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    FaceBook Deactivated My Page Because I Criticized OBAMA!

    in Politics Conservative

    CJ Pearson is my guest this morning.  CJ is a rising star in the Conservative movement.  He has gotten attention from front runners in the Republican Party like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.  This guy has a large and growig following on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

    One of the oddest things about this guy is that Obama had his facebook page deactivated because he dared to use his "Freedom of Speech".

    CJ has the pulse of the Millenials and the ear of the Republican Party.  The thing is HE'S ONLY 12!  OH, did I mention Black too?

    If one word could describe CJ Pearson, it would be effective. At 12 years old, CJ Pearson commands a brand, following, and political message that inspires the youngest of followers to even an older generation of conservatives. Since the age 8, CJ has considered himself a conservative. With a Facebook base of over 29,000 followers and a YouTube Channel Viewership of well over 2Million, in less than two months, CJ Pearson’s work can be seen in many networks. He’s been featured on Fox News, the Washington Times, USA Today, and from commentators including Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham.

    Strongly believing that young people, regardless of political affiliation, must become involved in the political process, CJ founded the Young Georgians in Government. He currently serves as Executive Director where he has introduced pieces of legislation to the Georgia General Assembly, he’s fought for real solutions facing young people across Georgia and has made large strides to engaging young people in the political process.

    CJ Pearson may be available for your next special event!  Please email dustin@dbcmanagementcompany.com or visit us online!

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    YGY 2015 Series Preview Show: Angels-Yankees (6/5-6/7)

    in Baseball

    On this episode of the Yanks Go Yard Radio Show, brought to you by KNODA.com, host and senior staff writer RIcky Keeler will give his takeaways from the Yankees sweep over the Seattle Mariners. This includes the grand slam hit by Mark Teixeira off Felix Hernandez on Monday, the comeback in the ninth on Tuesday, and Masahiro Tanaka striking out nine Mariners over seven innings on Wednesday. Plus, how will the Yankees use their bullpen now that they have deactivated David Carpenter. 

    Then, our friends at Halo Hangout will join Ricky to help us preview the Angels-Yankees series that takes place in the Bronx this weekend. They will discuss the team's recent hot streak after a disappointing start, Mike Trout, Albert Pujols' hitting six home runs in his last seven games, and they will re-visit the Josh Hamilton situation. Plus, they will breakdown the pitching matchups and give you their hitters to watch for this series. 

    As always, you can interact with the show by calling us at (347)-324-5455 or tweeting us: @YGYRadioShow!!!

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    Facebook and Native Americans Names

    in Politics


    To reestablish a Facebook account after being accused of using a fake name, users must submit one government-issued ID such as a birth certificate, passport or voter identification card or two other forms of identification such as library card and a yearbook photo. The company appears to have been questioning certain Native users since at least 2009, when it deactivated Parmelee Kills The Enemy’s account. More recently, on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Facebook deleted a number of Native accounts. In one case, the company asked users Shane and Jacqui Creepingbear for identification to prove that they weren’t using fake names.Facebook’s 10-year-old real-name policy stipulates that users “provide the name they use in real life.” However, the social network doesn’t require people to use their legal names, according to an open letter the company’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, posted last October. In the letter Cox apologizes to ”drag queens, drag kings, transgender [people], and [to the] extensive community of our friends, neighbors and members of the LGBT community” whose accounts had been shut down after a user reported hundreds of them as fake. At press time no such apology has been issued to Natives. Colourlines



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    The Miller Experience – Recap of week 2 in the NFL

    in Sports

    Where are we with the NFL and its players?

    Reaction to Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Gregg Hardy, and Ray McDonald

    Ray Rice wants to appeal his suspension

    Should Adrian Peterson play on Sunday?

    Why was Gregg Hardy deactivated for week 2 but not week 1?

    How can the NFL rebound from all the domestic violence these past couple of weeks?   


    Recap of all the big games in week 2 in the NFL

    You can call up at (347)- 850-8251 with your reaction.

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    On The Stoop - We Want The Truth!

    in Current Events

    : ?#‎Vikings? Adrian Peterson "deactivated" on being indicted on child abuse charges in Texas, ?#‎Ravens? Ray Rice suspended indefinitely after video surfaces but, did the ?#‎NFL? commish act too late? Also, ?#‎Marlins? Giancarlo Stanton hit in the face with 88 MPH fastball. What's going to happen? Plus, are we really alone in this universe? Bushwick was cool before ?#‎Vogue? thought so, and, your scoop at the theatres with On The Reel with Lauren.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror - Poetry Night

    in Poetry

    You will be treated to an evening of Horror Poetry written by two of the contributors to The Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror Anthology.

