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    Interview with Kerry McVey and Amy Clemens of True North Acupuncture

    in Motivation

    Amy and Terry have a private practice in NYC called True North Acupuncture. Amy Clemens is a Licensed Acupuncturist and a Diplomat of Acupuncture through NCCAOM. Kerry McVey is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist, and a Diplomat of Acupuncture through NCCAOM. True North Acupuncture began as an idea when Amy and Terry met at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and realized that they shared like-minded goals and ideas for what their private practices might look like. They were both studying in the specialized "Classical Acupuncture" program at PCOM, which was a smaller group of students, and found themselves consistently in the same classes and same schedules.  This led to a lot downtime together where they would discuss the needs of the New York City population and where they seen themselves fitting in.  By working together so often in and out of class and in the clinic, they quickly realized they had a very similar work ethic and complimented each other's strengths and weaknesses very well.  This led to discussions on forming a private practice in the Downtown area together.  They experienced setbacks but they didn't allow the setbacks to deter them from pursuing their dream of opening up their own private practice. Through dedication, hard work and perserverence they opened up their practice. Their philosphy is "It is not just about treating the patients, which is also great because you make a huge difference in their lives, but educating them to help themselves is possibly even more rewarding"

    True North Acupuncture (718) 619.7337


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    Jun10th@10pmET CandidFrankLive CFL Talk: drug testing, Win 34 Tor 27, Ham 37 Ott 10

    in Football

    In Hamilton 37-10 over Ottawa
    In Toronto Lose 34-27 to Winnipeg
    ESPN has 20 Live CFL games & Streaming 69
    TORONTO -- The CFL and CFLPA today released the following statement:"We are united in our commitment to safeguard the health and safety of our athletes and the integrity of our game. That is why, four years ago this month, we introduced the CFL/CFLPA Policy to Prevent the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs, as part of our Collective Bargaining Agreement.It is a joint policy that works for our league. The policy's structure is based on education, prevention and rehabilitation. Public disclosure is not made for a first offence only, as our goal is to create behaviour change through assessments and rehabilitation administered by professionals.Repeat offenders are subjected to escalating penalties: a three game suspension for a second offence, a one year suspension for a third offence and a lifetime ban for a fourth offence. We are confident the program is working: as we enter our fifth season under the policy, no player has received a suspension as no player has tested positive a second time. Any policy can be improved and strengthened which is why we are in dialogue about how we can make ours better.This past Spring, a number of CIS players attending the CFL Combine tested positive for banned substances under our policy, including some who were subsequently drafted into our league. We found this deeply concerning for the integrity of the league and especially the health and safety of all current and future players.We are actively looking at ways to further deter the use of physically harmful performance enhancing drugs prior to players becoming professionals. Our goal is to provide a safe, fair and level playing field for all players in the CFL."- Jeffrey L. Orridge, Commissioner, Canadian Football League and Scott Flory, President, Canadian Football League Players Association

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    Everything w/Kathy B, Dr Aesha, Sandra Williams, Bigg Mommap, Alton Walker

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us tonight from 6-8 in The Ladies Lounge as Kathy B welcomes 2 amazing guest into the studio and from 8-9 for, Whatz Da Buzz with Bigg Momma P and her special guest.

    Tune in at 6:15 as Kathy B welcomes back The Black Love Matchmaker, Dr Aesha Adams-Roberts?. Listen as Dr Aesha & Kathy discuss two of Dr Aesha's articles.

    Why Do I Attract The Wrong Men and Never Settle & Other Bad Dating Advice That's Keeping You Single.  

    At 7:15, Join us as Kathy B welcomes Author Sandra Williams into the studio to share how she faced many challenges and struggles as a young child but never let that deter her. Sandra is now an Author and joins Kathy to talk about her new Poetry Book on the market called, Defending Life.  Tune in as Sandra shares excerpts from her book.

    At 8:15 Comedian Alton Walker

    Join us for Whatz Da Buzz with Bigg Mommap as she welcomes Comedian Alton Walker into the studio to share how he got started in the bizness, his upcoming projects and to bring laughter into the studio.  Also, be sure to tune in as Bigg Mommap spills the tea of what's trending in Social Media and what's written on the Ladies "Baffroom Walls"  

    Call in and be a part of the conversation at 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.



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    Hard Starboard Radio: So Illegal Immigration Isn’t Inevitable After All?

    in Politics Conservative

    Barack Obama is suspending the law designed to deter illegal immigration; “Stop blocking amnesty and increased immigration, you troglodyte Rethuglikans!” - like we could; plus a spring - or marathon - through the Political Pistachio headlines, and, time permitting, why Rand Paul’s NSA metadata concerns are misplaced, and why shootings in Baltimore are way, way up.

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    America's Deadly Sins - E8 - Mr. Bruce Goes to Washington (FINALLY)

    in Politics

    I'm guessing that by the day's end today (or quite possibly tomorrow...There are some relatives here I haven't seen since I was 15) I'll be in my final destination.  I am pretty disappointed that I'm being blown off by those who profess to support my efforts (I won't name names...we'll just call them nothing, and keep them ANONYMOUS) but this will never deter me in my efforts to bring justice; for those in my current state, as well as for myself.

    This will, of course be another call-in show for those of you who wish to add stories to my ever-growing list, or just wanna talk about yer troubles.  Either way, join us at 2 p.m. CST for all the fun!

