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    Denai interviews Diane Conklin-GKIC Info Marketer of the Yr

    in Marketing

    Diane Conklin is Co-Founder of Complete Marketing Systems. She is an author, entrepreneur, coach and consultant, as well as an event planner. You have probably seen her on stage as she is also a speaker and her expertise in copywriting has been capitalized upon by thousands!

    As a direct response marketing expert, Diane specializes in showing busines sowners and entrepreneurs how to integrate their online and offline marketing strategies, media and methods, to get maximum results from their marketing dollars.

    Today, Diane shares their P.L.A.N. with Denai, which has only been available to coaching clients in the past, but an upcoming event will change all that, later this month!

    As a business and marketing strategies, Diane has been involved in numerous campaigns grossing over $1,000,000.00 several times in her career. As a speaker, Diane ha sshared the stage with the likes of Joan Rivers, George Foreman, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Harry Dent, Peggy McColl, Alex Mandossian, and many others. In 2010-2011, Diane was voted Glazer Kennedy (GKIC) Information Marketer of the Year for her innovateive marketing strategies and campaigns. The content shared in today's interview will bless you, your business, and your bottomline. Get ready to take notes and to mark this episode as a favorite!

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    Mia Davies joins Denai to discuss Video Marketing Advantages

    in Marketing

    Do you incorporate videos into your Marketing Plan?
    Are you ready to DO MORE with video marketing?
    Mia Davies, an expert on this topic, shares Tips for Getting Started, and enlightens you with ideas for videos simple, fun, and powerful videos. 
    She debunks a few myths about Internet vs. Network Marketing, and how she's achieved an income from both. This 6-figure income earner knows her stuff.
    This show is PACKED with content (and some freebies, too). WOOHOO!!!
    LEARN MORE:  Connect with Mia Davies online.
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    The EoP - BFly Denai, Shawn Gardner, Jazz Loren, WaWa Proj.

    in Culture

    Ellen Gee welcomes singer and owner of the store BeFramed B-Fly Denai, singer Jazz Loren, Author Shawn Gardner, and the ladies of The WaWa Project to this episode of The EoP on Blog Talk Radio.
    The California native turned Baltimore entrepreneur B-Fly Denai has an undeniable something that you can't help but notice. Maybe it's the free flowing locs or the beautiful chocolate skin. Maybe it's her sense of style or the energy that takes hold of your attention when she's in your space.  This singer and owner of the largest African-American Art Gallery in Baltimore drops in at 8:15 pm for a  visit to the show. 
    Author Shawn Gardner is an example of reform and determination. The Baltimore native is currently serving a life sentence but that doesn't stop him from turning his situation around and helping the youth to avoid or learn from his past. He is the Vice President and first author of Paper Chase Publishing and the Founder and President of Behind the WALL Mentors. Shawn joins Ellen at 8:30 pm to talk about his book A Hustlaz Dreams & Nightmares and his life. 
    Jazz Loren's style can be defined as R&B, hip-hop, and soul music. Between her vast range of runs, naturally pure tones, Jazz is an all-in-one artist. Her falsetto melodies with soothe your soul, her smile will excite you, and her personality will enlighten your spirit. Jazz joins the show at 9 pm.
    The ladies from The WaWa Project close out the show at 9:30 pm. The WaWa Project was created for the purpose of empowering people with disabilities through education and life skills training with the goal of creating inclusive and self-sustaining communities. 

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    Hear the REALITY behind being on a reality TV show...as Denai shares HER experience

    in Television

    No "newbie" to television, Carrie Stone, will be interviewing The Networking Queen on her own show! You will hear Denai's experience from being on a Reality TV show. The inside scoop...the TRUTH!!! Is it really that GREAT? Is it really that FUN? Is it all it is cracked up to be?!? Tune in to find out as this NEWBIE to TV is interviewed by a Veteran...who just so happens to also be our GUEST next week for another episode of Only3Degrees. We will discuss Carrie's new book, Defeating FEAR - wait until you hear the FEARS Denai has overcome. Listen to learn how Carrie's coaching can help you to do the same!!! All NEXT WEEK.

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    Find Your Spark: Interview with Denai Downs Vaughn

    in Business

    About Today's Guest:
    Denai Downs Vaughn dazzles with over 17 years of experience, and is known by thousands as TheNetworkingQueen, founder of ThiveWith5.com and CEO of Bee Buzz Promotions.  Denai is a radio host and creator of the international sensation, Only 3 Degrees-Where Business Meets Success on Blog Talk Radio, which since 2009 has garnered over 50,000 downloads.  She has interviewed and featured internationally recognized guests, such as Guy Kawasaki, Bob Burg, Viveka von Rosen, Carrie Wilkerson and more. 
    As an accomplished sought after speaker, author, television and radio personality, she delivers humorous, educational and riveting material that keeps her fans engaged every day.  Denai has the background and talent to capture any audience, online or off and her newest work, the book, Brand Identity, offers readers the chance to transcend and share a mindset on business and personal growth to last a lifetime.

