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    CoffeeHouse on Magick Blvd. Guest Del Shores

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    HI Welcome to Coffeehouse on Magick Blvd. My guest today is Author, Playwrite, and Director,  Del Shores. He is the creator of "Sordid Lives", "Sordid Lives the Series," "Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got the Will," and his latest film "Blues for Willadean," Starring Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, Beth Grant, Dale Dickey, David Steen and the marvelous Debby Holiday.

    I told Del If I had the chance to interview any 3 writers it would be Tenneessee Williams, Del Shores, and Armestead Maupin.His characters are so real, honest, fragile and vulnerable. Del Shores is warm, funny, kind, and very graceious! This is one of my all time favorite interviews and I hope you enjoy it. 




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    Del Shores and Emerson Colins

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    We will be talking to Del Shores and Emerson Colins.  They have a production company together called Del Shores Productions.  They have in post production Southern Baptist Sissies which is a Drama. They both bring such a great twist to every movie they do.  Love the humor that Del adds to his writing/ productions within the middle of sometimes serious story lines. We are in the 21st century and still have issues with judging others in the life style they choose.  Del and Emerson helps open up the doors for discussion on these subjects with a light humor to it all--

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    Nick Augustine, J.D. announces he will run for Shady Shores, Texas Town Council

    in Politics

    On his 39th birthday, this Thursday, the 4th of December, 2014, Nick Augustine, J.D. announces his decision to run for an availalbe position on the Shady Shores, Texas Town Council. 

    Nick wants every resident to have an equal voice. No more being left in the dust while the town spends your money!

    Nick lives in the Chaparral Estates neighborhood in Shady Shores and he is a local business owner, public relations and marketing professional at Lone Star Content Marketing in Denton, Texas. Nick works for himself and wants to hear what you want. Call him anytime at (940) 498-2863!

    Nick is honest, fair and pledges to support and uphold the Texas Constitution and laws. Nick believes in equal representation among all Shady Shores, Texas residents. Nick values honesty, transparency and flexibility. 

    Nick will frequently share updates on the campaign on his Facebook page. You may also learn more about Nick and his career on LinkedIn. 

    Vote For Nick for Shady Shores Town Council in 2015! 

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    The Return of Del Shores

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    Our interview with Del Shores was such a hit that we decided to play an encore airing of the hilairious interview.
    Del Shores, author/actor/humorist, joins us to talk about his current 40 city tour of his new one-man show "Del Shores: Naked. Sordid. Reality."
    As a playwright, Del cultivated his talents with award-winning runs of Daddy's Dyin'...Who's Got the Will?, Cheatin', Sordid Lives, Southern Baptist Sissies, The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife and Yellow.
    On television, Del has written for everything from Dharma & Greg to Queer as Folk and of course the hugely popular Sordid Lives: The Series.
    His new film, Blues For Willadean stars Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (The Help), Beth Grant (The Artist) and Dale Dickey (True Blood).
    Del discusses his one-man show where he delves into not only his southern upbringing, but topical issues like his current email relationships with Kirk Cameron and Newt Gingrich. Plus he shares the backstory on how Sordid Lives: The Series met it's early, and undeserved, end.
    For more about Del, visit his website: www.delshores.net
    And find him on Facebook at: facebook.com/delshoresfanclub

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    Los usos sagrados y espirituales del tabaco

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    Los usos sagrados y espirituales del tabaco es el tema que vamos a tocar en el dia de hoy. Este es uno de los instrumentos mas controversiales en la espiritualidad debido al estigma asociado con el fumar. El tabaco o los puros son un regalo de la madre naturaleza que nuestros antepasados supieron valorar. Las culturas indigenas aprendieron sus secretos y lo empleaban en cantidad de ceremonias espirituales para desarrollar, alabar, agradecer, honrar, y expiar entre otras cosas mas. Si deseas saber como puede esta planta servir tu espiritualidad entonces escucha el programa de hoy. 

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    21 Sintomas del Despertar Espiritual

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    21 Sintomas del Despertar Espiritual, este es el tema del dia. El despertar espiritual es un tema que probablemente hayas escuchado pero aun no tienes seguridad de lo que significa pero si tienes curiosidad de entender. Escucha este tema para que aprendas cuales son y para que veas si personalmente estas experimentando estos sintomas en tu vida personal. El crecimiento espiritual trae cambios muy favorables a la vida e las personas y cuando podemos identificar los sintomas podemos sacar verdadero provecho de este despertar. 

