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    To the Pastors, Princes and Judges, God's Judgments on Ameirca

    in Christianity

    Join Michael-Jay on tonights broadcast. 9pm EST, 6pm PST at 347-826-9733.            His Wrath is Upon Us Though we have not yet been destroyed as Sodom and though we have not yet suffered the famines of judgment and though great plagues have not destroyed the people and though our streets are not filled with our enemies, the judgments and wrath of Almighty God, the Judge and Lawgiver over all of the earth will not linger much longer. Thus says the LORD God of heaven and earth; I have seen the sins of this nation and her departure from the law of God. I have heard the cries of my children in the womb and the forbidding of prayer in the schools. I have seen the mocking of heathen, broadcasting their sins of fornication and sorcery and thefts and murders. The wicked and immoral declare it is their right to do these things because they have made legal their lawbreaking and think that they are gods in deciding what is good and evil.


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    How to prepare for difficult talks.

    in Goals

    How can I prepare for a difficult talk?

    How do I set intentions that set me up for a successful conversation?


    We all know situations where we want to have a talk with someone, yet there is something at stake there that makes us scared.
    In this show I will guide you through concrete steps you can take to prepare you for any talk.


    Learn how to set your intention and stay focused on the things that matter most to you. 

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    Prophetic conversations with You: THE JUDGMENTS!

    in Spirituality

    Prophetic conversations with You!

    With Loren and Arjeana Due, Ministers of the Gospel!

    Administering, Chatting, Communicating, Counseling, Discussing, Educating, Interpreting, Inner Healing, Listening, Ministering, Preaching, Seeing, Speaking, Shouting, Spiritual Transforming, Talking, Teaching, Worshipping!

    How to get in touch with us:

    JOY Christian Center

    P O Box 18

    Victorville, CA 92393

    Telephone: (760) 951 9484 Office


    Email: propheticnetworks1@gmail.com


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    Rescission and Wrongful Foreclosure Judgments!

    in Finance

    With recent decisions confirming the Jesinoski Supreme Court decision, and confirming that Wrongful Foreclosure actions are producing big verdicts, the largest recent one being over $5 million. This is an opportunity for lawyers to make a lot of money in fees.

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    You and Your Difficult Aging Parent

    in Caregiving

    Aging parents may be more controlling, meddling, jealously, demanding, fault, aggressiveness, or plays the victim when you just want to give them a comfortable and safe quality of life. Their behaviors stem from a variety of changes in their lives. Put yourself in their shoes, the loss of a spouse, friend's passing, failure completely drive, handling the changes in their health, encountering the need for help or the failure of their overall independence. A parent may have always been abstinent; however, the behaviors may intensify with confusion and fears. Listen to this segment for suggestions regarding easing the tension on 10/29/15 @ 10MDT http://tobtr.com/s/6305645. #BlogTalkRadio

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    Dr. Mark Goulston on "talking to crazy" -- dealing with difficult people

    in Psychology

    Welcome to Amy Alkon's HumanLab: The Science Between Us, a weekly show with the luminaries of behavioral science.

    On this show, psychiatrist, business coach, and hostage negotiation trainer Dr. Mark Goulston explains how you can deal with the truly difficult people in your life -- and how to cut your own "crazy" as well. His new book we'll be discussing: Talking to Crazy: How to Deal with the Irrational and Impossible People in Your Life.  

    Join me and all my fascinating guests every Sun from 7-7:30 pm PT and 10-10:30 pm ET, here at blogtalkradio.com/amyalkon or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

    Please support the show by buying my science-based and funny book on how we call all behave less counterproductively, "Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck." It's only about $11 at Amazon, brand new. And along with positive reviews in the WSJ and other publications, Library Journal gave the book a starred review: "Verdict: Solid psychology and a wealth of helpful knowledge and rapier wit fill these pages. Highly recommended." 

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    Why Is It Difficult for White Women to Talk About Race & Racism?

    in Culture

    9 times out of 10, when I engage or attempt to engage with a White woman about race and racism, the conversation either doesn't happen or it goes south quickly. Anger, frustration, denial, blame, defensiveness, lashing out, crying, running away or the silent treatment is usually the response I get from White women. Why does this happen? Why is it so difficult for most White women to have a conversation about race and racism? Kara Dansky and I will be uncovering the answers to this HOT, burning question during a frank and honest conversation on this weeks show. Don't miss it! We're having a conversation that matters! Learn more about how to begin having Race Talks, get your copy of Antagonists, Advocates and Allies at http://www.shetalkswetalk.com 

    Kara Dansky is a lawyer, policy analyst and advocate, and meditation instructor, with decades of experience in the nonprofit and public sectors. Before founding One Thousand Arms, she was a Special Advisor at the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice in New York, Senior Counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union, Senior Advisor at the Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, and Executive Director of the Stanford Criminal Justice Center at Stanford Law School. Before that, she was a public defender and federal law clerk. Though most of her professional experience before founding One Thousand Arms was in the criminal justice arena, she has also worked in the areas of housing rights, consumer protection, and reproductive rights. She has appeared on numerous panels and conducted many public speaking engagements. She received her J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and her B.A. from the Johns Hopkins University (both cum laude).

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    Solving Difficult Business Problems

    in Business

    Discussing debt, finances in general, operations, sale and marketing issues that both support the emergence of small businesses and discuss the mistakes and challenges small business owner often confront. A path to success.

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    Trials: Difficult But... Necessary

    in Christianity

    How real is God to you? Is He just a concept that you have grown up with for years? Do you only consider His existence on special occasions or when things get rough? 

    What if we told you that trials equal a greater level of intimacy with God?  If you want to get to know God, if you want to grow closer to Him you will go through something.  To gain a relationship beyond blessing our meals or praying for traveling mercies, in order to get the point that we trust Him fully the relationship must be tested.

    Trials may be difficult, but they are necessary, and more importantly they reveal precious truths about God. Listen to this episode to learn more.

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    Bobbie McGrath Managing Difficult Clients – Its Not What You Say Its How You Say

    in Real Estate

    Everybody has done it; said just the wrong thing at just the wrong time. The moment the words leave your mouth, you wish you could take them back. But what about those more subtle times, when upon later reflection, you realize might have been taken the wrong way? Have you ever considered how the words commonly used within the Staging industry might actually be holding you back? And timing…when and how do we approach sensitive subjects such as pets and odors? Words mean more than their definitions. Understanding the power of the choice of words to use AND the timing of these words could be well worth your time to explore. Join me as I share my techniques on when and how to bring up those delicate and difficult topics in a way that will make you heard, understood and sought after by Realtors and Homeowners alike!

    Words have power. Their power can be maximized if you understand the nuance of timing, as well. This class will teach you how to approach clients from a positive/empowering perspective that is appreciated by Realtors and Homeowners alike. If you find you are sometimes at a loss for words this is the class for you!




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    Warning of God's Judgments on America, Part 4, call in with Michael-Jay

    in Current Events

    The dynamic tension between good and evil is most evident in the superficial arenas that hide the more subtle levels from the greater part of mankind, because it is a spiritual battle that remains hidden from people that look at circumstances and the outward displays of distraction but, do not understand the hidden realities of demonic darkness. Inciting violence in people that are enthralled by demonic evil and driven by a murderous self-righteousness is amazingly simple. These agents of evil have no conscientious restraints, but their moral cowardice barely hides their contempt for people with a true moral standard. Many people are held in demonic insensitivity to the normal graces of natural affection. This seems the result of demonic subversion and the intentional destruction of the core of their souls, caused by spiritual and psychological trauma and their being shamed into a cruel submission to dominating evil influences.