    Matthew Fitzgerald - Matt was just a kid when he wrote his first story. At eight years old, he penned a tale of two brothers orchestrating a daring rescue to break their grandfather out of a hospital, where he was being held against his will. The story was a way of exploring his own need to help his grandfather, who was spending a prolonged duration in the hospital during a struggle with brain tumors. Matt had learned at a young age that books could provide adventures and absolutions otherwise unavailable to us, but couldn’t quite find the one needed for this, so he wrote it himself. It’s of some import to note that Matt is a poet first and foremost. He went to St. Michael’s College in Vermont, where he majored in English literature. While there, he also explored a love for theater and theater management, one he had built while working at the local community college theater through high school. Inspired by a more flowery script, he dove into Shakepseare, Poe, and Johnson- he is always looking for those weird abstracts that have a knack for returning the dive by staying with us, even after the story is over.

    William Morrow - For the past five years, William Morrow has served his country as a soldier in the United States Army; deployed twice Afghanistan in 2009, with 3/82 AVN REGT, 82ND CAB, Ft. Bragg for six months and Kuwait/Iraq with 416TH TC, 260TH QM BN(Deactivated), Hunter Army AirField in 2010, for one year. Mr. Morrow is a veteran with two world tours under his belt and proud of his service. Getting out of the army next year and looking forward to his future. Mr. Morrow is a dark poet heavily influenced by H.P. Lovecraft and R.E. Howard.

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    in Motivation


    We will be speaking to the Moorish paradigm vs. the "Black" paradigm and its civic implications. We will also be speaking to the fact that Islam on this land needs to be united on all fronts and yet, brothers from certain Islamic organizations are appearing to be INTENTIONALLY blocking us out instead of trying to unite although we are trying to unite FOR THE UPLIFTMENT OF OUR PEOPLE IN GENERAL. What are they trying to hide?

    We are going to speak to the state of Moorish Affairs and how this movement is being stagnated by a bunch of weaklings who do not even follow the Prophet or the Temple anyway.

    We are going to speak to state of the Moorish Science Temple of America and how many of them have never deactivated the negro chip that was implanted during the times of slavery and how that behavior is prevalent in these days and times.

    We will speak to the fact that certain people who call themselves Moors are only claiming to be such to make profits by selling t-shirts and dvds and other things that does nothing to the very purpose of this movement which is, to TEACH OUR PEOPLE THE THINGS TO MAKE THEM BETTER CITIZENS & THE UPLIFTMENT OF FALLEN HUMANITY.

    Time to have a CRUCIAL discussion on this overdue topic. PEACE!

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    Black People Did Not Exist Before 1619!

    in Motivation

    ~A New Day with Nebkheperure~

    "Black People Did Not Exist before 1619" (The Color Consciousness Deception)

    In this episode, Dr. Nebkheperure teachings on how the group of people labeled "Black", are mislabled, and therefore unable to make any social, political, economic improvements, based on them being deactivated from their ancestors culture and inheritance left to them. This fact is very subtle, yet has been disregarded by so-called Black People & the current Black leadership for over 100 years. For this message to register, please listen to the message in its entirety at least twice, write down interesting points, ad then listen to the message again until you can understand what is currently impeding the forward progress of the people mislabled as Black People.

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    Long Range Surveillance Techniques!

    in Education

    The Gun Show! With Dave Womach on American Preppers Radio Monday *7:00pm/Est *6:00pm/Ct *5:00pm/Mt *4:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/Learn tips and techniques from Dave Rabine tonight on the Gun Show. Long Range Surveillance Detachments were originally called LRRP’s (Long Rang Reconnaissance Patrols) & were in the U.S. Army as part of 1st Cavalry Divison & 2nd Ranger Battalion, after Vietnam they were Deactivated at Fort Hood, & about year later reactivated at the 2nd Ranger Battalion. The purpose of a Lrrp is to go deep behind enemy lines & gather intelligence, target acquisition(possilbe enemy high ranking officer), done with small 2-4 or 4-6 man teams that were highly skilled in camo & patrolling techniques. Learn about and how to use these techniques to better your chances of survival! Tags: The Gun Show, Prepare, Self Reliance, Weapons, Self Defense, Guns, Second Amendment, Prepper Broadcasting Network

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    Introduction show

    in Science

    The Dismantle The Beam Project is a cutting edge program in which top echelon thinkers in the area of Conspiracy Analysis convene.  My aim is to diseminate consise and provable facts which lead to verifying theories that at this time do not have resolve.  The title reflects the idea that the suspected program disclosed by Werner Von Braun "Project BlueBeam" can be realized and flushed into the open and then deactivated.  Subjects vary and all are welcome to the show.

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    The 404'd Show w/ Todd Morris (Debut Episode)

    in Culture

    Have you been 404'd from blog talk radio? Censored for telling the truth? Rejected for being different? Well shut the fuk up and join the most infamous club in all of btr late night! The 404'd Club!
    On tonights debut episode of the show a very Emotional Todd Morris continues to struggle with the heartbreak of his dear prankville usa's demise on btr late night. While other seem to be enjoying what todd considers "the end of his life"
    Todd wrestles with the idea of struggling to take care of his new wife and their 12 children. Todds electricity is even turned off live during the show
    Its an emotional break down you don't want to miss!