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    Athletes Running for Dolphin Freedom

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    Show time is 11pm EST.
    Shannon Richards, a  triathlete  and she says it is her calling to raise awareness for Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project. Her next event is https://www.flatironsevents.com/members/fundraising?id=18857 So far she's raised $50.00. This is Shannon Richards 2nd event for dolphin. She also just recently competed and completed Ironman Texas!

    Her name is Jennifer Wolf song and she is a marathon runner. Jennifer just finished the Mt. Hood 50-Miles she ran and finished with the dolphins on her mind. Wolfsong successfully ran 100km in Sept 2012 and raised more than $3,000 for Save Japan Dolphins.   https://www.crowdrise.com/sjdevents/fundraiser/jenniferwolfsong

    Come and join the Radio show and speak to two wonderful ladies trying to make a difference and inspiring others.



  • Conversations with Sierra Goodman from "Divine Dolphin" & Author Cyndie Lepori

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    Dolphin talk Radio is back with a bigger and brighter shows! Sierra Goodman,  a woman who truly follows and lives her dreams. From her ocean front rainforest property on Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula — known as the most biologically-intense place on Earth, both on land and at sea — Sierra inspires thousands of people daily with her unique insight, clarity, wisdom and humor through her Facebook page, blog and contributions to books, articles, websites, and interviews.Sierra has inspired thousands of people all over the world by sharing her own unique insights with the clarity, wisdom and humor she has gained along her spiritual path and from her adventures living in the Coast Rican rainforest surrounded by her beloved dolphins, whales and all of nature. http://www.oceansofinspiration.com Watch a clip of wild spinner dolphins: https://vimeo.com/128489796.

    Cyndie Lepori "As a Teacher, Lepori, Speaker, Channel, and Book Author of Billy and Bubbles the Dolphin, is an early school age version, and the latest in the series of Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker books.  Dolphin Emissary Author of Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker  (ages 10 and up),  Bubbles the Dolphin(ages 0 to 6), and Billy and Bubbles (ages 6 to 10) Collaborating Author of the Bestseller:  *Dolphins and Whales Forever* www.dolphinhugs4u2.net *Honored Member, Worldwide Who's Who (Inducted March 2013)*

    You don't want to miss this show!

  • Live from Taiji - Dolphin Alerts and Report

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    **Show Time 11:00PM EST - 8:00PM PDT -  12noon JP **

    Tonight we will be speaking live with Cove Monitors from Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project.. Please listen and learn about Taiji and the challenges a cove monitor faces at the Cove in Japan.  Cove Monitors Terran Vicent Baylor and Tim Burns, from Ecojoia are the scheduled guest. Come and join us nightly for some updates and questions and answer session.

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    Interview with Vicki Kiely - Dolphin Project Monitor in Taiji, Japan.

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    Come and chat with Vicki Kiely and Terran Vincent Baylor. Vicki just landed in Taiji a few days back and this is her second time as a Cove monitor for Dolphin Project. Vicki lives in Phuket, Thailand and she will be able to give us some background information about the new aquarium that wants to open in Thailand.

    Vicki's roots are from Ireland and she is a drama and voice teacher  in Hong Kong, she had her own performing arts school there. Moved back to Thailand with my her kids in August and studying  "Marine Sciences".

    Don't miss out on this great opportunity to talk to Cove Monitors that are our "Boots on the Ground in Taiji".

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    Live from Taiji - Dolphin Alerts and Report

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    **Show Time 11:00PM EST - 8:00PM PDT -  12noon JP **

    Tonight we will be speaking live with Cove Monitors from Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project.. Please listen and learn about Taiji and the challenges a cove monitor faces at the Cove in Japan.  Cove Monitors Terran Vicent Baylor and Tim Burns, from Ecojoia are the scheduled guest. Come and join us nightly for some updates and questions and answer session.

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    AEN POP Radio - Interview with Trish of Dolphin And Whale Retreats

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    TRISH AND DOUG have been married in spiritual partnership since 1992. They founded Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii in 1994 when they experienced a dramatic spiritual calling to "jump off the cliff," leave their professional lives behind and come to Hawaii to work with the wild dolphins. Since that time, they have conducted spiritually transformative dolphin-swim seminars/retreats in Kona. They also facilitate whale swim retreats in the magical waters of Tonga and Mastery Retreats in Mt. Shasta, California. In addition, for seven years they worked very closely with world renowned dolphin researcher and author, Joan Ocean.

