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  • Author, Miranda Parker

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    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    Let's Talk About Do You Believe in Divorce with Dyphia Blount & WGWIII

    in Lifestyle

    This episode we will discuss when you say your vows of marriage, are they forever?  What are some of the circumstances that just can't be worked out?  If your spouse continues to cheat on you, are they really the one that God meant you to be with and stay with?  What about verbal or mental abuse...would you try to work things out and pray that they will get better?  Does counseling always help?  What do you say?  Don't be afraid to join us and discuss your beliefs and why you feel so strongly about them.  Call into the show 929.477.1281 or click the link to listen.  You can set up a free BTR account and join the chat room to discuss as well.  Make sure you hit follow so you won't miss another show.  Thanks in advance!

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    Divorce Talk Ep. 13 Moving On After Divorce

    in Relationships

    Co-hosts Amanda Jarratt--Family Law Attorney and Certified Mediator--and Elvina Lui--Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist--talk about moving on after a divorce. Even if it is a peaceful divorce, a divorce is a loss and a change nonetheless, this episode discusses how to move on from the emotional impact of a divorce and start a new life, especially how to get back out there and start dating again.

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Sandy Miller of Revolutionizing Divorce

    in Relationships

    Edmonton, Alberta – There’s a grief process that accompanies divorce. You’re not only grieving the loss of your relationship, but also the person you were and the hope for the life you’d planned together.

    But sometimes we need something to rock our world in order to grow. According to professional life coach Sandy Miller, divorce can be a catalyst toward a revolution of self.

    “In the beginning of divorce it’s devastating,” says Sandy. “You feel overwhelmed. But you can start again. You can create a new normal.”

    Five years ago, Sandy went through her own transformational journey of divorce. Today, Sandy is the founder of Revolutionizing Divorce, a coaching practice dedicated to helping people understand the components of divorce and navigate their way through one of the most dramatic experiences of their lives.

    “I compare it to going through a tunnel with a little headlight on your head,” says Sandy. “You can’t see much but you know you’re eventually going to get through it. I have their best interests at heart and I help them break down the process into tiny manageable steps so it’s not overwhelming to them.”

    Sandy says her whole outlook on life is you either become “bitter or better.” The process of navigating your way through divorce can be broken down into three distinct phases: resolve, reclaim and rebuild.

    “To resolve is to understand that no amount of work is going to save the relationship. We can’t move on to the next phase, heal or move forward until we come to that internal resolve,” explains Sandy. “To reclaim is to reclaim who you are. What are your strengths? What have you always wanted to do? To rebuild is to feel a shift within yourself to finally create the life you want to live.”

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    Selfish Divorce Radio with Greg W Anderson Episode #8

    in Relationships

    Listen in to this special Sunday addition to the Selfish Divorce Radio.  

    The Death and Resurrection of The Selfish Divorce Radio has arrived.  Although the format of the show will remain the same where your host Greg W Anderson will cover main topics of divorce, rebuilding a beautiful life in the first half.  

    Then in the second half will cover one of the Core 4 areas of life and how if you are not working on all of them everyday you will never be able to reach your peak potential.

    In the new format Greg has vowed to stick to topics and discussions that follow these requirements.

    To Be Real!

    To Be Raw!

    To be Relevant!

    With a commitment to getting Results!


    This will be uncensored and unedited.

    Join him on a journey of self discovery and a pursuit of HAVING IT ALL.  

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    Divorce Talk Ep. 7 After You Have Decided to Divorce

    in Legal

    Amanda and Elvina talk about the early stages of a divorce--what do you do and what happens when you first decide that you want a divorce. 

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    Selfish Divorce Radio with Greg W Anderson Episode #5

    in Relationships



    Friend or Foe?

    This this episode we will discuss FEAR!!!

    Fear can be one of the most crippling subjects on the planet. If the topic is right you don’t even need to be in the same city or state or even country for you to hear a story and immediately be consumed by fear.

    The worst kind of fear is the kind we entrap ourselves with. Most of the time that thing we fear will happen is some fake or mythical fantasy we created in our own minds.

    I will also be covering how to use fear to recognize your something new is coming and how to prepare to used it to create empires! 

    The Core4 topic of the day is Being! Here we will be covering the second Mantra of the warrior Assent mediation practice and I may even talk more on Bryan Katie’s the work. 

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    Selfish Divorce Radio with Greg W Anderson Episode #4

    in Relationships

    Heartbreak and pain.


    In this episode I will be talking about getting over Heartbreak!  

    Recovering from heartbreak is the same as recovering from a broken arm. There is a process to it that you must know in order to heal your broken heart. These are also the same step someone with an addiction they want to recover from.  

    For the second part of the show we will be covering one of Core 4 areas that you must take on in order to take control of your life and become limitless. 

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    Divorce Talk Ep. 2 Conflict Resolution in Marriage & Divorce

    in Relationships

    Divorce Talk Episode 2
    Elvina and Amanda talk about conflict resolution within relationships and during the divorce process

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Catherine Abbott of Heal After Divorce

    in Motivation

    Vancouver, BC – Few life experiences compare to the emotional devastation of divorce. Many women find themselves stuck in their cycle of despair, but there are ways to move forward and to have an even better life after divorce.

    Catherine Abbott is the founder of Heal After Divorce, a coaching practice dedicated to supporting women to move forward with their lives after divorce.

    “Loss and grief are natural when coping with divorce or a relationship breakup,” says Catherine. “It is normal to have emotional suffering when someone you love leaves or even if you are the one initiating leaving the relationship.”

    Catherine was inspired to create Heal After Divorce following the dissolution of her marriage.

    “The ending of my marriage forced me to reconsider my life," says Catherine. "There were opportunities for me. I got to see myself in a new light. I decided it was important to support other women through this process so they can learn these techniques and find ways to express what they need to express in appropriate ways to move forward and heal.”

    Divorce can be extremely isolating. We all have friends and family we can talk to about our divorce, but of course we’ll only tell them certain things. Our deep, dark secrets are our own and they’re not as easy to share. As a coach, Catherine is there to support you to see there are ways to move forward.

    “The saddest thing is when I talk to a woman who has been divorced for 10 years and she’s still angry and still hurting,” says Catherine. “As soon as someone commits to wanting to change, that’s the first step, so I’m grateful to support other women on their journey.”

    For more information on Heal After Divorce, visit http://www.healafterdivorce.com

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    Divorce Talk Ep. 8 Infidelity

    in Family

    When your spouse doesn't tell you that they decided that this is an open marriage!--

    Amanda and Elvina talk about infidelity--who is to blame? is it a deal breaker that ends relationships right then and there?