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    CB- 10 Reasons to Declutter Now...

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Cafecito Break Virtual Livingroom Space with your hosts Rosangel Perez & Ruthie Guten.

    Our topic today. 10 Reasons to Declutter Now...

    Time for some early decluttering of stuff, people, places, habits.  Let's clear out some energy and embrace the beautiful abundance on its way! 

    Join us every Monday Morning for a live Cafecito Break Podcast at 11am est.  Learn more: www.cafecitobreak.com/

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    Declutter and Manifest More

    in Spirituality

    Declutter, revitalize and energize your life!  Everyone has a closet or desk where things just keep piling up and/or accumulating. Everyone wants to get organized but not every one knows how to do it.  Clutter happens because we have things we think we’ll use later, items that have sentimental value, or you feel you spent good money on it and you hate to throw it away.  Many times these things feel like they are connected to us.  In a way, they are connected to us energetically.  To manifest new things in your life, you need to get rid of old energy that blocks the flow coming to you. You don’t have to get rid of everything, just some things and declutter.   Join Lisa K. and her special guest Niki Payne, as she and Niki guide you in learning a few easy steps to simplify and declutter your environment, thereby creating new and positive energy in your life.   Between Heaven and Earth is a radio show where you can learn some practical and useful tools for helping you connect to divine guidance and assist in your everyday spirituality. Do you find that you would like to have more inner peace, be more connected to your spirit, learn practical ways to stay on your path of personal growth?  Each month we guide you during our show on ways to help you with your day to day spirituality.   Join Host Lisa K. and her co-hosts for a monthly radio show, the first Tuesday of every month. Each month will feature a variety of spiritual topics with special guests. You are welcome to listen live or download an episode from the archives at http://www.betweenheavenandearthradio.com. To find out more about Lisa K., visit her website at http://www.LMK88.com.  

  • Let's Declutter in 2015! Pull It Together with Erika Black

    in Motivation

    Fun, Inspiring and Practical discussions on Life, Love and Making It Count! Host Erika Black is Life-Coach and the owner of Pull It Together and is all about helping people move forward, acheive their goals and dreams, live with joy, intention and make a difference.

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    The universe wants you to declutter and here's how

    in Self Help

    Feeling overwhelmed with clutter? Having difficulty thinking clearly? Do you desire more joy and 

    freedom in your life? Energies are changing and the universe is making available to you the energy

    to raise your vibration and let go of clutter, physical and mental. Tune in to this incredible show and learn

    how to declutter with ease and grace to experience more in life!  Call in for a mini "Wealth & Wisdom" reading


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    Declutter you Spiritual Life! Examen within...

    in Self Help

    This week in our month long focus on Decluttering, Kimber and Nicole will take a look at our lives as Spiritual beings and the necessity for decluttering our inner world. Find out ways you can stay intune with the still small voice within and clean up the constant clutter that pulls you out of sync.

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Declutter Your Life NOW!

    in Fitness


    Your house needs a purge, so does your brain.  Where on earth to begin.  First make a decision to DECLUTTER.  Take a long hard look at your house and hold firm.  Begin with acceptance.  Nothing stays around forever without your consent.  Do you have a storage locker?  Do you know what's in it?  If you don't embrace cleaning up YOUR STUFF, your kids are going to have to throw everything out.

    Begin with inventory.  Sorry, but sentiment cannot enter into the decision to give it away or throw it out.  Got family heirlooms, pass them on to your kids.  Sell YOUR STUFF on the internet or hold a garage sale.


    When you declutter your house, your brain...etc.

    When you make a decision ACT ON IT...etc.

    Sell your vintage clothes on...etc.

    Furniture on consignment...etc.


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    Declutter Freedom

    in Self Help

    Do you open the closets and feel overwhelmed just thinking about having to find something? Do you have rooms in your house that you just close the door in hopes that when you open it again everything will be tidy and in place? Are you struggling with the overwhelming clutter in your cupboards, closets, home or heart?
    Join Women of Great Expectation host Annette Milanowski as she shares practical tips to decluttering your home and biblical principles that will declutter your heart as well.

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    Declutter Your Environment! Move from Overwhelmed to Organized

    in Self Help

    Join us for a month of Decluttering in September! We kick off the month with decluttering our Environments.  A cluttered environment often keeps us in overwhelm and blocks us from greater clarity in all aspects of our life. Take a look at how you might need to declutter as Kimber and Nicole offer organizational tips for greater clarity and effectiveness in your life. You'll take away strategies, systems, and smarts that will increase your energy & productivity! 

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    How Colour Psychology Can Help You in your Day to Day Living

    in Self Help

    Tamara Lisa Graham is a Interior Decorator, Colour Psychologist, Author, Speaker

    Ms T Lisa Graham is well known for being a leader in her industry and continues to strive to bring light to all she does. After being through such a rough start in life she lets nothing stand in her way.

    Being a single mom to a beautiful gifted child, she has proven that nothing can stand in her way and owning a very successful Interior Decorating company delivering a concept that brings wellness to one’s life, writing a book and being an inspiration to many people wanting to better their life is the simplest ways. Tamara continues to climb the ladder of life with grace and style.

    Certified Interior Decorator, Colour Psychologist, Author and public speaker – T. Lisa Graham is also owner of an amazing Interior Decorating company, TLG Interiors located in Toronto, Canada.

    Services include but are not limited to:

    Colour Consultations
    Space planning

    With a team of qualified professionals, TLG Interiors is able to maintain the highest standards when it comes to home renovations projects.

    TLG Interiors see that every homeowner or business professional wants the best in their surroundings and her company is capable of making that happen for you.

    To learn more about Tamara and her company you can visit her website at www.tlginteriors.com

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    Declutter Your Closet for the New Year

    in Spirituality

    When you get dressed, do you dread looking through your clothes? Have you ever found yourself saying...I have nothing to wear and yet have loads of clothes stuffed on the racks/ shelves of your closet?

    The Goddess Diaries empowers women to remember their/they're magic! Listen in to hear messages of moon magic, Goddess lore and occasional tips for getting in touch with your womanly instincts!

    To sign up for the newsletter: http://eepurl.com/XW6hX

    Find The Goddess Diaries on Facebook! www.facebook.com/TheGoddessDiaries.

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    power of perception coaching with June Saruwatari

    in Spirituality

    For nearly twenty years, June Saruwatari, author of Behind The Clutter: Truth.Love.Meaning.Purpose., has been transforming hundreds of peoples' lives by coaching them to design a life they absolutely love! While the core of her work has focused on all layers of the organizing process (mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical), June has also acted as a life and business coach, counselor, advisor, productivity and time management expert, therapist, designer, stylist, and other roles in order to help clients simplify, declutter, organize, curate, and create their best lives. 

    As founder and owner of The Organizing Maniac™, June brings a spiritual perspective to the decluttering process with her unique philosophy of Truth.Love.Meaning.Purpose™. Her wildly effective and fun methods have helped to shift not only her clients' day-to-day habits, but their consciousness as well.  The intention of her work has always been the same: to help people live “life as art,” approaching each day as a blank canvas with infinite possibilities.

    June has served as a coach, teacher, consultant, and lecturer for dozens of businesses and groups, including CEOs, investment bankers, attorneys, judges, architects, artists, politicians, writers, rabbis, university professors, housewives, mothers, children, Hollywood producers, and celebrities. 

    She has appeared on The Nate Berkus Show, co-hosted the first season of TLC’s Home Made Simple, been featured in numerous books and publications such as Woman’s Day, and acted in numerous television shows, films, and commercials.

    You can find out more about June at www.junesaruwatari.com.