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    African-Island Slave Trades Longer Than In America Part II

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    Tonight will be part two on my topic on where was and has slavery lasted the longest? And why isnt it being taught in school when local history and world history is taught to us as children? Why do we learn of this horrific history by only B/Academia and not W/Academia if it actually occurred on the scale that we have been led to believe? How many of we have memory of the Trans Atlantic slave trade also called the Maafa? However we watch movies on slavery played by White and Black actors and now it is seared in our minds that these awful things happened because now a (movie) told us it did? They did the same thing with the movie the TEN Commandments. Which I actually own by the way. But the world knows the Biblical Hebrews were never a white people, and yet because of this movie Polish Germans have been allowed to pass themselves off as Biblical Black Jews. Wow, that is majic. Are African or Black Educators responsible for not teaching true history to Black children globally? Ayiti/Haiti occupies small satellite islands known for tourists, including; lle-a-Vache", which includes Port Morgan and Abaka Bay. In French, the country's nickname is La Perle des Antilles (The Pearl of the Antilles), because of its natural beauty. It is the most mountainous nation in the Caribbean and the country's highest point is Pic la Selle, at 2,680 metres 8,793 ft. By area, Haiti is the third largest Caribbean nation after Cuba and the Dominican Republic with 27,750 square kilometres 10,714 sq mi (roughly the size of the U.S. state of Hawaii or the country of Belgium by population, Haiti is the second largest Caribbean nation, with an estimated 10.7 million people, just under a million of whom live in the capital city, Port-au-Prince. How long have BA's really been enslaved and should we all be labeled Africans?

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    The Walking Dead

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    In this show, blogger Sacerdotus gives a summary of the hit program and comic book series, "The Walking Dead."  He explains the themes behind the show and how they are philosophical and religious in nature.  Sacerdotus highlights some instances where philosophical and theological ideas are mixed in the narrative of the program.


    Note: Images used are found on Google images and are not my property.

    Edited Intro music is from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsJqKggiRCg

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    Black Male Suicides, Negro Extermination & Eugenics

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    Shalom everyone, tonight I must deter from the biggest secret in America or is it video series to play and discuss some FB news feed videos that i feel is very relevant to how we as designeted (minorities) and especially Black men who are also a global minority see ourselves as opposed to how others see us in this still very racially divided society. Our inability to see things TRUTHFULLY always find us in situations that in my opinion could have been avoided or at least had a different outcome if we would just stop PRETENDING that we are somehow seen as EQUAL to those in the dominate ie... ALPHA races or tribes. I also want to touch on the growing cases of SUICIDE amongst our young Black males and how we should handle or approach loved ones who are menatally imbalanced and maybe contemplating suicide. You don't want to miss this show. So come and pull up a seat and be prepared to accept BLACK, AFRICAN REALITY.

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    TRUNEWS 8/13/14: Mark Armitage, Brad Dacus, Joel Gilbert & Dr. Peter Hammond

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    Topic : Today you’ll hear from a Creationist scientist Mark Armitage who was fired from his university job because of his Creationist views. Joining Mr. Armitage is his attorney Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute. Filmmaker Joel Gilbert will stop by to tell us about his upcoming movie There’s No Place Like Utopia. And South African evangelist Dr. Peter Hammond will call in to discuss the terrifying rise of Islamic terrorists who behead and crucify Christians, and the urgent need for God’s watchmen to be heard.

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    CALL IN   (347) 30 8 - 8131  PRESS @1 -  LIVE CALLERS WELCOMED



    Date: 2014-08-16

    Topics: Interference Theory Of Human Origins, "Cosmic Abandonment" Presentation, the Origins of Religion Money and Government, the NON-Intrinsic "Value" of Gold, the Origins of Kingship and the "Divine Right to Rule" through Bloodline, Government as Mind Control, The Old World "Order" vs. The "New" World "Order," Euphemisms for Slavery, Order-Givers and Order-Followers, True Sovereignty, the Illusion of "Escape," Direct Confrontation of the Causal Factors of the Human Condition as The Solution, Divide and Conquer applied through the Sexes, the Painful Truth that ALL Order-Followers by definition can not be considered Truly Good Human Beings, Getting OUT of the Military, the Social Darwinism Satanic Mindset.


    Blind Loyalty (also Blind Obedience, the "Team Player" appeal, or the Nuremberg Defense). The dangerous fallacy that an argument or action is right simply and solely because a respected leader or source (an expert, parents, one's own "side," team or country, one’s boss or commanding officers) say it is right. This is over-reliance on authority, a corrupted argument from ethos that puts loyalty above truth or above one's own reason and conscience. In this case, a person attempts to justify incorrect, stupid or criminal behavior by whining "That's what I was told to do," or “I was just following orders." 

    Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.


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    Will You Throw Mathematics Under the Bus to Believe in the Evolution Fairy Tale?

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    The Revelations of Jesus Christ

    SECTION 14.


