upon seeing the plight of the dolphins in Taiji when viewing the Academy Award-winning documentary, "The Cove." Since then she has dedicated her life to saving these and other precious creatures. Takayo has done extensive research on the destruction of sea life and established "One Ocean, One Breath,"   an organization dedicated to protecting aquatic animals. She has worked tirelessly investigating the illegal sale of whale and dolphin meat in Japan, and has been in constant contact with numerous Taiji officials. Takayo has been chosen to be a representative for Japan at the upcoming Asia Animal Conference. The purpose of this coalition is to have united power to lobby the various organizations and governments that deal with captive dolphins.Takayo has received support from all over the world and is eager to spread the message far beyond Japan."

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