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    Episode 32 – Applied Logic, Skepticism, and Critical Thinking

    in Science

    Join us this week as we convene a round table discussion concerning extremely valuable concepts including logic, critical thinking, skepticism, the scientific method and how they can and should be applied to claims, evidence, and research. Understanding these concepts and how to apply them correctly to any number of situations can be extremely beneficial to various aspects of research and even rewarding on a daily basis. There are many individuals that claim to be skeptical, logical, rational, scientific, etc but we’ll take an in-depth look at what these concepts and terms actually entail in order to determine if those claims are founded and sound, on either end of the proverbial spectrum. We’ll be taking calls throughout the episode so please feel free to voice your views and even disagreements so that we can discuss the points and issues in a constructive, civil and positive way.

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    The Evangelical Can-Can - Part 1

    in Politics Conservative

    Rick Warren’s recently publicized comments concerning Roman Catholicism is generating a lot of discussion.  Warren has affirmed his affinity with Rome by seeking peace where there is no peace.

    However, it is not just Warren but is a complete surrender of Protestants.  What we are witnessing is the Evangelical Can-Can.  Evangelicals are flirting and fornicating in the religious brothels also called the synagogues of Satan.  Just like the Church of Thyatira in Revelation 2:20, the Lord has a few things against the modern Evangelical Church because she is allowing the whore Jezebel to teach and seduce the servants of God to commit fornication through the enticement of the Evangelical Can-Can.

    In this program we begin to set forth the truth concerning our separation and disagreements with Rome.  After 400 years many Protestants are ready to call off their protest but we cannot lest we deny Christ and the Gospel.  Therefore, we will continue to call the world to conformity to Christ and His Word and condemn those who seek appeasement.

    Help us in this fight of faith as we seek to stand firm for the faith once delivered unto the saints. Find out more at www.reformedholytrinity.org

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    Speak On It with R.W.Coolins - JaLi Interview and Current Events

    in Entertainment

    Up and coming artist JaLi will be stopping by to introduce his new single Give Up On Love. We will discuss his upcoming appearances and how he got started in the business.

    The Grand Jury decision about the Mike Brown case is in and we will discuss the outcome and the aftermath.

    And the burning question of the day is: Does looting and rioting justify our disagreements or take away from the situation at hand. Let's talk!

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    What are Human Rights? Who Should Have Them? PPTS November 23, 2014

    in Politics Progressive

    UNDHR and ECHR will be discussed. Please come with your understandings, agreements and/or disagreements with these concept documents, as a basis for a truly democratic discussion.

    I will also pose a question for our President: If the protection/pathway to integration of Immigrants is a good thing for citizenship in our land, why is it not a good thing to hold our corporate citizens to the same standards? 

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    Why do my Child/Children have to suffer? "Caught in the Middle"

    in Parents

    Negative emotions spill over to relationships with children. Anger in one relationship will be a stimulus for anger and irritability in other close relationships. When parents argue with each other, they are more likely to become angry, irritating or controlling toward their children. 

    By paying close attention to their parents’ conflict, a son or daughter becomes more sensitive to their parents poor communication techniques toward him or her during disagreements. Teens’ perception of parental unfairness in discipline or logic compounds their anger and frustration when they feel frustrated in not getting their way or feel otherwise mistreated. Teens feel less secure and more anxious when they are aware that their parents aren’t getting along. They fear that one parent will leave the family to avoid the repetitive arguments. They also think friction with their parents is more personally threatening when they see their parents constantly fighting.

    High family conflict produces low self-esteem, worries about an uncertain future and poorer coping with stress. Chronic strife increases frustration, anxiety and depression. They may avoid being home, spend more time with their friends or even try using alcohol or drugs to keep from thinking about their quarreling parents. School performance also suffers. Children from high conflict homes have a harder time learning to control their emotions. They are more prone to anger and violence. They may use a high conflict style to resolve problems with their peers, siblings or later in life when they become parents themselves. 

     Family dynamics become really confused when parents seek allies among their children in the marital disputes.

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    Words: Lies or Myths “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Will Never

    in Self Help

    On today's show we will emplore the myth that “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Will Never Hurt Me” a familiar nursery rhyme sand as little children as we tried to cover up the power that words had upon us. We will look at the energy and power behind spoken words as well as unspoken words. Yes, orm your words to form your world!

    Words, disagreements, confrontations, disputes, difference of opinions, lyrics, verses, poetry, speeches, language, dialogues, communications (roads, transportation), discourse, vocalization, discussion, negotiations, verbal, unwritten

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    Why an Attorney is Important for Your Business

    in Current Events

    Our guest this morning is Patrick Maloney.

    A resident of Manhattan Beach, Patrick Maloney opened his own law firm, The Maloney Firm, APC, in the South Bay in 2012, after practicing for over a decade in a downtown Los Angeles firm. 

    Patrick has successfully represented businesses in employment matters, contract disputes, disagreements among business owners, intellectual property lawsuits and suits involving allegations of anti-competitive conduct.

    He graduated with honors from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1998.

    In 2012, Patrick received an AV rating from the Martindale Hubble, reflecting that his peers recognize him as having the highest of ethical standards and legal ability.

    This morning we’ll be discussing exactly why it’s so important for businesses to have an attorney.


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    On Family & a Discussion...

    in Politics

    Tonight join an Observer as we discuss treatment of family members under different circumstances, as well as a general discussion about the same.

    Your calls are welcome, but this will be a shorter program tonight. I'm exhausted.

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    Let's Not Be A Confused People

    in Religion

    When people come together with the same mind they get a lot done and unity stands no matter what goes; on they even work out disagreements among themselves. Nothing can stop their goals and today we talk about coming together for a common goal of man kind. Example a good deed, ending war, fand ixing the country's economy. lOOK AT Genesis 11 ;1-7

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    Deadlock Provision - Kevin & Jeff on TBFS Radio

    in Business

    Join hosts Kevin Hunter and Jeffrey O'Brien as they continue the conversation about Shareholders. This week's episode is about the Deadlock Provision. 

    A deadlock provision, or deadlock resolution clause, is a contractual clause or series of clauses in a shareholders' agreement or other form of joint ventureagreement which determines how disagreements on key issues are to be resolved in relation to the management of the enterprise.

    The main focus of most deadlock provisions are the termination provisions. The principle underlying them is that a successful business enterprise should not be destroyed solely because the two partners are unable to agree on a core issue; the value of the business as a going concern should be preserved, and a fair way should be found to allow one party to bow out with fair recompense for giving up their share in the venture.

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    Family Inferno:...Lost Sorrys:::

    in Social Networking

    Famliys that Don"t  get along because of past disagreements}Or:situations.

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