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    Yeoshu did NOT deny the Awaited Messiah whom the prophets and the Early Church knew yet to expect as Savior of the world!   Yet today, both Jew and Gentile under sin, pretentious, unstable and treacherously blind to what the prophets have spoken, doctrinally deny the Messiahwhom Yeoshu said men seek. Therefore He whom the "faithful" expect, will appear suddenly in a manner very few expect!   Beyond STATUS QUO consctraints it is time to discern just how much MORE men should seek YAH! (Psalms 14 & 53) (Mat.24:44)

    Mal 3:1  Behold, I will send My messenger, and He shall prepare the way before Me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall come suddenly in a manner unexpected to His temple, even the Messenger of the Covenant, whom I delight in.  BEHOLD!  For He shall come, says the LORD of hosts.

    Rev 22:16  I Yeoshu have sent My message that you must testify this faithful and true expectation in My churches. "I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the Bright Morning Star." (Isaiah 11:1-<10-11 .. 2Peter 3:19-21 .. Rev.2:28-29)

    Few find the path to discern just how vastly important is the testimony at Isaiah 40:1-[27-41:4]- [41:21-42:4]-43:15 and 44:20-51:8 in discerning WHO what is the DUTY of the MESSIAH.  To ignore these words is to fall into the very snares unto denial that ROME saw to its advantage.  Consider, the Savior WAS well expected and anticipated 2000 years ago according to all that is dutifully expected of Him. How and by whose plan is knowledge of the expectation in this world in defense of confusions obscured?   Due to false expectations, the Son of Man comes as the Morning Star, Shiloh the Kurdi, in a manner few know to watch for.

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    Take Back Your Life: The Power of the Imprecatory Psalms

    in Motivation

    Sometimes our hut and pain is so deep it is difficult to come to terms with our feelings. As a result, we deny our feelings, making it even more difficult to come to terns with how we feel. Join Dr. Alfie for a discussion on the healing power of the imprecatory psalms. 

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    PIJN News: Charleston Shooting: Roof’s Family Says Shooter Was 'Introverted'

    in Christianity

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * Horrific Shooting In Charleston: Dylann Roof’s Family Says Shooter Was ‘Introverted’
    * Pastor Saeed Abedini 'Viciously Beaten' in Iranian Prison, Ordered to Deny Jesus Christ
    * Third Muslim Indicted For Terrorism In Texas Cartoon Contest

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    Full Throttle Life With Jennifer Schuitemaker

    in Self Help

    Jennifer Schuitemaker - 'The Buddha With Bling' Author, Speaker & New Thought Leader.

    Could the Formula For Enlightenment Be Wrong?

    Breaking new ground in the age of self-help by challenging the archaic belief systems that most religious and spiritual teachings are still clinging to; resulting in a revolutionary message of freedom and empowerment.  Jennifer is rapidly becoming known among spiritual aficionados, Facebook and Twitter fans as The Real Thing, or 'The Buddha With Bling."

    In the past we have believed that the only way to become spiritual enlightenment is to condemn, reject and deny the physical world, moving beyond our physical bodies. There now emerges a FRESH NEW WAY that embraces the physical as a key component that is needed to progress. Revolutionary Wholeness is ALL of you not just apart of you.

    As a busy career woman, wife, and mother of five in a blended household, the former model and fashion designer has learned how to artfully blend professional, personal and spiritual aspects of her life. "It is all One Life," Jennifer says. "Enlightenment no longer requires us to shave our heads, chant, pray or spend months in solitude. Our material and spiritual lives are no longer compartmentalized in this modern global world. Schuitemaker’s Revolutionary new approach to Enlightenment reincorporates the physical aspects of ourselves to form a complete harmonious Whole.


    Jennifer’s critically acclaimed new book: WHY WE DON’T AWAKEN; What Holds Humanity Back From Reaching Its Full Potential, is now available on Amazon. 

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    Brower Report Talking Politics and News

    in Politics Conservative

    The Brower is live at 9pm to 10pm ET.  Join us on the air by calling 347-884-8627 to share your thoughts on the topics tonight.  Tonight on the show Battle Flag coming down around the country and gay pride flag going up in St. Pete Florida, Supreme court punts on Obamacare subsidies we break it down and what it means, EPA chief claims people aren't normal if they deny Global Warming, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have some explaining to do, communist mass murder and racist for sale at Walmart, Obama administration is inept that they will let Americans negotiate for their family members, Boston terrorist convicted, and our feel good story tonight!  


    Click here to listen live at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/browerreport/2015/06/26/brower-report-talking-politics-and-news


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    Over 205 million Americans are drinking contaminated water...and chances are you

    in Health

    I know it may sound scary but these nasty chemicals have been linked to bone disease, hip fractures, lower IQ...and even cancer in some cases. .Worst of all, the EPA doesn't even deny that these exist!

    Something you may have never heard about is that certain chemicals in our water and food supply and our environment, such as pesticides, herbicides, and certain petrochemicals from air and water pollution, household cleaners, plastics, cosmetics, etc can react with your hormones and make your body store excess abdominal fat.

