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    Combating Corruption

    in US Government

    Exposing Government Collusion,Corruption and abuse of power by public officials and US Government Agencies in order to control the people.

    Informing , educating and equipping the people with specialized knowledge and techniques to protect themselves when the long arm of Government comes after their family.

    Topics include ;

    How to protect yourself from Unconstitutional and illegal search and siezure by corrupt Law Enforcement and Government agencies including DSS and CPS agents.

    How to record illegal actions by Government Agencies against you and your family.

    How to know your local state statutes and Federal Laws.

    How to recognize and protect your children from illegal interrogations by CPS and Law Enforcement.

    How to connect with advocates who actually advocate for you and your rights.

    How to recognize red flags and avoid pitfalls set up by Government Agencies to trap you into a legal nightmare of their making.

    How to be proactive in your own case.

    How to obtain records and police reports.

    How to file Freedom Of Information Act demands.

    How to file local and state public records and open meetings laws demands for information.

    How to stay strong when you or one of your family becomes a target of Government retaliation and abuse of power.

    How to exercise your rights.


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    In Delaware, they shoot Negros

    in Politics

    In late August of 2015 in Dover Delaware a 21 year old man, Terrence Fletcher wanted for failure to appear on drug charges ran from police and was shot, reportedly without challenge or warning. The shooting may have been justified. Dover Police handling of the aftermath raises serious issues.
       Then another Dover man, Mr. Kemp reportedly shot an AK type semi-auto rifle into the air running from the road to his house, allegedly threatened police and his family creating a standoff. Police also told the press that Mr. Kemp was seen outside his home with the weapon and initially refused to drop it, after further discussion put his rifle down but would not comply and had to be taken into custody by using a taser.
      Following the Kemp incident, a horrific video recorded the fatal shooting of a wheelchair bound man Wilmington Delaware. Blog page can be seen at http://troubleindover.blogspot.com/2015/09/in-delaware-they-shoot-negroes.html .  These events amount to throwing gasoline on what some would call Delaware burning.

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    In Delaware, they shoot Negroes

    in Politics

    On August 28 in Dover Delaware, Capitol of Vice President Biden's home state a man was shot while evading police and charged with 'gun' offenses, then confessed within fairly short time. While the shooting of the fleeing felon may certainly have been justified the Dover Police Department's actions, along with elected official's statements to the media raise serious concerns. Police never looked for a weapon until public relations and senior officers arrrived at the scene. A video shows that a warrant for Fletcher's arrest may contain false and/or misleading information in support of probable cause.

    On September 23, 2015 Jeremy Bam Mcdole was shot and killed by Police in Wilmington. Mcdole, confined to a wheelchair for ten years was shot almost immedately upon contact according to a video recorded at the scene and was shot dead within one minute of the first blast without ever having displayed a weapon.

     Between these events, a Dover man - one Mr. Kemp was allegedly seen running from the middle of the road into his home by police and reportedly fired his semi-automatic military style rifle into the air, caused a standoff, refused to drop his rifle when confronted, then after dropping his rifle refused to comply with officers and was tazed. Mr. Kemp is a white male, Fletcher and the late Mr. Mcdole are black.
      In Delaware, they shoot negroes. http://troubleindover.blogspot.com/2015/09/in-delaware-they-shoot-negroes.html  

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    Cooler Temps, Even Cooler Things to Do....in Delaware

    in Current Events

    We will discuss a few upcoming events occurring in Delaware, but also in the city of Wilmington.  The holidays are right around the corner and there are so many things to see and do in the small wonder.  We will have a special guest who is in the know about all things Wilmington.  

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    Corruption and White Supremacy in Delaware

