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    Is Direct Marketing For You?

    in Women

    You’ve encountered them at one point or another—someone calls your home phone, offering a certain product or service. This form of sales, called direct marketing, is often considered annoying and invasive by consumers but when carefully planned and implemented, it can be a great source of income for anyone who wants to bring extra money to the family.

    But where do you start? And more importantly, how do you ensure you have the right skills, tools, and ethics to take on the discerning taste of consumers?

    Our guest in today’s Christian Women Entrepreneurs on Fire episode Chris York will share with us what we need to know before embarking on a direct marketing gig.

    Chris is a  Professional Network Marketer, Internet Marketer, and involved in Direct Sales of skin care and anti-aging products. She started in 1999 and is now working for a global company where she is building a large team of people from different parts of the world.

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    Direct Connect

    in Technology

    Direct Connect

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    Direct Audio with Big Buji on Twin Radio Syndicate

    in Music

    Tune in tonight from 8-9 pm EST on Direct Audio hosted by Big Buji on Twin Radio Syndicate!! Tonight he will basically be talking straight trash tonight so make sure you tune in while he is in the studio working on projects...no telling who he will have on the show tonight!! So make sure you click the link and see what all the fuss is about!! Call in number is (646) 716-4952 press #1 to chime in!!! 

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    Weekly Astro-Forecast--Jupiter goes Direct

    in Spirituality

    Join Rev. Shellie Enteen as she gives us a head's-up on the planetary energies for the coming week and discusses any of the other major astrological events in store.

    This week's show will give insight on the Direct Motion of Jupiter in Leo, occuring this coming week.

    Shellie is an Interfaith Reverend with the Alliance of Divine Love who has been offering spiritual counsel through astrology for over 30 years. Find daily forecasts on her Astralessence Facebook page and subscribe to a free monthly e-Newsletter through her website, astralessence.com. Archives of this show, and other posts, can also be found on the Esoterically Speaking Network Facebook page.

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    Launch of "The Peoples News Live Radio Direct" Blog

    in Current Events

    The Peoples News Radio is all about dialoging on the The Eagle Condor Prophecies and all the related Prophecies. We want to get the news and details out about how "We are the ones they been waiting for". You will talk about trade routes, new tribes, gatherings, the return of the feminine and everything about that and more. We are going to ride the wave of the winter soltice energy into the new sun with this broadcast channel launch. We look forward to you joining us. We need your help! Check us out at our website. www.eaglequetzalcondor.com 

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    Direct Snap

    in Football

    Join Joe Kleine and Tyler McMullen as they fill you in on the latest news circulating the National Football League. 

    This week we will be discussing a few mock drafts from NFL.com from some of our "favorite" draft "gurus". We will also be discussing at length the recent Philadelphia Eagles - Buffalo Bills swap of RB Lesean McCoy for LB Kiko Alonso as well as the rumored interest by the Miami Dolphins in free agent DT Ndamukong Suh. 

    Don't be afraid to call in and give us your thoughts on any of the action during tonight's action packed episode of the Direct Snap at 714-333-3302! Also be sure to "like" us on facebook and follow us on twitter @Direct_Snap. 

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    Direct Snap

    in Football

    Join Joe Kleine and Tyler McMullen for their weekly edition of the Direct Snap covering all things NFL. 

    This week we will be discussing the ever popular underwear olympics. All kidding aside, we will be discussing the NFL Scouting Combine. 

    We will be previewing each position and will throw a few names at you about who to watch this week at each position as the combine nears. 

    Have something to say? Join the conversation by calling 714-333-3302 or drop us a line on facebook at facebook.com/theofficialdirectsnap

    Don't forget to "like" us on facebook and follow us on twitter @Direct_Snap. 

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    Direct Snap

    in Football

    Join Joe Kleine and Tyler McMullen as they fill you in on everything you need to know about the National Football League. 

    Tonight we will be discussing news and notes circulating the NFL as well as the upcoming free agency period in terms of potential free agents and teams that may be a possible fit for a few of the "big name" free agents. 

    We also may be joined, as we were last week - check the archived edition for more - by a few future NFL players who will hopefully hear their names called in the upcoming NFL Draft. 

    As always, don't be afraid to join in on the conversation by calling toll-free at 714-333-3302 or hitting us up on twitter @Direct_Snap - be sure to give us a follow as well (we always follow back). 

    Be sure to "like" us on facebook for up-to-the-minute updates! 

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    Direct Snap

    in Football

    Join Joe Kleine and Tyler McMullen for their Super Bowl edition of the Direct Snap! Yes, that's right, the last game preview of the 2014/2015 NFL Season! 

    We will be discussing the game in-depth in terms of key match-ups to watch, keys to the game for both teams and, of course, predicting the outcome of the game with score predictions! 

    Don't be afraid to join in on the Super Bowl discussion by giving us your prediction and your pick by calling us at 714-333-3302! 

    As always, be sure to "like" us on facebook by searching "Direct Snap" and finding our logo! And make sure to follow us on our twitter handle @Direct_Snap!!! 

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    Direct Snap

    in Football

    Make sure to join Joe Kleine and Tyler McMullen for their 8:30 PM EST edition of the Direct Snap as they fill your football hunger with everything you need to know about what is circulating the National Football League. 

    We will be discussing the AFC and NFC Championship games, coaching hires, potential offseason moves, and will even dive into some draft talk. 

    Don't hesitate to give us a call at 714-333-3302 toll-free to fill us in on your thoughts or to bring up a football related topic that you would like to bring up live on air. 

    Make sure to "like" us on facebook at facebook.com/theofficialdirectsnap and follow us on twitter @Direct_Snap 

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    Is Direct Mail Dead? with Diane Conklin

    in Marketing

    Since the concept of internet marketing really took the world by storm, direct mail seems to be a thing of the past.

    How often do you go to your mailbox and get a newsletter, or a postcard about a new event? Rarely.

    Is direct mail a thing of the past? Or is it just a very underutilized tool that can still help businesses make a ton of money?

    Diane Conklin is a direct response expert who is here to tell you, direct marketing may be a lost art, but it’s definitely not a thing of the past.