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    Forget it and press! Philippians 3:10-14

    in Religion

    Nothing in your past is powerful enough to keep you from your future! Agree with God's word. Choose to let go  of those things that come to deter you from your destiny. Get in the PRESS!

    God has great things in store for you NOW!


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    Community Stories: My New Wolfdog Puppy

    in Education

    Wolfdog Radio: Your Voice, Your Time will sit down with special guest Kat Wolfdancer to discuss life with wolfdog puppies! Members of the Wolfdog Community will join us around the table to ask questions, share their experiences, offer advice, or simply just vent!

    Sharon Green will also join us for a special interview to share her training methods, struggles, and stories while raising her two wolfdogs, Shango (high content) and Neeka (low content). Sharon will also stick around for the remainder of the show and offer her advice along with Kat! 

    Raising a wolfdog puppy can be a highly rewarding experience, but it can also be a challenge, especially during that crucial first year of development. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed. Sometimes this can leave your head spinning, and your days filled with frustration and concern that you’re not applying the “correct” methods and therefore jeopardizing the bond with your animal. Do not feel alone, we ALL go through this!! From the beginning to the ending stages of puppyhood, wolfdog owners experience a variety of challenges.

    No matter the content of our pups, there seems to be general consensus across the community that most, if not all, wolfdog owners go through similar challenges. Some of these include: resource guarding; rough play; mouthing/biting; socialization; car sickness; exposure to novel stimuli; and choosing the correct diet. We want to explore these topics and the various methods used to deter such unwanted behaviors. It’s important that we all have the opportunity to learn from one another.

    "What works for one, may not work for another. It’s always best to have a bunch of different tools to choose from."

    To learn more about Woldog Radio: Your Voice, Your Time and our special guests please visit www.wolfdogradio.com

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    Biija (bee-zjah), a Sanskrit word meaning “seed”, grew up in the Washington, DC, New York, Los Angeles, and Paris, France metropolitan areas. Her first memory of painting was when she was about four or five years old. She would doodle on her wallpaper, once her parents discovered the doodles, she was promptly punished. This did not deter her; she simply pealed the wallpaper up and doodled underneath.

    Throughout college, she studied art at numerous art schools, as well as privately with world-renowned professional artists to master, broaden, and perfect her skills. In the Washington, DC area, she established a thriving commercial faux, decorative and mural business for many years, until she was called to pursue her own self-expression through her fine art. Leaving everything behind seven years ago, she drove across country to create Biija Fine Art, LLC as a fine art business and brand, specializing in large-format abstract oil paintings. She creates original paintings, prints, clothing and home goods for sale, lease and commission. Originally, trained in photorealism, when given the opportunity to paint whatever she liked, she chose abstraction. Biija feels that abstraction transcends above time, culture, language, and other conceptual and intellectual barriers that may otherwise alienate the viewer. Biija explores perception, reality, the cosmos, and the Creator with the specific intention to contribute to the positive elevation of her audience. Her perspective is to reach, touch, and inspire all people of the world, regardless of social, cultural, political, or other obstructions. Biija’s work has been collected nationally and internationally. .

    biija@BiijaFineArt.com www.BiijaFineArt.com 323.393.3586

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    Scandal! - Next Fan Up 4/4/15

    in Football

    The NFL handed out punishments for "crimes" to the Browns and Falcons this week.  But what about the Patriots?  And how about the Jets?  PodVader and Tim Jester, Falcons SuperFan, discuss with input from Rob Koller, the Browns SuperFan, via email. 

    Does Tim feel shame for what the Atlanta Falcons did?  Is the punishment enough to deter this from happening around the league?  Shouldn't the punishment be harsher for Rich McKay, the Chairman of the Competition Committee? 

    How does Rob feel about the Browns and their punishment?  

    What is the latest on tampering charges filed by the Patriots vs. the Jets re: Darrelle Revis?

    And what about Deflate-gate?  Should the Patriots even be considered to be the ones ultimately responsible for the balls anyways?  Shouldn't that be an NFL thing?

    Offseason thoughts and throwing shade in this "scandalous" episode of Next Fan Up! 

    Looking for a Giants and Cardinals SuperFan. Apply via email: nextfanup@gmail.com

    Follow on Twitter: @nfupodcast @therealpodvader @timishiding


    Subscribe on iTunes!  



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    Thurman-Guerrero, Broner-Molina: Are You Not Entertained ?

    in Sports

    Boxing has officially returned to primetime network television. Premier Boxing Champions’ action packed main event did not disappoint as Keith “One Time” Thurman (25-0 21, KOs) won a clear unanimous decision over Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (32-3-1, 18 KOs) in a great fight that lived up to expectations.

    There was no feeling-out period in this fight, as Keith Thurman sprung out of his corner with an attack that had Guerrero on his heals. Thurman continued to push the action and land crisp combinations that seemed to have Guerrero flustered in the beginning of the bout. Although “The Ghost” was able to land some nice counter punches; Thurman was landing the heavier blows with more consistency.

    In the third round, right when it seemed like frustration was settling in for Guerrero, an accidental headbutt caused a massive hematoma up near Thurman’s hairline above his left eye. Guerrero seemed bolstered by the damage to Thurman and put together his best two minutes of the fight up until this point.

    As the fight went on, it was becoming apparent that while Guerrero’s chin was certainly up to the task, Thurman’s punches were doing more damage. Guerrero would land some great counter shots, but they never seemed to deter Thurman’s pursuit.

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