    Trish's blog includes fascinating stories of her experiences with dolphins and whales, amazing photographic phenomena, stories of inspiration and deep wisdom.www.trishregan.com

    They bring to this visionary work a deep connection with the dolphins, whales and many Beings of Light and seek to assist in empowering you to find the core of Being from which your highest potential, lasting joy and spiritual illumination expands.

    Trish & Doug have traveled internationally, bringing workshops such as Essential Joy, Sacred Partnership, Dolphin Essence Experience, Empowering Magnificence and Be the Vision to many seekers of Light.

    "We would love to meet you in person and introduce you to the life-changing, wondrous dolphin and whale experience. Please come and join us here in paradise for the adventure of your life!"

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    Vicki Kiely, Singer, Songwriter extraordinaire and her latest release "Mercy"

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    Vicki comes from a musical family, where singing and playing instruments was very much a part of her upbringing. From an Irish family; but born and raised in Canada; her culture was nurtured in her by her fathers love of singing and playing guitar to her from birth. Rebel songs to Rolling Stones to The Beatles were all on the usual set list.
    Vicki had voice coaching and was part of her school choir from the get go, then she picked up a guitar when she was 13. This was the start of her passion. Playing at school, and writing songs even back then. Her biggest regret is not concentrating as devotedly to perfecting her guitarmanship as she did her vocal skills. 

    Get to know her!  Vicki is an animal rights activist, and a Cove Monitor for The Ric O'Barry Dolphin Project. She goes to Taiji, Japan, to document and share with the rest of the world the slaughter and capture of 1000s of dolphins every year. She trains new Cove Monitors there, and also runs a very special program for children who want to speak out for and protect dolphins.  Please find out more atwww.dolphinproject.net

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    Ric O'Barry speaks about WAZA, China and their captive facilities

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    Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project was delighted to learn recently that after years of international pressure, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) had finally suspended JAZA as a member of its organization. We are ecstatic to announce that further to WAZA’s move, the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums has decided to finally stop sourcing dolphins from the inhumane hunts in Taiji.

    On April 22 this year, the 46th World Earth Day, the screen on the Beijing Book Building multi-purpose hall was playing some shocking images: A few fishermen were dragging some dolphins onto a boat, and a dolphin was leaping for the last time in the blood-red cove… This was immediately followed by the launch of the book The Cove (Dolphin Bay) by Zhonghua Book Company in Beijing.

    Mark your calendars and call in to speak with Ric O'Barry.


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    Danielle Daals Takes the "Living Like Lolita in a Bathtub" challenge.

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    Danielle writes,  "In February 2016 I will be leaving my family for the first time ever and travelling half way round the world to Miami to spend 30 days in a bath tub outside Miami Seaquarium in the hope it will bring worldwide attention to Lolita’s suffering. Upon my arrival I will be met by Animal Activists Network who will be hosting me and supporting me with everything I need for this event. During this challenge I will be simulating Lolita’s life as much as I can. I will experience the same feelings of captivity, separation from my family, boredom and stress that Lolita has had to endure every day for the last 45 years!
    After doing all I could for Lolita from the comfort of my own home I still had this overwhelming need to do more for her. It’s a feeling I find hard to describe to other people but signing petitions and emailing letters to Palace Entertainment just weren’t cutting it! I had this lump in my throat when I would think of her and her awful capture, what she must be feeling and what her family went through! Some people would say that’s anthropomorphism (the attribution of human traits, emotions and intentions to non-human entities) but I call it empathy and compassion for another living being. To try and overcome this need I eventually came up with the idea to live in a bath tub for a month. I got the idea from some PETA activists who spent a day in a bath for a demonstration as well as from every captive cetacean demonstration I had seen online, as they all had the analogy of an orca or dolphin in a bath tub. I knew it would have to be longer than a day so as to gain as much attention for Lolita as possible. I came up with a month (30days) as it was an even number and sounded better than a few weeks.
    The hardest part about doing this is that I will be leaving behind my husband and two year old son. 

    Please follow Facebook event page or  LivingLikeLolita.com


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    After the Ironman Race with Sam Berg, Kevin Meddleton & Nathan Vanderbroek

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    Come and join us and speak with Samantha Berg, Kevin Meddleton, and Nathan Vandenbroek as they Race for TILLY. Blackfish Racing Team bringing awareness to the plight of the captive orcas. They will be speaking with Dolphin Talk Radio about their experience and challenges they met and their inspiration to 'Race for Tillikum' the orca held captive at SeaWorld.

    You don't want to miss this show. You can call our Radio show at (424) 675-8287 and speak to our host and guest.

    You can also purchase the racing T's and gear from our sponsor EcoJoia, at EcoJoia.com