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    The Sunday Drive Talk with Sistah Janice &Consultant Dr Butler,Thur 3-26-2015

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    Hello family, this is your host Sistah Janice and thank you for listening to The Sunday Drive Talk, with our very own Consultant, Dr. Pastor Butler from The Honey Rock Baptist Church, located in Morristown, Tn, Amen! We are so delighted that you chose to fellowhip with us today.Today we are going to explore a different form of, "Spiritual Warfare," Knowing Your Salvation. There are two questions that we would like to begin exploring with you today, 1) If I am saved does that mean I can do anything and still go to heaven?, 2) If I forget to apologize for a sin before I die, does that mean I go to hell? Please stay tuned and lets explore together The Word of God.

    We would like to say thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors on Facebook, Twitter, Blog Talk Radio and WITA 1490am, thank you so much and God bless you for your continued support!

     Please don't forget about the wonderful celebration that will be happening this Sunday@ The Rock of Ages Baptist Church, it will be Dr Pastor Butlers, Fifth Pastorial Anniversary, Amen, Services will be held all day as well as a afternoon Celebration, beginning@3pm. Amen! For further information, please contact Pastor Butler on his facebook page and or The Rock of Ages Baptist Church Page, you don't want to miss this bless time in The Lord!

    Remember, Sistah Janice loves you, but God loves you best, have a victorious week in Jesus!

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    Dating all the way back to the early days of motorcycling, enthusiasts have always been drawn to the raw energy, speed and horsepower of racing. Throughout the first couple decades of the 1900’s, motorcycle racing was held on oval plank tracks, known as board tracks. The motorcycles which ran on these tracks were the ultimate in stripped-down powerhouses, with no brakes, and only a direct drive system in place of a transmission. Races were held all over the United States to the delight of crowds everywhere. Unfortunately, the danger of these races was all too real. After multiple horrific accidents resulting in the death of riders and spectators alike, board track racing was banned in the United States. While the machines survived, the sport of board tracking was seemingly gone forever; that is, until recently, when a group of enthusiasts have banned together to reinvigorate the lost art of board track racing. Held on dirt tracks instead of lumber ovals, the machines are still flying around in a display of raw power to the delighted smiles of crowds. This week, we at Classic Chrome have the pleasure of speaking with a few of the brave individuals keeping this high-octane sport alive and well. Interviewing Matt Walksler, noted builder, restorer, and award-winning racer, and Brittney Olsen, noted restorer and the only woman successfully competing in this dangerous sport!

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    Man Up simply means: I AM (personal) no longer relying on personal abilities but on God’s complete guidance. Knowing that if the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighted in his way – Psalm 37:23 

    I AM holding myself accountable dedicated and committed to a life of constant change and growth.

    N.O.W. is the time that I AM going to regain my birthrights in God with the standard that I AM no longer operating with a double mind (James 1:8) but I AM operating with the mind of CHRIST (Phil 2:5) that is within me ~  

    I AM Confidence-Courage-Hope-Faith-Belief-Trust _ GOD Is my source

    Pastor E

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    Justice Spotlight: Strange Case of Robert Durst w/ Legal Eagle David Diamond

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    Truth may be stranger than fiction, but no true crime tale in recent memory compares to the Robert Durst story. So buckle up, justice junkies! 

    Amy Beth is delighted to welcome back noted legal expert David Diamond to discuss the bizarre case against Robert Durst. The eccentric multi-millionaire heir to a vast New York real estate fortune has been living under a criminal cloud since his first wife’s disappearance in 1982. Implicated in the 2000 murder of his long-time friend and confidant Susan Berman and later acquitted of the murder of neighbor Morris Black, Durst’s strange life and alleged crimes resurfaced recently in the acclaimed HBO documentary series The Jinx. On the eve of that show’s sensational finale, Durst was arrested in New Orleans on a California warrant for Berman’s murder. We discuss all the twists, turns and latest developments in this compelling true crime story.

    And the usual hoopla: Free flow Pop Culture convo, Inspiration to Action shout-outs, humor, music and more!

    Questions/comments for David?

    Tweet before/during show @abwrites 

    Call during the show 347-857-4505 

    Join us LIVE or later on demand! 

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    Belvaspata World Radio: Inspirations from Jan- team Almine

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    Welcome to Belvaspata world radio with your host Denise O'Regan and Malue Wittusrose.

    This week we are delighted to have Jan Alvey "Dean of Belvaspata" join us as our special guest. Jan will share lots of her wisdom and experience working with Belvaspata, please join us for this inspirational hour.

    To learn more about Almine visit www.spiritualjourneys.com or www.belvaspata.org.

    Suruch-Heravik - Take joy in the peak experiences of your never-ending journey of existence. They are the milestones of 

    inspiration along the way. Almine, elfin quest card #4


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    Heal The Goddess - Heal The World

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    Please join Goddesses Fe'Laun, Shelley, and Sanchia aka Acharya's Daughters - Pillars of Ma'at for the debut of our show on Friday March 20th, 2015 at 8 PM edt. 

    Our first show will feature very special guests - World renowned Living Enlightened Master Teachers, Leaders of The Tybro Family, Evolved Avatars, our very own Mentors and Earthly Guides and so much more - Master Dr. Mitchell and Acharya Kathy Gibson!

