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    Coversations with Emergent Studies Institute

    in Spirituality

     Emergent Studies Institute is a dynamic non-profit online learning environment. We employ innovative Internet technology to connect students and teachers in new ways. Educational programs may include experiments in sustainability (permaculture, ecological housing, humane animal husbandry), youth projects, community arts projects, and more. In addition to rigorous academic studies, our students practice engagement in heart-centered community service, supported by credible research and grounded in personal experience. Our programs are designed to be in-touch with the needs of students’ local communities, as well as recognizing our connection to a greater global society. ESI’s collegial environment encourages student/ faculty collaboration on mutually beneficial learning experiences supported by an affordable educational system that addresses each student’s needs and circumstances. We offer work-study and volunteer opportunities to reduce the cost of tuition. We believe both academic and practical training is built upon participants’ connection with Spirit.  It is this universal spirituality that connects us with ourselves and everyone around us. We all walk upon the path of Spirit, and just as the nautilus shell represents the soul’s journey, so do our graduates emerge with the understanding and commitment to build bridges in an ever-changing world.

    Social Networks:

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    Google+ Business Page


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    93.Tweed (FM Izum) Live Guest...TaMarah Esi

    in Hip Hop Music

    TaMarah Esi will be Live One-on One with Tweed Cadillac,speaking on the state of Hip-Hop America in her Stilletos.One of my many Spiritual advisors on the premises.Her new single will be Blasted called (Banga) ft.Sha-Rock...Low-rider Oldies at their Finest exposed in a rare and pure form.The only staion playing Funkadelic with The Temptations...Tell a Hater,2 Tell a Playa 2 tune in 2 this epic episode...no holds barred,no punches will be ducked...93.Tweed Fm (Izum) is by far the leader in Music by way of internet radio,with Legendary Guests.Our aim is 2 preserve the legacy of R&B legends and their contribution to the music industry.

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    in Indie Music

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    When Bringing Awareness to A Syndrome (22q11.2 Deletion) Becomes A Life Purpose

    in Spirituality

    How far would you go to create an awareness of a syndrome your child has? Would your life work involve developing research and awareness programs about it? It did for Mindy Taylor Dodge.

    Mindy's 16-year-old daughter Lauren has 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. Because of that, Mindy has made awareness of the syndrome her life purpose. Mindy founded 22q Colorado, a statewide network of family support, advocacy and outreach for those impacted by 22q. She regularly attends and presents at 22q conferences and workshops and was influential in Colorado state legislative action for the adoption of an official week making Colorado the third state to recognize the week of Aug. 22 as “22q Awareness Week.” She also worked with research/medical specialists to implement, develop and expand the 22q program at Children’s Hospital Colorado, 

    Each Monday at 12 noon PST/3 pm EST/8 pm UK, our host, Cindy Freeman, and her guests bring insights and ideas to help you grow in your Soul path. Cindy's guests are experts in many areas including spirituality, money, coaching, etc.  Most importantly her guests are experts on living their life with a purpose and are willing to share with listeners how they got there and how others might benefit from their experience. Join Cindy on Mondays live or archived to explore this area. Check out more information at Purpose Talk Radio and join the conversations on Facebook at Purpose Talk Radio Conversations.

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    Women Warriors - Be All You Can Be Against All Odds

    in Women

    Upcoming on Women Warriors (Jun 4th,Wed at Noon ET), our special guest LaTashia Satterrfield-Ogunlana, founder of Gye Nyame Consulting, a financial services consultation firm, will discuss the topic of “Being all You Can Be Against All Odds.”   Don’t miss this episode to learn key empowerment skills to help you be a leader in your life.

    LaTashia C. Satterfield-Ogunlana (O-gun-la-na) is an entrepreneur with field office experience to include financial and enterprise system implementation and training, audit management, interim Director of Finance, Interim Deputy Chief of Party and compliance training and internal audit management. She has participated in writing various proposals for USAID, Department of State, World Bank/Global Funds, Department of Education and private foundations.

