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    Interview with Daniel Hannan, Member of European Parliament

    in Politics

    NewVoiceofRadio.com / BuyitorFryit.com
    Daniel Hannan is a writer and journalist, and has been Conservative MEP for South East England since 1999. He speaks French and Spanish and loves Europe, but believes that the European Union is making its constituent nations poorer, less democratic and less free.
    Among other topics, we will talk about what's really going in Europe, are the problems of Europe coming here, if the European Union can surive, and if it should even be allowed to survive.
    Hannan received worldwide recognition and fame after his rant against UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

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    Keeping It Real

    in Religion

    Join us on blog talk radio's newest show. Keeping It Real with Bishop Dr. Shirely Holloway, Monday thru Friday, 7:30-8:30am for a great Impartation. You don't want to miss it! A word before work. Every Thursday, Bishop Holloway will be joined by Pastor Valentine Brown from Long Island, New York (Pastor Brown is the Senior Pastor of Soul Saving Church of Christ, a solo gospel artist and a renowned

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    Live Chat : Reggae ShunTai, Ras Bekk, Alex Marley

    in Music

    8-8:30pm ShunTai: Hails from Jamaica. A musician of the digital age and Producer, Song writer, lyricist, vocalist and teacher. A servant of His Majesty Jesus Christ the First. www.shuntaimusic.com
    9-9:30pm Christopher ‘Ras Bekk’ Beckford Jamaican born was influenced by the great Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Jah Cure & AnthonyB.  In 2006, he built his own sound ‘Lion Love’ and began writing recording. Some of the original rhythms include:’ More Ganja’ on the Lucky Strike Rhythm ‘Don’t Mess with Rasta’ on the Envious rhythm ‘Jamaica Mi Born’ on the Gangster Paradise Rhythm
    10-11pm Alex Marley - lead singer and guitarist along with his Band Members have become a live concert phenomenon in Jamaica. Alex and his band have been performing for seven years. Born in Kingston Jamaica, Alex sings of a universal message of peace and love. Alex grew up listening to various forms of  music, his cousin Bob Marley and sons as well as other greats like Garnet Silk, Burning Spear, Jacob Miller, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Hendrix, Carlos Santana, and Dennis Brown.

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    Ethan Hammerman and Grant Gurtin Week #1

    in Sports

    Grant Gurtin and Ethan Hammerman will be talking football weekly at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT on AFL Fanzone Radio.

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    Gardasil- Genetically Engineering - The Pursuit of Happiness

    in US Government

    The Vaccination rhetoric is heating up for the Grand experiment of taxpayer supported Information Operations targeting America’s youth and parental consent. All the indicators are laid bare for all to see that the eugenicists are on the march. 
    A Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention advisory panel recommended routine Gardasil vaccination of boys ages 11 and 12 to protect against infection from human papillomavirus. The panel unanimously approved the plan, with 13 votes in favor and one abstention.
    The panel advised Gardasil vaccinations begin in boys as young as 9 years old.  Children are still physiologically a work in progress at such a young age and most vulnerable to chromosomal and DNA manipulation. This amounts to "genetically engineered".
    DNA found in Gardasil to include the ingredient that causes sterility. To quote Bill Gates, “If we do a really great job on new Vaccines, Health Care and Reproductive Health Services, we can lower that by 10 to 15% (Population). 
    Do we want to be informed on what is best for us or “educated” through manipulation, fear and slide of hand inoculations?  Recently, California Governor Jerry Brown legalized it through signing bill AB499, allowing 12 year old children to ‘giving’ consent to Gardasil vaccination injections.
    What an outrage and over ride of parental consent and protection of our children and their pursuit of happiness and threat against raising their own families. American Statesman BTR  listeners choose to be informed decision-making over scare mongering or intimidation. 
    If you know someone who has taken the Gardasil we would like to hear from you on air or in our chat room.  If you support Gardasil vaccinations, we want to hear from you too. 
    Gardasil about the attack on your family and basic God-Given right to Free Will. 

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    "Soulshaping" and "Apologies to the Divine Feminine" ~Author Jeff Brown

    in Relationships

    I will inner-view Soulshaping author Jeff Brown and a character played by Jeff who epitomizes the unconscious man, Vinny Brownerini, about Jeff's very popular, "Apologies to the Divine Feminine" blog.