    These harmful chemicals are known as x-eno-estrogens. X-eno-estrogens are chemicals that you are exposed to (and are hard to avoid in the modern world) that have an estro-genic effect in your body. Now is where we come in with education for improved health. We are going to speak to you about our Aging Younger water ionizer that will take the contaminates from the water and bring it back to H2O once again, that will hydrate the body and help your body turn off the disease prompter. Then we educate on lifestyle, that most of the populating make poor choices for and create a disease environment in their body. We use the proper testing to show you what is wrong and when you take suggestions, the next test will prove that you are now making the right choices for your health. Tune in Wednesday at 7:PM for the rest of the story.

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    The Quest for Fabulous: Why I Am Your Leader

    in Self Help

    The Quest for Fabulous: Why I Am Your Leader


    “Be the Person you were meant to be” by Dr. Jerry Greenwald

    Living a nourishing life is an ongoing process of recognizing and responding to our changing needs and the changing reality of ourselves.

    Being obsessed with the past does nothing but waste the present. Regrets are an exercise in futility which can go on forever.

    As long as a person continues to postpone living his own life, or waiting for the stamp of approval from others, he continues to poison himself.

    Tension and frustration are in inevitable part of being alive. To refuse to tolerate such experiences is to deny this reality. Overcoming this toxic attitude often means letting go of the fantasy that life SHOULD be easy and that frustration is unfair.

    To refuse to reach out for the joys and excitements of life is frequently a refusal to face the pain of possible disappointments and rejections.

    To refuse to let go of the past is to deny the natural process of change that is a function of every living organism.

    Nourishing attitudes are the foundation for a nourishing relationship as well as for effective antidotes to existing toxic relationships.

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    Brower Report Talking Politics and News

    in Politics Conservative

    The Brower Report is live Tuesday through Thursday at 9pm to 10pm ET.  We are live so we will take your calls at 347-884-8627.  The Brower Report is your home of new and views you can use!  Listen to the show live tonight at http://tobtr.com/7719347

    Join the chat room and we want to hear from you so call in during the live show and listen the shows your missed by going to www.browerreport.com for the news and views you can use!

    Tuesday night edition of the show is jam packed with information!  Rubio won't confirm nor deny he did not read the Obamatrade deal, Don Lemon goes rogue on CNN and uses N-word poster board on the air, Riverview FL party escalates into property damage, man calls 911 what happens next is disturbing, throw back Tuesday to a story in China that is nuts, VA wait times are up we will tell you why, Red light camera controversy, and a feel good story for you to sleep on tonight!


    Join the chat room and we want to hear from you so call in during the live show and listen the shows your missed by going to www.browerreport.com for the news and views you can use!

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    Conservative Refuge Radio: 6/22/2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight's show:

    With the nation once again discussing race, a disturbing story of how the Mayor of Baltimore wants to deny relief to Asian-American businesses destroyed, and often targeted, during the Baltimore riots.  We'll discuss.
    Anne Arundel County has passed a budget which includes some of the biggest tax relief in decades but the media is trying to downplay real tax relief by calling it only "enough to pay your cable bill for a month."
    A disturbing Pro-Life update with this story of a Dutch doctor calling for the euthanasia of children under 12.
    We visit the "Fat Files" to review this story about the FDA plan to ban all trans fats.
    In a belated nod to Dads, a story of How the Word 'Father' Unlocked the History of Language.

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    in Religion

    In just the first FOUR CENTURIES C.E.,ROME after DESTROYING JERUSALEM when one a MURDEROUS TIRADE, SLAUGHTERING MILLIONS of the BELIEVERS who had CONVERTED unto the MONOTHEIST FAITH of the EARLY CHURCH!    Subsequent that GREAT MURDEROUS TRIBULATION which seemed to subside only when ROME had SILENCED ALL who BELIEVED or would SPEAK to DISCERN the ANCIENT TRUTH, there came the RISE of FALSE PROPHETS teaching DIVERSE FALSE TESTIMONIES, FATALLY FLATTERING MASSES to THIS VERY DAY!  (Mat.24:14-26, 2Thessolonians 2:1-<7-12, Rev.ch.6-7, 13, 18) 

    The PROTESTANT REFORMATION with all its MULTITUDE of DIVERSE DENOMINATIONS wrought ALSO of MANY PARTIALITIES and POLLUTIONS canNOT be the finished work and expectation wrought of BAPTISM in the HOLY SPIRIT unto PEACE!    Messiah said, "YE ARE MY FRIENDS IF YOU DO ALL THAT I HAVE COMMANDED ie. INSTRUCTED! (John 15:14)   The MOST HIGH is NOT the AUTHOR of this CONFUSION!   Purity and completion offers but ONE CHOICE!   The many indiscriminate and seemingly insolveable differences among us are NOT the result of HIS RIGHTEOUS INSTRUCTION!    Collaborations in diverse opinions is NOT the way of PEACE!

    For DELIVERANCE SAKE, the SAVIOR comes to RESTORE the FAITH, to DELIVER HIS PEOPLE from the LIES and CONFUSIONS of this present GLOBAL BABYLON!    Though ALL the variant "CAMPS" claim to preach the GOSPEL, the fact of the matter is that ALL the INSTITUTIONS of this EARTH have ALL IGNORED and NEGLECTED the MOST PRECIOUS TRUTHS that were once the BLESSED EXPECTATION of the EARLY CHURCH that the RULERS have long ago SLAUGHTERED and since COUNTERFIETED!    ALL are sons of the adversary who would HIDE and DENY the GREATER ANCIENT EXCEEDING TRUTHS!   There is yet to be RECOVERY!

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