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    Hablar del corazon

    in Current Events

                                      Esta es la primera transmision de este programa. hablando del corazon con preguntas y commentarios de el proposito de este programa. Solo invito al oyente a que preste sus oidos a escuchar y tratemos de hacer sentido a lo que esta pasando en la sociedad y en que direccion vamos. No podemos entender el presente ni el futuro si no estudiamos y entendemos el pasado. Este programa es disenado para las personas del habla espanol,  para estudiar: eventos actuales , historia politica, religion, y noticias importantes que estan sucediendo en nuestro mundo.

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    The War Is On Our Shores - LaMar Stephens

    in Lifestyle

    RETV Examines the Black Youth Violence Crisis in New Docu-Series
    (Jersey City's) Peace March & Mini-Concert 
    (There is a war on our shores!  And the enemy is not some dark, sinister foreign entity - it's homegrown, right here in our midst.  The Black youth violence crisis is alarming, fueled by the enemies of peace and tranquility -- ignorance and apathy.  We must declare war, and fight vigorously to rescue our Black youth from extinction.  RETV, a popular YouTube channel headed by LaMar Stephens of New Jersey-based Rap Entertainment, Inc., is creating a three-part docu-series entitled "Cities In Crisis," which will examine the problem under a microscope, laying out both the problems and the solutions, featuring celebrities such as rappers T.I., Common, Ice Cube and Talib Kweli, along with educators, actors and community activists, who all drop their own brands of knowledge and wisdom regarding the Black youth violence crisis...because after all, if it "takes a village" to raise a child, it will most certainly "take a village" to save him/her.

    In conjunction with the docu-series, RETV is sponsoring a Peace March and Mini-Concert, scheduled for Sunday, October 26 in Jersey City, NJ's Greenville section.  Jersey City has been one of the battlegrounds of this war, and peace warriors there are supporting the RETV effort by hosting this event, designed to 
    bring calmness to their city.  It is Stephens' strong desire that more communities across the country will join the fight.  He will film the Jersey City event for airing on RETV, as a battle plan for others to follow.

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    21 Sintomas Del Despertar Espiritual (Parte II)

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    Escucha el tema de hoy para que aprendas los sintomas restantes del despertar espiritual. El despertar espiritual es algo que sucede en algunos seres humanos y los sintomas que estaremos compartiendo en el dia de hoy te ayudaran a entender o confirmar si tu eres de los seres humanos que estan experimentando un gran despertar. Este proceso es algo que cambiara tu vida para siempre y te permitira vivir en alta vibracion con todo el univero. El que recibe este despertar suele a ser un ser humano mas feliz, mas completo y en fin esta en armonia con todo y todos los que le rodean.  Estas experimentando este despertar? escucha hoy para que lo descubras por ti mismo(a).

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    Lecciones Espirituales Del Mundo De Las Plantas

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    Lecciones Espirituales Del Mundo De Las Plantas, hoy vamos aprender sobre las lecciones que la madre naturaleza guarda para todos nosotros. Somos parte de la mare naturaleza y debemos estar en armonia con todo lo que es ella. Desde sus ciclos, sus procesos y mas para vivr una vida en armonia y conectada con todo el universo. El conectarnos con todo lo que nos rodea, puede invitar armonia, salud y bienestar a nuestras vidas y a la vida de nuestros seres queridos. Aprende todo lo que el mundo vegetal de las plantas tiene que decirte en el tema de hoy.

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    Interview with Legendary Filmmaker Del Weston on his 1st Book!

    in Books

    Renowned filmmaker and Television host Del Weston is known for saying it like it is, and with his new book on independent filmmaking, Weston’s tongue remains true to his nature. 

    The Top 100 Indie Filmmakers In The World Part 1, now available on iTunes, showcases the world’s best independent filmmakers in a way never before seen in print or otherwise.  Their hopes, their dreams, their work along with links to the people who have molded them and their craft are explored and revealed.
    Weston, the creator of the AOF Festival and host of DelWeston On Film, gets feverishly and entertainingly honest in the read-this-before-shooting manual. 

    The Top 100 Indie Filmmakers In The World Part 1 features chats with such filmmakers as Stan Harrington, Tyler Williams, Michelle Muldoon, Aaron Kurmey, and Mark Giardino. 

    “The people represented in the book were culled from both my experiences as a filmmaker and those of the creator and producer of the hugely successful Action on Film International Film Festival. Each person deserves his or her place in this book.  They have shown that they have what it takes to wear the badge of an artist and filmmaker.”
    The success of Part 1 has paved the way for sequels, says Weston. 

    The Top 100 Indie Filmmakers In The World Part 1 is available on iTunes.


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