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    Everything w/Kathy B, Chris Reinhardt, Jeanine Smith, Nadiva Devereaux

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us today from 2-5 for Indie Soul Saturdays and 3 amazing guests.

    2:15-Chris Reinhardt

    3:15-Jeanine Smith

    4:15-Nadiva Devereaux

    Call in and be a part of the conversation at 619-924-0933. You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio  Network.

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    Suspense Radio Inside Edition January 24th, 2016

    in Books

    Today's guests are Andrew Grant and Daniella Bernett.

    Andrew Grant "False Positive": A seven-year-old boy has disappeared from his home in the Birmingham suburbs. But the more Detective Devereaux digs into the missing child's background, the more he discovers about his own past, eventually shaking loose a series of harrowing truths—about bloodlines, mass murder, obsession, and what two damaged detectives have in common with the innocent victim they're so desperate to save.

    Daniella Bernett "Lead Me Into Danger": A journalist, a jewel thief, and a Russian spy…when their paths cross, it’s murder. Journalist Emmeline Kirby hasn’t laid eyes on her former lover Gregory Longdon, a jewel thief, in two years. But she literally tumbles into his arms, after she witnesses two men attempt to murder her friend and fellow journalist, Charles Latimer, in Venice.  When Charles is ultimately killed, Emmeline is determined to bring his murderer to justice. But as she and Gregory delve deeper, they become ensnared in a hunt for a Russian spy in the British Foreign Office, who has his sights set on keeping his identity a secret at all costs—as Charles found out too late.

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    Actor Oscar Torre & Dr. Lesly Devereaux stop by Conversations LIVE

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    At the top of the show host Cyrus Webb welcomes actor and producer Oscar Torre to Conversations LIVE to discuss his amazing career and his current projects including Pretty Rosebud. Then at 15 min past the hour Webb talks with Dr. Lesly Devereaux about her new book on breaking co-dependency. 

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    Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- Breaking Codependency, Lesly Devereaux

    in Women

    Changing lives of Women by giving them the necessary tools to become what they want in life.


    Visit Amazon's Diana Bellerose Page



    Dr. Lesly Devereaux is a graduate of Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She earned her Juris Doctorate from Howard University School of Law and practiced law for more than 15 years. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad in her professional capacity, counseling individuals as well as business and religious entities in areas of business start-up and development. As a corporate executive, she traveled globally (Ghana, South Africa, China, Greece, Korea, Japan, Bulgaria, Barbados), matching U.S. small business owners with small business owners in other countries for joint venture opportunities.


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    From Judge to Jail to Joy - Dr. Lesly Devereaux

    in Lifestyle

    Dr. Lesly Devereaux has a tale of a journey that can help us all.  She has gone from being a judge putting folks behind bars to being behind bars herself.  She has since penned a book titled "Breaking Codependency: How to Navigate the Traps That Sabotage Your Life."

    Joining us on this show will be host Steve Duncanson of Paradigm Shifters--Principles of Life and Success.  It's going to be interesting to hear the perspective of both professionals.

    (347) 637-2319.

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    Breast Cancer: Maxine Devereaux...Let My Scars Tell My Story!

    in Health

    Every six minutes a women is diagnosed with breast cancer. In November 2010 Maxine Devereaux became one in six, her number had been called and she was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, stage C3. Fueled by life-altering events and the raw emotion experienced with tragedy and loss, author Max Devereaux presents: My Last Breast, her personal journey through what she calls Cancer Land. Devereaux, has had many family members pass away with various forms of cancer however, she never thought in a million years that the disease would invade her body. But it did in 2010, it came like a thief in the night and invaded her breast like a squatter, refusing to be removed unless the foundation were condemned or torn down. Her book is entitled “My Last Breast” and is written from the perspective of Max Devereaux's personal journey with breast cancer. My Last Breast will capture the foibles, heartbreaks adventures of having breast cancer and having a double mastectomy. The stories will have their serious side, but will show a lighter side as well!

    Please visit www.maxinedevereaux.com

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    Live: International Reggae Superstars HEZRON CLARKE & Narda "NADIVA DEVEREAUX"

    in Music

    Hezron Clarke was born and raised during his earlier years in the District of Moy Hall District, St. James, Jamaica, before migrating to the U.S.A. Whilst in Jamaica; Hezron developed his talent, being an ardent member of his church choir. His musical gift was evident to his family and friends who facilitated its development however possible. After his migration, Hezron continued to expand on the dexterity of his vocals by naturally transitioning into singing R & B, but was not entirely satisfied within that genre, as his calling was deeply embedded in the rich Reggae music of his homeland. As such, he was compelled to return to Jamaica to fulfil his true calling of being an outstanding Reggae artiste.   Hezron’s latest performance at the 2012 staging of the “greatest one night  reggae show”- “STING”, has left no doubts in the minds of the public as to his versatility, and vocal dexterity, 

    Narda "NADIVA DEVEREAUX" Malcolm was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica. In 2002 she entered the Jamaica Festival Song Competition and was placed 3rd in the entire island. She has entered and won several local contests and prizes in Jamaica. One of these great prizes was a scholarship to study Hospitality Management in the United States. While in college she majored in Hospitality Management with a minor in Music Production and Performance. In 2007, she graduated with honors from Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio. Then from Virginia State University in 2009 and the University of Delaware in 2012. Nadiva's talents are not limited to singing and song writing. She also makes some of the beats for her songs. Her repertoire consists of R & B, easy listening Reggae,Dance Hall Reggae, pop and soul.  caribbeanradioshow@gmail.com  call in 661-467-2407

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    Sassy ~ Classy ~ Cancer..? Unexpected & Undetected ~ Maxine Devereaux

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Beverly L. Swanson of EAGLE WINGS PRESENTS...
    Inspiration~ Empowerment & BREAKTHROUGH! LIVE Radio Talk Show

    She Speaks Out...because she has a Story To Tell...  She Published her Book "MY LAST BREAST", because she has a Story To Tell...I'm RE-AIRING THE SHOW, because she has a Story That Must Be Heard!

    "IT" Came out of Nowhere...Completely Unexpected like a Sneaky Cunning Thief in the Night.  The Only Warning was the Voice of the Holy Spirit...but the Doctors Wouldn't Listen...Could Not find "IT"  "IT" was hiding.  But "IT" Wont Steal my Joy, Character...or My Story!  "IT"...You Will Remember My Name...Maxine Devereaux...Sassy ~ Classy~ Anointed & Appointed!

    My Special Guest...The Dynamic Maxine Devereaux


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    15 Minute Moment of Clarity with Dr. Devereaux: To Incorporate or Not

    in Entrepreneur

    As a new entrepreneur you may wonder what kind of company you should set up.

    Tune in with Mindset and Business Success Strategist Dr. Devereaux as she shares tips on incorporating your business.

    There are important factors to consider when deciding whether to incorporate your business. The type of business entity that you choose may weigh heavily on you monetarily. 

    Dr. Devereaux breaks down the various types of business incorporation so that you can make an informed decision as an entreprenuer.




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    Guest: Entrepreneur Lisa Devereaux

    in Moms and Family

    Lisa Devereaux is a successful creator and entrepreneur who has a very interesting road to success!  She is also a hoot to listen to!

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    What it Means to Be Resilient

    in Motivation

    Life is filled with swift transition. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate while in the middle of adversity, trauma or setbacks. Resilient living is what we strive for. In order to learn relsiience you must first know what it is. 

    Tune in Thursday March 12, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. as Dr. Lesly explains what it means to be resilient. You don't want to miss this show.

    Be sure to visit Dr. Lesly at her website www.leslydevereaux.com