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    The universe wants you to declutter and here's how

    in Self Help

    Feeling overwhelmed with clutter? Having difficulty thinking clearly? Do you desire more joy and 

    freedom in your life? Energies are changing and the universe is making available to you the energy

    to raise your vibration and let go of clutter, physical and mental. Tune in to this incredible show and learn

    how to declutter with ease and grace to experience more in life!  Call in for a mini "Wealth & Wisdom" reading


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    Declutter you Spiritual Life! Examen within...

    in Self Help

    This week in our month long focus on Decluttering, Kimber and Nicole will take a look at our lives as Spiritual beings and the necessity for decluttering our inner world. Find out ways you can stay intune with the still small voice within and clean up the constant clutter that pulls you out of sync.

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Declutter Your Life NOW!

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    Your house needs a purge, so does your brain.  Where on earth to begin.  First make a decision to DECLUTTER.  Take a long hard look at your house and hold firm.  Begin with acceptance.  Nothing stays around forever without your consent.  Do you have a storage locker?  Do you know what's in it?  If you don't embrace cleaning up YOUR STUFF, your kids are going to have to throw everything out.

    Begin with inventory.  Sorry, but sentiment cannot enter into the decision to give it away or throw it out.  Got family heirlooms, pass them on to your kids.  Sell YOUR STUFF on the internet or hold a garage sale.


    When you declutter your house, your brain...etc.

    When you make a decision ACT ON IT...etc.

    Sell your vintage clothes on...etc.

    Furniture on consignment...etc.


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    Declutter Your Environment! Move from Overwhelmed to Organized

    in Self Help

    Join us for a month of Decluttering in September! We kick off the month with decluttering our Environments.  A cluttered environment often keeps us in overwhelm and blocks us from greater clarity in all aspects of our life. Take a look at how you might need to declutter as Kimber and Nicole offer organizational tips for greater clarity and effectiveness in your life. You'll take away strategies, systems, and smarts that will increase your energy & productivity! 

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    Declutter your Body! Learn to remove the obstacles to your Physical Well Being

    in Self Help

    Having Decluttered our environments and inner world our fourth week's focus will give attention to decluttering our Physical wellbeing, the last component that contributes to a healthy whole person. Get tips on decluttering and implementing healthy lifestyle tips to revitalize your whole life.

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    Declutter your Emotional Life! Learn to Navigate the Feeling Scale

    in Self Help

    This week in our month long focus on Decluttering, Kimber and Nicole will talk about our need for Emotional Decluttering. Our emotions are most greatly affected through relationships, so evaluating the emotional clutter that arises through relational interaction is imperative for a healthy life. Tune in and check-in for tips on remaining emotionally healthy.


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    Declutter Freedom

    in Self Help

    Do you open the closets and feel overwhelmed just thinking about having to find something? Do you have rooms in your house that you just close the door in hopes that when you open it again everything will be tidy and in place? Are you struggling with the overwhelming clutter in your cupboards, closets, home or heart?
    Join Women of Great Expectation host Annette Milanowski as she shares practical tips to decluttering your home and biblical principles that will declutter your heart as well.

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    DeClutter Your Life, Space & Prosper-Take Charge of You!

    in Self Help

    A unique show about two Guests that share with us some different survival techniques along the way to wellness. 
    First -  Sherry Ways launches her new EBook"Declutter Your Life, Space and Prosper", all about surviving the clutter and confusion in your life. Have you ever asked yourself these common clutter questions:
    Where do I start decluttering and what can I do about it? How do I deal with the piles of mail and magazines? What do I do if my family is the clutter problem? What if I am too lazy to deal with my clutter problem? Listen in as Sherry gives us some tips to help declutter our lives. 
    Second- Erika Licon, Holsitic Lifestyle Expert and Attorney, joins us to talk about her life altering experience and how she has learned to realize the bliss and joy in her life as a result. 
    Two wonderful women, with two different stories to help you declutter you life and enhance your spirit. 
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    019: WOW! Wholehearted Living with Alicia Economos

    in Entrepreneur

    Become your biggest fan by de-cluttering your life and getting through the STUFF -- the emotional, physical, and spiritual STUFF! Listen in to this transparent conversation with Alicia and Learn how getting to the core and nurturing your relationship with you will give you incredible results that stick. 

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    Reclaiming Space: Get a Handle On Your Paperwork

    in Self Help

    One of the biggest challenges people face in getting organized is PAPERWORK! Somehow the flow seems neverending - ignore it for a short period of time and it can seem like you're buried in paper, and there's still more coming in! In this episode of Reclaming Space, Tracy interviews Certified Productive Environment Specialist Lori Vande Krol.

    Lori Vande Krol founded Life Made Simple LLC, based in Des Moines, Iowa, in 2005. As a certified organization and productivity consultant, Lori helps individuals and businesses better manage their time, space and information. Using a unique 5-step process, she works with clients to determine the best solutions to their specific challenges. Through education, training and experience, Lori has developed systems and tools that save you time, energy and money -- all resulting in less stress. Lori is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals and find balance in their lives, allowing more time for what matters most. Learn more at http://www.alifemadesimple.com/

    Tracy K. Pierce is a Clutter Coach, Holistic Organizer, and the creator of the Reclaim Your Space, Reclaim Your Life Programs. She is the owner and founder of Synergy Organizing and Synergy Wellness. Her mission is to propel her clients towards the realization of their ideal lives. Tracy assists holistically-minded and motivated people who are sick and tired of their clutter reclaim space for what matters most. Learn more at www.SynergyOrganizing.com.

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    in Women

    Coach Anna McCoy shares with us things we can do to declutter our mind,body and spirit.

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