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    MLB Central - History of the MLB

    in Baseball

    Tonight on MLB Central your host Benson Fechter will discuss the history of baseball. It's May 4th 2015, do you know what that means? 146 years ago Cincy played the first pro game and to celebrate we will dive into the history of the MLB. Fans remember you too can be a part of the show if you call in at (516) 666-9990 or enter our chatroom at www.blogtalkadio.com/mlbcentral

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    Fantasy Sports Rants with guest Wally Spurlin

    in Sports

    You watched it and we break it down, that's right the NFL Draft. Wally Spurlin @WaltonSpurlin  from Fantasy Sharks. He was also a top 5 IDP player ranker on fantasypros.com. We will dive in and talk fantasy implacations from the Draft.

    Join and as always on Mondays and check out Chris Heil and his work at @thegrizzlybeard and fantasysportsrants.com

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    Delivering a Dynamic Day: 3 ways to dive in

    in Self Help

    Radiant Family Life Radio Host: Lorilei

    facebook: Radiant Family Life Radio and podcat, or Inner Radiance of Family Life

    What makes a day Dynamic or dreary, even drudgery? How about invigorating? let's explore and entertain 3 ways to create a Dynamic and Invigorating Day.

    We will visualize with our daily walk-thru.  We will visit our Gratitude logs. And Reconnect with our hearts desire for our life.  We are in the right place, at the right time, for all good things. (unless we think we are not)

    see you then,

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    Names Of God Bible Study (Conclusion of Elohim Beginning Jehovah)

    in Religion

    Today we are going to dive into this book by Pastor Marilyn Hickey and get to know God in a deeper way in prayer and fellowship and this will birth a new dimension in relationship to him come out and join us below is information on the book.

    God is so vast that the heavens cannot contain Him, yet we can know Him better through His Biblical names. In The Names of God Marilyn Hickey explores 19 Hebrew names of God and shares how they are a pathway to deeper trust and intimacy in prayer and communion. Discover the treasures of God's truth waiting to be found in His many glorious names!

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    One- heart Messages with Robin- "Spirit is Back on the Air with As to Qs!"

    in Spirituality

    Hi Everyone

    Here we are once again- Its May 2015, and I am Robin Guayasamin-Salerno, the Host of "One-Heart Messages with Robin".  Our weekly online radio show is dedicated to the worlds of Spirit and Animal Wisdom.

    Tonight we are starting after a one-month break by answering many questions from students and clients I have received over the years- such as "Where do we go when we die?", and "Are animals really telepathic?"  We'll be discussing these and more, as well as inspirational messages from my own spirit guides and animal friends- AND I would love for you to dive in with us- If you have a question you would like to discuss-Please call in tonight at (646) 649-0027 and we'll share LIVE on the air!  Can't wait to hear from you all!!

    Robin Guyasamin-SAlerno is widely known in the Midwest US as a medium, animal intuitive and teacher of metaphysics.  She teaches classes in mediumship development and offers self-discovery and healing workshops with er horses at Innersongs, LLC., outside of Milwaukee, WI.  Robin is available for insightful, in- depth readins for your and/or your pets at (262) 501-4838, or by contacting Robin on her website, www.robinsalerno.com.


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    Apostates R US.

    in Religion

    Its been a few days since we last had a good old chat so lets enjoy ourselves with a few interesting thoughts about this vast galaxy we live in seen from the perspective of both the Bible and science.

    How long really is a creation day? The religions of the world vary on this subject so lets dive into this area and try and put reality into play.

    How about the process? When did the sun appear on the scene and when was the Earth created?

    Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 help here as does Job Chapter 38 verses 8 and 9.


    What is an Oligarchy?

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    Is a Little Debt Okay?

    in Finance

    In this episode I'll answer a listener question: "If you have a $4,000 loan at zero percent interest that will be paid off in 12 months, why spend $4,000 of your savings to get rid of a $333 payment?"  I've heard many variations of this question over the years.  It essentially boils down to this one: "Is a little debt okay?"  Debt is a dangerous thing and can spread like wild fire and eat up your personal wealth.  We'll dive into this in today's episode!

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    SupaFi Interview #2: Writer/Producer/Director Jack Thomas Smith!

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we Interview Award-Winning Filmaker Jack Thomas Smith!

    We talk about everything he wants us to know about his 2006 cult thriller: Disorder, and  his 2014 Disturbing Assembled Footage Film Infliction!

    We talk about everything it took for him to get these movie's to the public and also what it takes to be a filmaker for all of those who aspire to be one! 

    And of COURSE because we are ALL Nerds we dive into the subject of Horror AND if he has any Nerdy hobbies that we all can relate to! 

    Its Time To Get Real With Fiction! 

    Website: http://www.foxtrailproductions.com/#!


    Twitter: @disordermovie, @InflictionTapes

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    In The Pickle Barrel, today's host Dr. David Meola with A Different Perspective

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome to The Pickle Barrel, today Bill Pickle has taken the day off sitting in as your host is Dr. David Meola from American Patriot Radio.

    Hello everyone it’s Doc, glad you can join me on this May Day, as we dive into a little history about this day along with any other topics that might jump into my head along the way or that you the caller wants to discuss so come and join me with A Different Perspective.


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    Fantasy Slant ( 04.30.15) - NFL Draft Day 1 Recap

    in Sports

    Mike Clay and Jeff Ratcliffe are joined by PFF Fantasy staffers Scott Spratt ant Tyler Loechner to recap the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft. The guys debate Winston/Mariota and Gurley/Gordon, then dive into the six wide receivers selected in Round 1. How will this year's draft class fare for fantasy purposes?

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    NMEMINDZ: Psy-ops, The Pre-lude to Global population Control pt2

    in Education

    Please join Professor Griff and ZaZa Ali tonight, Thursday April 30th as we dive into the fiasco in Baltimore and the killing of Freddie Gray. Remember when Martial Law was merely a conspiracy theory? Well we're living it now. Should we even expect justice anymore, and what exactly does justice look like? Let's taka birds eye view into the Psy-ops taking place right in front of our eyes. 8pm EST / 5pm PST. Call in # 347-633-9644. Peace.