    LaTashia has managed over 300 million US dollars in USAID funding, over 10 million in World Bank/Global Funds, and millions in grants from US Department of Education and Department of Labor. She is an ordained Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Church where she serves faithfully on the ministerial staff as the Minister to Women and Singles at the Star of Bethlehem AME Church in Baltimore, MD.  She preaches and presents workshops in the areas of self-esteem; female issues; relationships and sex education, finances, and African culture and religion.

    Her educational training in Catholic elementary and secondary schools enabled her to pursue a Master of Divinity at Virginia Union University Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology after completing her BS in Accounting from NC Agricultural and Technical State University.  In February 2011, she earned an Associate Certificate in Project Management from ESI & George Washington University.  To learn more visit www.gyenyameconsulting.net.



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    The Genetics of Congenital Heart Defects

    in Health

    Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests: Heart Mom Jennifer Reed, Dr. Angela Scheuerle (Tesserae Genetics), CHD Survivor Ben Weisbuch (Heart Hope Foundation), and Dr. Woody Benson (Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin) discuss what new genetic tests are available to assist with the diagnosis of CHDs and other problems, who should have genetic testing and how genetic testing can save lives.

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    ESI Production Specification

    in Legal

    The ESI Production Specification Form will govern the production requirements in connection with your E-Discovery Project.  In order to ensure accuracy, and the timely completion and delivery of the production, please utilize as much extra time as possible when completing the form.
    The ESI Production Specification with cover:
    Request and Due Dates Documents to be Produced Output Format Deliverables Special Instructions/Comments/Notes You will should also record your documents on a Document Collection Log, trace your data on a Data Collection Log, and follow your data production on a Chain of Custody Form.
    For more information on how to utilize these forms for your E-Discovery Project, contact A. Johnson & Associates, LLC, at 888-502-0586, or email me at: ajohnson@ediscoverynow.net.
    DISCLAIMER: We are not attorneys.  We are not engaged in rendering legal advice.  We are E-Discovery Project Management Solutions Specialists.  If legal advice is required, the assistance of a competent, qualified legal professional should be obtained.

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    Can YouTurn the 3 Flaws of the Human Mind into Super-Performance? Yes, you can…

    in Self Help

    Can YouTurn the 3 Flaws of the Human Mind into Super-Performance? Yes, you can…

    Thursday @ 1 pm (CST) Healthy Mind & Body radio present… Turning the 3 Flaws of the Human Mind into Super-Performance…

    Well, they may not exactly be flaws but it can seem that way if you aren’t controlling your brain. The unconscious mind is a marvelous mind but it needs guidance. Now, usually the only guidance it gets is from the TV, your family patterns, your political party or church groups or whatever it was that you were taught as a kid about how humans act. I’ll bet that no one ever showed you how to actually RUN YOUR OWN BRAIN.

    So what are they? TDELETION, DISTORTION and GENERALIZATION it’s how humans learn, store information and basically how they are able to do what they do… until things go wrong.  It's also the way that hypnosis, NLP works to re-organize and modify those patterns into something more useful. It's pretty simple to reprogram your automated responses to be what you want… instead of what someone else wants.

    So let’s get together today at 1 pm (CST) and talk how the brain does what it does and how you can use those very processes to make your life, your career, your family and your world FANTASIC, STELLAR AND WORTH LIVING!!!

    If you want to call into the show – 818-668-5406 
    leave a message or a question – 214-702-3774 
    Email drm@drmichaelharris.com

    I’ll talk to you at 1 pm (CST)

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    Can ESI Be Deleted By Debt Collector or Original Creditor?

