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    DCA, Timeline

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    The Geeks are back with for more fun, this time, they go back and go through the history of Disney's California Adventrue

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    In Short Order -- Dr. Akbar Khan

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    Dr. Khan is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine (1992). He completed his certification in Family Medicine in 1994 (also at University of Toronto). After completion of his family medicine training, he immediately joined a palliative home care team at his local hospital. This is how his focus on cancer patients began.

    In 1999, Dr. Khan co-founded P.A.L.I.N., a registered charitable corporation which addressed the growing needs of cancer patients requiring at-home symptom control and enhanced quality of life.

    In 2006, Dr. Khan co-founded Medicor Cancer Centres, the first integrated private cancer clinic of its kind in Canada. Since 2007, Dr. Khan gained international recognition and has been treating patients from all over the world. He is privileged to be the first doctor in the world to prescribe offlabel dichloroacetate (DCA) to treat cancer with positive results. As a result, he now has the most DCA experience of any physician in the world with over 1400 cancer patients treated as of October 2013. He is also the first in the world to demonstrate the curative potential of DCA when used as an adjuvant to chemotherapy or radiotherapy (one case published, second publication pending).

    Dr. Khan is regularly publishing ground-breaking cancer papers in peer-reviewed medical journals:

    “Individualizing Chemotherapy using the Anti-Diabetic Drug, Metformin, an Adjuvant: An Exploratory Study”, Bradford, S, Khan A, J Cancer Sci Ther 2013, 5.3

    “Case Report of Long Term Complete Remission of Metastatic Renal Squamous Cell Carcinoma After Palliative Radiotherapy and Adjuvant Dichloroacetate”, Khan A, Advances in Cancer Research and Treatment, Vol 2012 (2012) [Epub]

    “Use of Oral Dichloroacetate for Palliation of Leg Pain Arising from Metastatic Poorly Differentiated Carcinoma: A Case Report.” Khan A, J Palliat Med. 2011 Apr 12. [Epub ahead of print]


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    Folk Friday With New Folk's Todd Kessler & Peter Nye of Chicago Blue Grass Band

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    Mary E. welcomes Todd Kessler and Peter Nye. Both are world-class musicians taking the Chicagoland area by storm! Todd Kessler will be sharing  "Halleluja" and talking about his performance with The New Folk at the "Taste of Chicago" july 12th. Nye will be performing at Water's Edge overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan tonight, July 11th. 

    Todd Kessler of The New Folk celebrated the release of their debut album, Sea Fever, with an August 2012 “Practice Space Presents” residency at Schuba's Tavern, but the story behind The New Folk began in 2005 as singer/songwriter Todd Kessler went in to the studio to record his debut album. That album, entitled We Are The MusicMakers, was released in 2006 and with the backing of his original band helped Kessler to make his name in the local Chicago music scene.  

    Peter Nye is a singer song writer and founder of The Chicago Bluegrass Band. A multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, banjo and bass, Pete has toured Scandinavia, the EU and the US. His musical style is varied and includes: Celtic, C&W, Jazz, Blues and Rock.He is described as simply a bold man on stage, a fantabulous flat picker and lead singer with a gritty music sensibility honed by years of playing country music roadhouses. As a veteran performer with over thirty years on the Midwest music scene, Pete delivers a powerful vocal performance complimented by sizzling flat-picked leads and rock-solid rhythm work. Peter began cultivating his musical skills at the age of 13 playing the local Honky-tonks around Chicago.

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    DCA Radio

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    Panta and such

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    EZ WAY BROADCASTING PRESENTS: Jackie's Vida Loca #16

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    THEME:  JOB SEARCH:  Do's, Don'ts & Why Not's!
    Doris Aguirre, President, DCAProSearch
    Jorge Aguirre, Executive Recruiter & Career Coach
    Hey Locos!  You’re out of work and killing yourself with stress!  The bills are piling up.  You look in the mirror and think… LOOSER.  Now u get the interview of a lifetime… DON’T F-IT UP.  Listen up and get expert job search, job keep, job love advice… all the DO’S, DON’T’S and WHY NOTS.  JACKIE’S VIDA LOCA. Now, let's get to work! 

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    Interview with Tamika Price

    in Lifestyle

    Who Is Tamika Price?
    Tamika Maria Price is the founder of the award winning wardrobe styling & personal shopping consultancy firm, A-line Style Services.  In addition to styling a number of local and national celebrities, Tamika has made appearances on national television shows including the Rachael Ray Show.
    Dangerous Curves Ahead is a one-of-a-kind event that takes place every spring since 2009 in Chicago.  DCA fights homelessness while embracing the beauty in all women, slim and plus size alike.  From our energy-infused, all sizes runway show featuring new & established fashion designers, to the fabulous lineup of over 30 exhibitors to shop, Dangerous Curves Ahead has somethin

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    Ted Finch, Senior VP of Marketing of IQ Tech Pro

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    Peace, Love, & Global Harmony to All of God's Rainbow Tribes...
    Join me with my guest Ted Finch, Sr. VP of Marketing of IQ Tech Pros.  If you're an IT professional this is the show for you to explore new horizons.  Feel free to share this with your network of colleagues.
    IQ Tech Pros' Ted Finch is one of the top channel and marketing experts in the high-tech industry, having launched over 450 products into the channel for over 200 vendors (including Microsoft, HP, Adobe, Corel, Intel, Aldus, Epson, AOL, WordPerfect, Novel, Autodesk, Citrix, IBM, Sony, Disney, Mitsubishi, Lotus, DCA, Netscape, plus over 50 start-ups with SaaS products).
    Mr. Finch is a former VP of Sales and Marketing with TAC (now called MarketStar), a VP at Goldmine Software, VP at Harcourt, Sr. VP at Motorola, VP at GE. In addition, he helped form Red Storm Entertainment with Tom Clancy, and led the marketing team that published Netscape Navigator, the #1 best-selling software in the world at the time that inaugurated the .com era.
    He is a well-known speaker at dozens of industry conferences including Comdex, The Software Publishers Association, the Product Development Managers Association, SoftwareCEO, PC Data Conference, the Seymour Merrin Conferences, the SoftLetter SaaS Conference, and a guest lecturer at the University of Texas MBA program.

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    At Eye Level: Collections, Cancer Cures and Cacophony

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    Hosted by: Matt G (FatKidWithGlasses) & Doc Savage
    This week, we're talking about Diana Mey, a woman who sued a collection agency and won $10 Million, and DCA, the drug that Canadian scientists claim cures cancer.  In light of the 20th anniversary of the LA riots, we're also talking about the craziness that has been polluting our airwaves lately.
    We invite you to join in the conversation and, as usual, have prizes from the "Bag of Random Swag".

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    The reopening of Disney's California Adventure

    in Entertainment

    The Geeks review and look at the reopening of Disny's California Adventure Park, and look at Car's Land

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    Off The Line Radio Season 2 Episode 2

    in Hobbies

    A discussion of the first full week of the DCI 2011 season as well as a look ahead to DCA 2011.

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    I'm so stuffed, all I want to do is listen to A Couple Of Disney Geeks

    in Entertainment

    For this show, we will be talking about the DCA expansion and what will go on, and perhaps a special guest

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