    Here you will have a wonderful opportunity to hear two male perspectives on this apology come through the same sourcespring.

    In understanding the difference of male perspectives , it allows women to honor their truth by either engaging or disengaging with an unevolved male; as well as understanding the difference.

    Through this unfolding of two personas, we can see where we have come from and where we are going in the ever awakening of the divine feminine awareness, inherent within all of us, seeking a more evolved way of connecting with the opposite gender.
    We will see what defense mechanisms are developed in an unevolved man, out of a need for both self preservation, and to protect their hearts for fear of being hurt deeply.

    We will see that even an unevolved man, has emotions and fears associated with connecting in a realtionship, and the often unrealized, self sabotaging maneuvers that are used to maintain a sense of control in relationships..

    Come and tune in, and explore this interesting topic with us..it should be a lot of fun with great insight and information.

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    coda meeting and bible and circumfion

    in Entertainment

    coda meeting and bible and circumfion to join in to the show call us at 513320-3675 because the 646-2003875 number is down so sorry for the inconvenience

    people hold you understand   

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    How To (De)Alienate The Black Student in Academia Today

    in Education

    Today on The Paradigm Shift Show, the host, Dr. Monique Leslie Akassi, Assistant Professor at Virginia Union University, will be discussing how to (de)alienate the Black student in schools today from her chapter, "Unveiling Rhetorical Strategies in Postcolonial Era: Tropes of (De)Alienation in The Autobiography of W.E.B.Du Bois," which was published in the highly acclaimed book, Postcolonial Discourses and Renegotiations of the Black Identities, Dr. Clement Animan Akassi of Howard University. There is no coincident why so many minority students are feeling more alienated than ever since Plessy versus Ferguson and Brown versus The Board of Education. Join us today as we resurrect issues from the past and effective techniques to unveil, enlighten and uplift the Black student today on The Paradigm Shift Show.

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    Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 9: Bill Priatko Interview

    in Sports

    We welcome in Bill Priatko and Dave Villiotti for Episode 9 of Terrible Towel Talk. Priatko is a former NFL player who played his college ball at Pitt. During his NFL career, Priatko got to learn from and play with Paul Brown and Dick LeBeau. He remains close friends with LeBeau today. 
    Priatko would later coach high school ball back in the western Pennsylvania area. Villiotti was one of the fortunate young men to play for Priatko. The two joined the show to share the story of their unique relationship, and then help me preview the Steelers Week 8 matchup with the hated New England Patriots. 

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    SWP Radio Presents Invisible Enemies

    in Books

    Radio book club. Listen as I read chapters from my latest novel
    : Invisible Enemies. Do you believe in evil forces? Good vs evil? Angels vs demons? If you like the television program Supernatural, you'll love Invisible Enemies. Check out this fictional tale set in Washington DC area

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    ISAIAH WASHINGTON is A Man From Another Land

    in Entertainment

    Perhaps best known for his role as Dr. Preston Burke on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, actor, activist and author ISAIAH WASHINGTON walks us through his own real-life journey through the pages of his new book “A Man From Another Land,” available on Amazon. (Read an excerpt from the book here.)
    The book describes Washington’s need to ‘find himself,’ his true self, his identity at its core – and not merely some Hollywood icon. Perhaps the most profound events occur – not in simply finding out who he truly is, but taking appropriate measures to improve the lives of others in the interim.
    A Man From Another Land is a real-life story of one of Hollywood's most notable actors. It touches on nearly every human emotion. It will make you laugh, cry, and finally, cheer, as one man discovers his ancestry and ultimately his legacy. A must-read for anyone who has ever wondered “Who really am I?”
    At 7pm EST TUESDAY, Oct 18th, award-winning actor, activist and author ISAIAH WASHINGTON will describe to us in detail what it means to be A Man From Another Land.
    NOTE: The LIVE broadcast will be archived immediately following this airing, for your listening convenience.

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    RotoRadio: Cauliflower for the Ears MMA

    in MMA

    Step into the octagon with Nick Frank and Brian "The Butcher" Brown of RotoExperts as they bring you the most up to date and in your face Fantasy Mixed Martial Arts news on the planet. Michael "Delicious" Dolan joins them every week to give his fantasy analysis and do all the heavy lifting to make this the most entertaining MMA show out there.