    in Legal

    Hello folks and thank you for tuning in to another episode of the E-Discovery for FDCPA Pro Se Litigants Webinar.  I am your host, Anthony Johnson.
    In this E-Discovery Webinar, we will talk about whether ESI or "electronically stored information" can be deleted by a debt collector or original creditor. 
    It is a myth that deleting a computer file, such as a word processing document, will cause it to be destroyed.  When a computer user pushes the delete key to erase a document, one is not destroying the document data, but instead merely removing the pointer or computer address of the document.  Thus, it is not destroyed and can be retrieved.  So, if you have had a heated conversation with a debt collector, and the debt collector had said some things that were in violation of the FDCPA, he/she may want to delete that conversation.  That conversation may be found even though other parts of it may have been overwitten. 
    For more information about deletion of ESI by a debt collector, contact A. Johnson & Associates, LLC at 888-502-0586 or www.ediscoverynow.net.
    DISCLAIMER: We are not attorneys.  We are not engaged in rendering legal advice.  We are E-Discovery Solutions Specialists.  If legal advice is required, the assistance of a competent, qualified legal professional should be obtained.

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    eDiscovery Nuts and Bolts for Judicial Foreclosures

    in Legal

    The judicial foreclosure process can be a very daunting undertaking.  From the moment the Lis Pendens or Notice of Foreclosure is filed, the homeowner will be at a serious disadvantage if he/she does not understand how to respond.

    The first step is to file an "ANSWER" to the Lis Pendens.  Along with the ANSWER, the homeowner should file a first set of Admissions-Interrogatories, Request for Production of Documents, Expert Witness Interrogatories, and ESI Interrogatories.  This last set of interrogatories refers to "Electronically Stored Information" (ESI), the heart of what ediscovery is all about.  Finally, the homeowner should also send a "Legal Hold" or "Litigation Hold" notice to the opposing party which is an ongoing obligation to ensure that any and all relevant ESI is preserved for discovery purposes.

    Once that is complete, there is also a seven-step process I like to employ in efforts to obtain as much information as possible about a mortgage:

    1. ESI Debt Validation Letter

    2. RESPA Request

    3. Legal Hold

    4. Trust Information

    5. Rule 26(f) Questions

    6. Preliminary Joint Case Management Plan

    7. eDiscovery Identification and Preservation Questionnaire

    For more information, visit our eDiscovery for Foreclosure Resolution Webinar at www.ediscoverynow.net.  Click on the Webinar of choice to obtain the entry Password to the Webinar.  You may attend live or listen as a podcast.  eDiscovery forms, Sample Legal Hold, Joint Case Management Plan, Rule 26(f) questions will be provided. 

    Call 888-502-0586 for more information.

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    E-Discovery Nuts and Bolts for Wrongful Termination

    in Legal

    Electronic evidence has been described as e-mails, spreadsheets, word processing documents, audio, video, or any other content that has metastasized in a digital format.  In a wrongful termination situation, the fact-finding process will require you to uncover electronic evidence, especially if you are engaged in an employment discrimination case involving a charge of racial or age discrimination.

    You may file a charge of employment discrmination with the EEOC office closest to where you live, or at any one of the EEOC's 53 field offices.  Your charge, however, may be investigated at the EEOC office closest to where the discrimination occurred.  If you are a U.S. citizen working for an American company overseas, you should file your charge with the EEOC field office closest to your employer's corporate headquarters.

    Usually, you only have 180 days to file your claim.  Once you file the claim, you should also send a "LEGAL HOLD" or LITIGATION HOLD" notice to the opposing party.  A legal hold is a directive and an ongoing process to preserve "electronically stored information" (ESI), documents or physical evidence pertaining to your situation.  Your employer would be required to save any ESI that may be relevant to your charge.

    Tune in to our E-Discovery Nuts and Bolts for Wrongful Termination Training Webinar on Wednesday, January 29, 2014, @ 12 Noon, by visiting www.ediscoverynow.net.  Click on the Webinar for Wrongful Termination and pay the entrance fee and you will receive the PASSWORD to gain access to the Webinar.  The Webinar will teach you how to draft a Legal Hold, Rule 26(f) Memorandum, and furnish you with the E-Discovery forms necessary to obtain responsive electronic evidence for your case.

    Visit our website at www.ediscoverynow.net for more information on E-Discovery Nuts and Bolts for whatever your situation may be.

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