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    Interviewing with Danny Rossi and ONE

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    Interviewing with Danny Rossi and ONE is our guest on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. ONE is a nationally touring rock band who just released their newest album "World's Collide", produced by Kevin Jardine & Chris Staniforth. They have just released their new single off the album titled "Queen of Rock N' Roll". To kick off their brand new album, ONE has added a south eastern tour covering Florida and Georgia throughout the month of August which was added to their Nationwide Tour. The tour is titled "The Rhythm, Soul and Outta Control".

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    PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Walter Dean, head of the DWCAA (Defend White Cops Always Association) debates Richard Rossi live regarding the recent rash of shootings of unarmed black men by white cops.  Dean heard Richard Rossi's folk protest song "THE DEATH OF MICHAEL BROWN" written to point out the dangers of trigger-happy police.  Dean demanded a debate with Richard Rossi. *Note: There have been efforts to technically sabotoge this program to keep you from hearing it. If after the initial ad, the program doesn't start & there's a delay, wait and be patient for one minute and keep the link open until it starts playing.

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    One - Danny Rossi

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    Danny Rossi, Lead Singer of the international high energy rock Band ONE that has performed hundreds of shows since 2007, stops by to chat with CJ.  Tune in to hear about the details of putting together their third album, 'World's Collide', after the critical success of 'Dirty Valentine'.
    The third offering from ONE, winners of the Toronto Rock Magazine's 2009 Rock Song of the Year, is kicking off the release with a United States tour that has upcoming stops in Florida and Georgia.  

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    Join Ms. V and James when they have a real converssation with adult film actor Danny Blaq.  You know Ms. V can't help herself when it comes to the male actors so let's see how she actis when they talk to this very sexy man.  Make sure you listen on Tuesday to the conversation because you never know what you may find out or what will be said. You know these two mix it up with the listeners and guest chimming in, but you never know what these they will say.  Join the conversation at 646-716-804

    Also we'll be discussing up coming adult events in the industy and public and radio apperances we'll be making.

    This is a all new V's After Dark that you don't want to miss.

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    Danny B

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    Daniel Barker is a 23 year old Hip hop and rap artist from the east end of Chester City Pennsylvania. He has written and recorded one mixtape by the name of “Imagining Things.” He is in a musical Pop/Rap group named “Dream your Life Away.” He is also an ex musical member of the group Old Skhool” and used to go by the name “Little Bahzy.” He raps about real life situation of where he lives and the things he has been around his whole life. He supports his city and to open the eyes of the people around him. He also is starting an inspirational part of his career in “Dream Your Life Away” which is a group that speaks/acts about bettering yourself and never giving up on what you believe in. Some of his songs that he is known for are “Imagining Things”, “Coming Up”, and “How Life is”

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    Harlem History, The Big Apple Dance And More On The Danny Tisdale Show

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    Danny has a cup of tea as he talks to guests Barbara Bronx and The Big Apple Dance film narrator Judy Pritchett as they discuss Frankie Manning, nroma Miller, Harlem Swing Society and the history of The Big Apple Dance, the 1937 swing dance craze that swept the nation. It's a fascinating look at the African-American roots of this dance in the Ring Shout from the days of slavery. Savoy Ballroom footage shows Whitey himself with Whitey's Lindy Hoppers. Columbia, South Carolina roots of The Big Apple Dance.

    E-mail us at harlemworldinfo@yahoo.com with any questions.

    Connect with us at:




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     Author & Master Chef Scott Sayre has written the books Hip Hop Sushi: The Tao of Healing Cooking, Sugar Sensei, The Awakened Fable, The Mad Stalk, The Awakened Kitchen, The Distance Nearing, & Swings.

    Scott celebrates the acts of cooking and eating as both art and meditation. Scott's unique approach is a mixture of delicious recipes, menus, non-denominational prayers, affirmations, and meditations, He will help you to become a more conscious cook.  He discusses the healing properties of foods and the meditative practice of chewing.  Scott believes that vibrant health through great cooking is a key to living out our fullest dreams in a large and long life. Sayre has been teaching macrobiotic cooking in Southern California for the past fourteen years, at Whole Foods stores, the Healing Arts Center, and the Highland Park Café, among others. He served as the chef for the Occupy LA encampment, training homeless men and women to cook macrobiotic meals for over 500 people, cooking at local churches. He’s also known as the “Sugar Sensei” for his dedication to helping people break the sugar habit.  Scott has been cooking macrobiotically in the tradition of George Ohsawa and Michio and Aveline Kushi since 1988. You can reach Scott at his website www.theawakenedkitchen.com

    The views and opinions of our guests and callers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Richard Rossi Live or BlogTalk Radio.

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    Wrestling It Factor Radio Roxy Rossi 2/25/15

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    The interview of 3rd generation superstar Roxy Rossi.Hosted by Wayne Benitez.

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    Gods true life line ministrys presents the watchmen report with pasture danny.

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    hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys with pasture danny and brothers bob bimbo , and barney. as we unlock the book of revelations, and bring you news from around the world , amen. and know that its all from the bible it self, so always look for the signs from the bible and see that it all is coming to pass amen . so dont miss out on monday very important. amen and God bless and we will see you there, @ 9:00 central time , 10:00 Eastern time, 8:00 mountain time, and 7:00 pacific time. God bless

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    NLPI Radio USA with Kurt and Moe Present The ghostark founder Massimo Rossi

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    Listen in as we have the newest and best peice of equipment about to hit the American shore in 2015 the ghostark. It takes the place of all your equipment into one module . We are happy to Have on the founder and ghost ark expert Alessandro Valerini and founder Massimo Rossi. (Blog.ghostark.com) . Massimo has been theorizing and experimenting with the Paranormal for over 30 years. He is poet,Librarian . He is an expert in ancient books, autographs,and manuscripts he was born in Venice Italy. Alessandro Valerini is a ghostark  expert he just recently got into the paranormal research field.

    go to blog.ghostark.com to learn more about Alessandro 



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