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    Show Your Support for Denai Vaughn for"The Denai Show" on OWN

    in Business

    Last year, a mentor told me, "You have what it takes to be the next Oprah!" I didn’t believe her at the time, but at 35, why NOT live out another dream? I'm a mother, wife, sister, WAHM, diva, entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, Radio Talk Show Host, & with YOUR VOTE, The Next TV Star of OWN! My name's Denai Vaughn & I want to be Oprah's next Talk Show host. Anything & everything MLM, Network Marketing & Direct Sales is covered & UNcovered on “The Denai Show.” The Millionaires & Wanna-Be's all deserve to be heard! The WORLD impact of Network Marketing is obvious...just search online. Isn't it time YOU had a Talk Show letting YOU listen (and talk) about it?! From Prospecting to Products, Marketing to Money, the Charities & people they empower. Say YES to “The Denai Show” by clicking VOTE! Here's a sneak peek of what to expect from this Texas eMAH who’s gone from the "Big D" to Panhandle Country to live a dream. I have “the gift of gab” so let's CHAT below. First, click VOTE & SHARE. WOOHOO

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    RAW WomenTV: Revelations of Authentic Women (Meet Denai Vaughn)

    in Business

    Sadly in the early evening of November 7th, 2011, Denai Vaughn was killed in a tragic auto accident. Obviously I did not know it at the time, but this was my last interview with the remarkable young woman who was known to so many as The Networking Queen.
    Denai you will be sorrily and forever missed!
    Boldly introducing a new television genre, the talkumentary, RAW incorporates the one-on-one conversation element of a talk show with the authenticity of a documentary through its use of video journaling. So goes the description of an exciting new TV series in which open and honest dialogue delivers meaningful insights from the lives of several women, without falling into the maudlin sappiness of a self-created life drama such as the ones involving the Lindsay Lohans and Paris Hiltons. These are real women, talking about their lives in a real-world that is not obfuscated by celebrity and money. Ultimately, it is this salient reality that promises to deliver something of value which is the common experience from the everyday lives of some amazing people. Joining me this evening to continue the discussion that was started on our February 17th broadcast with RAW: Revelations of Authentic Women creator and visionary Janee Harrell, is one of the amazing five women who are featured on the program, Denai Vaughn.

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    Social Networking 101 with Denai Vaughn-The Networking Queen

    in Social Networking

    Do more. Be more. Achieve more. YOU ARE WORTH IT!
    There are simple tools, tips and techniques for increasing your networking success both online and offline. The difference is knowing WHEN you are ready to go to the next level and WHO to have help you shoot for the moon!
    Denai's skills and talents are capitalized upon each and every day by men & women around the world who seek to grow their business and minimize their bottom line. She is a woman who prides herself in connecting others with WHO
    they need to know WHEN they need to know them. Through strategic alliances and synergistic partnerships she continues to network with some of America's most loved and most amazing people, companies, and organizations. Many
    are impacting the nations!

    Denai has been blessed by having amazing coaches and mentors in her life, to include the renowned Master of Influence, Jason Sisneros, ever-knowledgeable Patrick Dougher of Doer Success Systems, and an incredible life coach, Darlene Stark. She continues her quest for knowledge by surrounding herself by the amazing instructors, to include the infamous Niurka, astonishing
    Michael Bernoff, Three-Time Olympian Rueben Gonzalez, comical Jerry Clark, sensational Chris Widener, and Erik "Mr. Brightside" Swanson. All have provided invaluable training, insight, motivation, and accountability. Another "feather in her cap" is being selected out of THOUSANDS
    to share the stage with many of these celebrities during their seminars and events throughout the United States!

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    Ask Coach Roger with Guest Denai Vaughn

    in Social Networking

    Typically, owners of small and mid-sized businesses that have been around for several years are facing at least one of the following challenges: - They want more time for themselves, as their business has taken over their life; - They wish they had a better team, hiring more of the right people, and giving them incentives to take ownership in the business; - They would like more sales and profits, by getting more leads and then compelling their IDEAL customers to do business with THEM instead of with their competitors
    Denai Vaughn is best known as The Networking Queen. She is the Founder & CEO of Bee the Buzz Promotions, which launched in 2008, and ExcellenceWorx, which launched in 2011. Denai has created an enterprise of networkers who understand there IS a way to increase their netWORTH through their (existing or growing) netWORK, and it doesn’t require thousands in advertising dollars to do that!

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    Part 3: Are You Uneasy Talking About Business w/Your Spouse?

    in Self Help

    Join Denai and co-host, Dale Little (host of Business Strategies that Work), in part 3 of this 5-part Special Edition Series, "Are You Uneasy Talking About Business With Your Spouse?"
    All relationships require give and take. Denai and Dale give you positive and proactive negotiation and compromise techniques that are effective in the home and in the workplace.
    Their candid conversations and real-life experiences are capitalized upon during this series that is igniting a new level of commitment, connection, and communication within marriages world-wide.
    Join us for the next 2 Monday nights as we continue our discussion and wrap up this series.
    Connect on Twitter:
    #MyBusinessMySpouse - to post comments or questions AND get answers

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    Two Hour Special: Back-to-Back Shows on Only3Degrees

    in Lifestyle

    The first show of this evening is the re-airing of Denai's original interview with Dana Barnett on August 12, 2011. Join Denai with special guest, Kim Reeves as they discuss Dana's impact in their lives and their reflections on this interview.

    After the show, stick around for the launch of getREAL with the getREAL Coach, Madelyn Vieth. Maddy is the newest edition to the Only3Degrees line-up, and actually the first new radio host since the launch of Only3Degrees in 2009. Tune in for her first episode immediately following the re-broadcast of Denai's interview with Dana Barnett, the first member of Isagenix's 400lb Club who recently passed away.

    Today's episode serves as a reminder of the strength, faith, persistence, and love Dana modeled. What an inspiration she was and shall continue to be.

    When you think something is impossible, listen to this interview.

    When you are feeling hopeless, remember Dana's wise words.

    When you are down and ready to stop or cave in, embrace the truth just like Dana had and then press on towards YOUR goal.


    ~ Denai