    We are delighted and humbled as our Master Teachers will share their knowledge and wisdom with us and our beloved listeners.

    Our Masters will share their evolved perspective on the importance of Ma'at.

    Heal The Goddess - Heal The World is built on the ideal that life is co-created by woman and man; where the woman is the developer and nurturer of life. In order to be effective in her purpose it is beneficial that a woman be balanced. When the woman is in proper balance she is able to nurture the rest of humanity into proper balance. It begins with unity among women.

    The role of the male is very beneficial in the woman creating proper balance. It is important that man understand his role in the healing of the woman and in turn the woman must understand her role in the healing of the man. There needs to be proper balance in both parties understanding their roles and being knowledgeable and supportive of one another in creating a domino effect of balance for proper healing of humanity.

    Thank You Holy Creator!   

    Thank You M

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    Spring Equinox Guided Meditation: Release & Renew

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    To celebrate Spring’s arrival (in the Northern hemisphere) as well as today’s:

    total solar eclipse

    join Soul Dancer, Founder of Soul University (also a shaman in four traditions) for a short (30 minute) guided meditation.

    Collectively, we’ll experience Spring’s arrival with a guided journey to release what we need to release just in time to renew what we need to renew . . .

    In gratitude we bow to all who honor Mother Earth (Gaia) today . . .

    Care to share a gift? We’d be delighted! Click to share your support.


    Music: Ambiment, Clean Soul and Wisps of Whorls by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0.

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    Man Up simply means: I am (personal) no longer relying on personal abilities but on God’s complete guidance. Knowing that if the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighted in his way – Psalm 37:23 

    I AM holding myself accountable dedicated and comitted to a life of constant change and growth.

    N.O.W. is the time that I AM going to regain my Birthrights immediately in God with the standard that I AM no longer operating with a double mind (James 1:8) but I AM operating with the mind of CHRIST (Phil 2:5) that is in me ~  

    Confidence-Courage-Hope-Faith-Belief-Trust as GOD as our source

    Pastor E

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    Church On Sunday Morning: MARKED BY RIGHTEOUSNESS

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    [Mar 16:17 KJV] "And these signs shall follow them that believe", are words spoken by Jesus declaring might and ability given to those who would continue "in His name". Today's message Power is a Mark of Righteousness emphasizes the signs and wonders that will appear in the life of the believer. Welcome to Church On Sunday Morning at FMSM GOSPEL NETWORK! We are delighted to have you join us. Our mission is to serve the sick and shut and ALL those who desire to know Jesus more intimately. Today’s Message "MARKED BY RIGHTEOUSNESS" is delivered by The prophet Mary Washington, Pastor of Feed My Sheep Ministries. We invite you to listen to this powerful word from God! Also, Jumpstart your day with 15 minutes of Prayer, Praise and a Psalm" M - F at 6:30 am on Pure Word for Everyday Christians, then join Prophet Mary Monday - Friday at 8 am live on FMSM Gospel Network. Visit us online www.fmsmgospelnetwork.org and meet us here daily. Please keep Praying for us.  Ministry Partnership Feed My Sheep Ministries is a non-profit ministry. Our funds come from the loving gifts of those who find this ministry to be a blessing to them.  We believe that giving and evangelism goes hand in hand.  If we are a blessing to you please consider supporting us in the Lord's work.  We thank you in advance for your gift of love.

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    James DeShay & Thoughts. Love & Reflections Radio Show....

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    Following a six year dream, SC State University alumnus, James T. DeShay’s, ‘83, latest project has finally come to fruition. DeShay is delighted to announce the launch of his latest poetry book, ‘Thoughts, Love & Reflection’. The book is a beautiful display of poetry in which the true emotional depth of men is showcased. Proving that men are able to convey their deepest feelings without fear of being seen as weak, DeShay’s natural talent for moving his readers is evident within every page. “It is my desire to share my thoughts in a way that will benefit all races and genders. I want to dispel a lot the misnomers related to men,” explains the Orlando, Fla. native. He continues, “Stereotypes are a simple way of placing people inside a box; but sometimes the information belief is inaccurate and destructive. When stereotypes are used exclusively, they service only to deny people the wonderful opportunity to discover uniqueness of humanity.” DeShay sincerely hopes that his book will serve to destroy the ageold stereotype that men cannot share or communicate their deepest thoughts. Each page will also serve as an enriching journey into male thoughts relating to life, joy, love, happiness and reflection. “Readers will be able to free and embrace their own emotions, while taking a journey into the emotions of those around them. Above all else, they will be afforded an opportunity to spend many moments simply smiling and reflecting on the depth the poem’s thoughts have travelled in order to become a reality” DeShay adds. Serving as an instructor in the Orange County Public School System for 27 years, Deshay shares that writing has always been a part of his life but ultimately came to full fruition about 8 years ago.

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    Victorious Living

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    Victorious Living is a Christian Talk Show were we discuss the Spirit Mind Body and Soul. Dr. T. Jackson talks to us about the Medical Side of how we should take care of our bodies,while Minister J. Williams discusses the spiritual side of how we should take care of our bodies. Each week we address your prayer requests and the concerns we have for our communties as a whole. We ask you to send in your e-mail request to us @ 20victoriousliving.14@gmail.com. We will be delighted to address your concerns and prayer request. So, please stop by and hear what God is saying to you about your body.

    Thank You

    Be Bless!

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