    in Politics

    Is Beau Biden incompetent, corrupt, a white supremacist, or some strange combination of the foregoing? Delaware historically is one of the most racially divided states in the nation. A remarkably high incarceration rate of African Americans and a justice system that apparently still abides by the Dred Scott decision.    Tonight we talk about the latest development in the case of Delaware v Issa, revisit the unlawful prosecution of another African American by the Kent County SPCA, and discuss the political system that allows this to occur.    We actually have an audio of Senator Coons doing the two step when confronted by a constituent about the lynchings in Dover. Surprise!    We will also discuss platform planks of the Independent Party of Delaware that address these issues.    Sitting in for Dr. Issa is Cathy Samardza, Independent Candidate for State Senate in 2012 and a longtime activist.  Wolfgang Von Baumgart, Independent Party of Delaware state chariman will be joining us also.  Dr. Issa's legal defense fund: http://hbcuinstitute.org
    Independent Party of Delaware Platform:  
    http://voteipod.blogspot.com David Adam's blog: http://thepeopleschampion.me Dover Delaware's Strange Fruits: http://doublebad.net 
    Our first Sponsor! My Dad and longtime actor
    Ned Beatty. Many people don't know that his first
    love is singing: http://nedbeattysings.com

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    RA: Corruption in Angola: Journalist Rafael Marques

    in Radio

    Rádio Angola (RA):  We have the honor to share a conversation with Angolan investigative journalist and human rights activist Rafael Marques, hosted by the Newseum Institute on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015. Mr. Marques has been awared several international prizes for his courageous reporting on conflict diamonds and government corruption in Angola. He is also the founder of the anti-corruption watchdog website Maka Angola.

    By The Newseum Institute

    Rádio Angola is one of the projects of Friends of Angola in Washington DC. Questions and suggestions can be sent to: info@friendsofangola.org.

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    State of Corruption Radio Volume 1

    in Radio

    SOC play their songs, other bands songs and talk like only SOC does...Tonight 9pm-11pm. Click our link and join us tonight.

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    Barbados, Month in review - Child Abuse and Corruption Worries

    in Radio

    Exposing corruption in Barbados and the month (January, 2016) in review.   (1)  I am a student at Harrison College.  I got into this school because I am bright, but Naked, I am one of the poorest students here.  And yes, I have sex with my teachers.  I have sex with them on the school premises, in their cars, at their homes and at the beach.  Anywhere we can hook up, we do.  But believe me Naked, they will be sorry in the future.  Why?  Because I plan on exposing them to the world.  (2)  Burned baby:   I know of a little baby boy who was burnt in a nursery in Barbados back in August, 2013.  He was 8 months old.  The nursery he was in was an illegal nursery but people were given the impression that it was legit.  Since that little boy was burnt, the nursery closed down and this was a big scene.  The owners are people who have money and big friends, up to now nothing has been done lawfully about that little boy because I have been watching and listening very carefully.  They lied to the father about how the little baby was burnt.  They even made sure the baby’s father was set up and sent to jail for a robbery.  I don’t even think that poor man knows what hit him!  People who went to give a statement in his defense ended up in jail.  That’s Barbados for you — that’s how they work.  (3) Peter Harris and the people of Barbados' concerns about him.  Etc. Etc.

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    Local Corruption in South Texas update 2-3-2016

    in Politics Conservative

    South Texas has been racked with cases of political corruption in the past few months, but this is not new to long time residents of the area. Political bosses have dominated for so long that many people have grown numb to the corruption and accpet it as a way of life. El Conservador and other grassroots media are trying to awaken the voters and citizens, reminding them that the defense of freedom and liberty starts in your backyard. 

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    America's Deadly Sins - Corruption at It's Finest

    in Politics

    Have you or anyone you know fell victim to the CPS system or THE system as a whole???

    This afternoon at 5:30 central time Lyra K. and Carrie H. will be broadcasting Christopher Bruce's talk show for him!  He has been arrested for SPEAKING OUT, yes, they have "their reasons"...  We have missing Patriots and some in jail too for "NOISE COMPLAINTS''  code for what WE DO AS AMERICAN'S with OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!! As some Anon Fam know Many of the Anon Fam has been taken into custody! Bare with Lyra and I while we are trying to fill the shoes of a man who's knowledge is great and can talk your ears off!

    We want to address the issues with some citizens who have been labeled missing, others detained for just speaking their rights!

    Please all Anon Fam and friends listen in To America's Deadly Sins talk show!  Be there so you can all and listen in or press 1 to voice your opinion! Thanks and God Speed with freeing the American Citizens wrongly detained!!!  

     DATE:  1/20/2016, WEDNESDAY.  TIME:  5 P.M. CENTRAL (3 PT, 4 MT, 6 ET); GUEST CALL-IN NUMBER:  347.324.5146..