      EPISTLE refuting theory of evolution using mathematical and statisti­cal analysis.  Origin of man and when delineated upon earth.  Trans­plantation of perfect man and woman into a garden from another planet.  Occurring six thousand years ago.  Earth organized from mate­rials which already existed, hence fossilized strata.  Spirits cast out de­light in  deception of mankind by these things (evolution).

    The following is a mathematical probability analysis, also calling upon the laws of physics, theromodynamics, biology and revelation from Israel's God showing forth that Darwinism is a lie, which says we (mankind) sprang from "lower orders" and this religion taught in classrooms, you should shun instead of admiring, for it is just plain stupid. The only math you need as you read this, is the "law of addition of exponents" which says that when one multiplies 10 to the tenth power (10 followed by 10 zeroes) by 10 to the fifth, one adds the exponents and thus this product is equal to 10 to the 15th power. This is called the law of addition of exponents. Conversely when one divides, one subtracts exponents.


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    TRUNEWS 7/24/14: "V" the Guerrilla Economist Pt. 1

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    Today is Part 1 of a two-part interview with a Wall Street trader identified only as “V.” Rick questions V about the ongoing assassination of high level bankers, massive fraud in the financial markets, and nefarious plans to crash the Dollar in order to introduce a new currency and financial system.


    "The Flip Side of Evolution"

    On today’s program we will be confronting the theory of Darwinistic evolution. To help us on our journey we will be conversing with Dr. Kirk Stephenson. As a current professor who spent many years as a bench chemist our guest challenges Darwinistic evolution from a scientific standpoint. Bring a notebook and a thinking cap to this program! His book on the subject is called the Flip Side of Evolution.



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    Masonic Companion started intending to bring thoughtful conversation to freemasons whereever they be.  

    There is so much about Craft freemasonry that is not understood. Society and science evolved in antient cultures; China, Mesopotamia, Persia and eventually into Europe,Britain. In Britain, they executed the king hoping to end subjugation, not suspecting  beheading Charles would leave a leadership vaccum. History has not been kind to the civilian ruler Cromwell as people realized monarchy defined could define a nation and yet be under civil control. This didn't protect the French Kings until they were stopped by revolution. It was a heady atmosphere in the day; Church nor King no longer determined truth. Science and philosophy came out of the attic and helped define humanism. 

    You would think 21st century thinkers would be rid of it but we are still plagued by the offshoots of  19th Darwinian theory;  terribly distorted, into racist and imperialist interests. Herbert Spenser, pulled Darwins theory apart to give us a simplistic, incomplete versions still popular today; social darwinism and survival of the fittest but no one cares.  We can't help but notice the basis of capitalism in this; using the moral highground of survival vs extinction to  sanitize power; an interesting experiment but one that fails to deliver on the trickle down promise.

    How could we possibly claim thoughts so forceful could be repressed by a philosophical barrier?   I refuse to accept that freemasonry espouses escapism. Our landmarks reveal so much about us, particularly that we exist to promote the common good.  Are we about surviving unfairness or working toward the day when the common good becomes is more than a landmark?


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    Atheists terrifed Neo-Darwinism is dead

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    Go here to http://www.shockawenow.net for proof and evidence that Neo-Darwinism is officially.  D E  A D
    We all knew it would come to this.  Christians have always said the universe had a beginning but atheists claimed that the universe was eternal.  Now with modern science ALL evidence shows the Christians were right and the atheists were wrong.  So the atheists clung to the only thing they had to perpetuate their naturalistic world view......that is Neo-Darwinism.
    Now Christians have been vindicated once again as major evolutionists are claiming Neo-Darwinism is dead and gone.  What will atheists cling to now?  Now that Christians have taken back the universe and have proven Creationism is right and neo-Darwinism is not only wrong....It's officially dead.

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    Ideas have Consequences with Charles

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    (How the Constitution and our three branches are being undermined)

    I remember a clergyman named D James Kennedy the founder/ senior pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from 1960 till his death in 2007.

    He did a sermon on:  “Ideas have Consequences”. He drew pictures of how Darwinism (Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest ideas: Jews weak – Germans strong etc.) contributed to men such as Hitler and Stalin advancing their ideas. It was not a pretty sight to envision on how ideas implemented can be brutal.

    Looking at an excerpt of the Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  We see a better way!

    Looking to James Madison we find the reasons our Constitution established Three Separate Branches of Government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

    James Madison The Federalist Papers Federalist No. 47 Categories: Separation of Powers Date: January 30, 1788: The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny. We see how to preserve freedom and liberty.


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    Neo-Darwinism is dead atheists terrified and panicked

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    See actual video of us in the chat room talking about this complete with power point slides here below
    Visit our 24 hour chat room to discuss these issues at http://www.shockawenow.net  Atheists and Theists agree finally that the neo-Darwinian theory is dead thanks to modern science and true science and accurate science.

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