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    Tried and True Perennials for Your Landscape

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    Our Special guest this week is Stephanie Cohen, garden expert and Perennial Diva from Collegeville, PA.
    One of the top three things that clients request for their landscaping project is seasonal color year-round.  One of the fastest, easiest and best ways to do this is by including perennials in your installations. The problem is that there are literally thousands and thousands of perennials to choose from, making perennial selections an overwhelming task for most contractors.  And the truth of the matter is, you can’t just plant daylilies and hostas everywhere.
    On tonight's show, the self proclaimed Perennial Diva, Stephanie Cohen, is going to discuss her favorite tried and true perennials (and some grasses too) that will give your clients the color that you want, while working within their budget and limiting the amount of maintenance that is required throughout the year.
    Perennial garden design basics Stephanie’s Top 10 tried and true perennials Sequential color throughout the year More than just flower color Divide and conquer Perennial bed maintenance opportunities Stephanie’s bottom 10 perennials What about the natives? Perennials vs annuals Special Bonus: Stephanie will be giving away a copy of her book "The Non-stop Garden"!

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    Garden Gossip!

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    Join Nancy & Lisa on 'Garden Gossip', Big Blend Radio's home and garden show. Special Guests: HGTV Carpenters Russ Hemmis & Marcus Hunt 'Team Two Times'; Regina Leeds - 'The Zen Organizer' & NY Times Best Selling Author; Corena Lea Kessel - Interior Designer & President of Design Wise in San Diego, CA; Don Rosenberg – Author of ‘No Green Thumb Required! Organic Family Gardening Made Easy’; Danilo P. "Dan" Maffei, PCH - Landscape Designer & Design/Sales Manager with W.D. Wells & Associates; and Bobby Blew - Centerton Nursery Daylilies.