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    Episode 2853 - Defeating Self - Peter and Verlie Hobson

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2853 - Defeating Self - Peter and Verlie Hobson 
    Full Salvation Fellowship www.fullsalvationfellowship.com
    Recorded 9-29-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio,com

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    Defeating the gas companies with Paul Webster

    in News

    The Common Law Court Of Wales radio broadcast on United resistance radio on blogtalkradio.

    Defeating the gas companies with Paul Webster, on the Common Law Court of wales radio broadcast with host Darren Latham.

    Paul explains how to use the bills of exchange act in defending yourself in court, against the gas companies and bailiffs.



    twitter// commanlawcourtofwales@gmail.com


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    Defeating Fear, Embracing Love: How To Conquer Fear for Good and Choose Love

    in Relationships

    Defeating fear can be a major obstacle for many people. They say the only thing to fear is fear itself. But fear is a very real thing in all of our lives. We can fear failure and rejection in our personal and professional relationships. Fear and Love are the only two human emotions that truly exist. If we have fear we can not experience love and when we are love, all fears and negative emotions dissipate. Where to do you fall? Do you live with fearful emotions of anger, depression, insecurity, worthlessness and anxiety? Or are you joyful, peace-filled and happy with your life and living in the space of love?

    During our broadcast we will discuss how fear can manifest in your romantic relationships and cause you to behave in ways that could be disastrous to your love life. We will discuss how you can start to get control of your fears and the negative emotions that go with that and replace them with love.

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    In the News - Putin Defeating Isis?

    in Current Events

    Let's Talk! The End Point with host Tim Campbell is a 100% listener driven broadcast. Call in at (646) 716-9430 between 10 to 12 CST to discuss your ideas, questions, opinions, insights or just to talk - I will be fair to all concerns, all viewpoints. I will get the ball rolling with news of the day, informative clips, scripture, prophetic dreams or what's going on in my universe but will freely take all callers as they come and I will give you ample time to speak.

    Looking at the book of Joel later in the broadcast tonight and some interesting new prophetic dreams...

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    Got to Get Myself Together 2 - Stop Self-Defeating Behaviors

    in Spirituality

    Got To Get Myself Together! 45 Days Challenge - Enlarging Your Territory - Knowing Better Means Doing Better. This is the second show for this challenge. The topic is "Stopping Self-defeating Behaviors."

    Self-defeating behavior is defined as “Those that engage in a cycle of failures in attempts to fulfill something they want. It can be a need for intimacy, affiliation, control, or acceptance which results in mental health difficulties which can include depression, social isolation, and anxiety.” Without trying to sound too academic SDB is about setting yourself up for failure with or without your own knowledge. You might ask yourself “Why do I do this? Is there something wrong with me?” Well to keep things short and sweet, something in your past has caused you to react to certain situations the way you do. You need to renew your mind and transform yourself to get rid of all this negative behavior.

    Learn the 5 ways to stop self-defeating behaviors and how to live a more abundant fulfilling life.

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    Defeating Distractions w/ Coach Lilisa on the New Woman Empowerment Show

    in Motivation

    The New Woman Empowerment Show is a powerful radio talk show that airs weekday mornings to motivate, empower, encourage, and inspire you to do BIG things in life. The show is produced, created and hosted by Lilisa J. Williams, MBA. Weekly topics are designed to help you set goals to reach your personal, professional, entrepreneurial and Spiritual Success. Topics discussed on the show have been selected to bring you up to date information on how to make a success of your business and your life. Tune in Weekday mornings @ 8:30 am (est) for strategies that will help you on your path to greatness as a woman, entrepreneur, professional, community leader and individual. The show is brought to you by PSUI. To listen or speak to the host call 347-945-7991.The show has been on the air since April 2007. Get Your Day Started with some MEEi Time!


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    The Power of Truth! Defeating Demons

    in Religion

    Paul & Linda use Psalms 54 as a template to guide the listener deeper into this vast spiritual warfare message contained within this ancient writing. You will learn 1. The Prayer for Deliverance, 2. The Reason for the Prayer (demonic oppressors), 3. The Power of using God's TRUTH and 4. The Results Obtained from God's TRUTH.

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    Conversations with Gail with Hostess Gail Butler

    in Motivation

    Through Conversations with Gail also known as CWG, we aim to improve mindsets and attitudes that are self-defeating and destructive. 

    CWG will talk about a variety of subjects such as Relationship Enrichment; Achieving Greater Intimacy; Effective Communication; Making and Implementing Positive Changes; And much more.

    Keeping it real and filled with love, it is with great pleasure that we present, Playwright, Inspirational Speaker, and tonight’s hostess Gail Butler.


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    Ben carson spread wings and fly

    in Religion

    Defeating the islamic state

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    Empower Yourself! Author and Psychotherapist Rita Soman!

    in Spirituality


    What if you learned that it is possible for you to create a life you desire to live. And if so, how would you like to visualize living your life today? Author and Psychotherapist Rita Soman, is an expert in helping people with issues related to physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of their life, including addictions and mental health related problems. She creatively uses a blend of psychotherapy and scientifically proven known as PSYCH-K® (developed by Robert M. Williams), which has been highly recommended by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Author of book, The Biology of Belief. With over 25 years of experience, Rita believes that the methods she uses in her practice, are the most effective and life-transforming, work very well with most other healing modalities.

    Most psychotherapists & mental health professionals work only with the conscious mind. They are unaware of this very important fact, that the subconscious mind controls 95-99 percent of most behaviors and biology and plays a big role in decision making. So it is not that by choice that people keep suffering and relapsing, but it is because they hold beliefs that are contrary to their goals, automatically cause them to make improper decisions & engage in self-defeating behaviors. As a result they experience failure after failure. Once the limiting beliefs are replaced with positive and self-empowering beliefs, success then becomes a self=fulfilling prophecy