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    Interview with Daniella Watters, Indie Artist

    in Radio

    Join us on Tuesday, October 14 at 2pm with Daniella Watters, Indie Pop Artist.  Stay tuned for more updates, interviews, music, features and contests at www.ndjamzradio.com. Continue to vote for your favorite Indie Artists to hit the Week's Top 10 Indie Chart, and for the Artist of the Month.

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    Game Talk Season V Episode II

    in Football


    Your hosts Molly Hill and Alice Mary Herden talk with Team Owners/Coaches and Players about their upcoming game this Saturday.

    This Friday night show we talk with the Miami Blackhawks and the Twin County Raiders… let’s get the scoop on the good, the bad and the ugly….

    Our Guest will be ...... David Jones

    Mr. Jones President of Athletes against Bullies: http://athletesagainstbullies.org/:  located in Sarasota, Florida, as well as a former NFL Player, joins us to talk about his Non-Profit Organization and his career within the NFL.

    Jones made Athletes against Bullies a life mission, and bulling doesn’t always affect kids, it affects others in many ways.

    Athletes can make a huge difference in people lives, whether those athletes are involved with NFL, AFL or even in our league. Sports can make a difference and how you represent yourself on and off the field will do that.


    Listen in Friday January 30 at 6:30pm



    Women Owners/CoOwners:
    Molly Hill and Rly Lowe: Ravens
    Aletha Rolle and Daniella Reid: Chargers
    Stephanie Hunter-Fletcher: Scorpions
    Shannon Finnie: Twin County Raiders
    Litansy Miller: Barracudas
    Phyllis Waters: Revolution
    Bonita Copleland: St. Petersburg Sabers

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    Louisa Treger, Michael Crummey, Priya Parmar & Henry Faulkner

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    Virginia Woolf appears in two of the novels we're talking about on tonight's Literary New England Radio Show, with one chosen by Oprah's O Magazine as a "mesmerizing" winter must-read. Another title on this episode has been likened to Annie Proulx's most magnificent "The Shipping News." Join us for conversations and book giveaways as we feature:

    Louisa Treger  on The Lodger: A Novel
    Michael Crummey by Sweetland
    Priya Parmar on Vanessa and Her Sister
    Henry Faulkner on Sprouting Wings

    If you can't listen live, be sure to download the episode as an iTunes podcast or stream from the Literary New England Radio Show archives.

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    Soul Healing with Daniella Breen

    in Spirituality

    Daniella Breen is a Consciousness Mentor and Soul Technician. Daniella has an amazing system to untangle soul wounding and allow your true soul to shine through. She works with those who are developing conscious expansion into High Soul Consciousness and Sacred Authority in all areas of their life.

    Daniella holds a weekly live teleconference call, The Sacred Truth Group. This Ascension Mentoring Program includes mentoring and beautiful energy processes designed to support you in your Ascension.

    From deep in the heart of you comes the calling of your Soul. The calling to connect to your sacredness, the calling to express your sacred Self in the world. It's what you're here for. It's why you came. So how do you do it? Daniella will show us how to do this and how she can assist with the process.

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    Stars of MTV/LOGO TV's The T WORD L'lerret Allilith & Daniella Carter

    in LGBT

    Stars of the Hit MTV/LOGO TV's documentary The T WORD L'lerret Allilith and Daniella Carter will join us to discuss some of their experiences on the show. These two amazing woman of color are just a small example of some of the amazing youth we have in the Trans community. They will discuss some of their favorite moments and some of their more difficult times while filming. We will also discuss some of the vital topics for our youth today. Also what words of encouragement do they have for our youth today or perhaps their parents? What are some of their favorite things to do? and hobbies. We will get into it all!! Join us!!





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    Writestream Tuesday with author Daniella Bova and the Right Wing Riot

    in Writing

    Is art imitating life? 

    That's just one of many questions Writestream host Dariaanne will ask of author Daniella Bova, whose 5-star rated novel Tears of Paradox has been described by one reviewer as:

    "A cautionary tale that could be ripped from the headlines of the not so distant future. Bloated, nanny state government, the new way of doing business, forced abortion, attacks on faith, and two people caught in the center of the storm."

    Daniella joins the program in the first hour to discuss her book, the first in a series entitled Storms of Transformation. Host and guest will also delve into the writing, publishing and marketing process, and how to succeed as an independent author. 

    In the second half, the Right Wing Riot stampedes the airwaves with its unique brand of "Public Service Satire" with The Prince of Whitebread, Scary Smart and Always Right.

    During the live show, listeners can call in with their questions and comments at 347-945-7246 and join in the live chat. 

    Don't miss Writestream Tuesday with author Daniella Bova and the Right Wing Riot on August 12!

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    Writestream Tuesday: Best Books of 2014

    in Writing

    Join Writestream founder Dariaanne and special guest co-host Ms. Always Right for Writestream Tuesday for the Best Books of 2014. Avid readers on your list? The ladies will offer a rundown of 2014's best reads, just in time for Christmas shopping. Featured books genres include dystopia, YA, nonfiction, fiction, spy/thriller and autobiography. Are you an author who's been a Writestream guest? A listener who has a few suggestions? Feel free to call into the live show at (347) 945-7246 to tell us about your work and/or your favorite books of the year.

    In the second hour, stay tuned for Public Service Satire with the Right Wing Riot!







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    Raising Vibrations with special guest: Daniella Breen

    in Spirituality

    NOW is the time for us to fully embrace UNITY Consciousness & to Co-Create from withIN the Infinite flow of who WE really are & why WE are here.  The purpose of this radio show is to provide vibrational awareness & ascension guidance for living as ONE on NEW Earth.  WE walk our talk with Love, Light, Grace & Integrity.  Welcome to the manifestation of NOW.  

    Together WE Raise Vibrations!

    You + Me = WE

    Visit our website & Subscribe to our weekly newsletter: www.paigehallferraro.com

    This month's featured music by Mark Watson.  www.angelearthmusic.com

    For further information about this week's guest please visit:  www.theconsciousnesscall.com

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    Writestream Tuesday: Shatter the Narrative

    in Writing

    Are you a creative person/writer/reader who loves liberty? Are you tired of the false, pervasive narratives used in pop culture and the media to constantly deride, mock, and repudiate the United States and patriotic Americans? 

    If you've had it with this nonsense, we invited you to listen to our special "Shatter the Narrative" show on Tuesday, November 18 with talented, patriotic authors Sarah Hoyt, Marina Fontaine, Tom Knighton, Declan Finn, and Daniella Bova. Moderated by Writestream founder Dariaanne, the panel will gleefully shatter the following narratives:

    The myth of the American suburbs as soulless, horrible places to live;
    The myth of European intellectual and cultural superiority over Americans;
    The myth of constitutional conservatives as dour, humorless people;
    The glamorization of mass murdering revolutionaries like Che Guevara and the romanticizing of brutal political ideologies like communism. 

    During the live show, we invite you to call in with your comments at (347) 945-7246. After the panel, be sure to stay tuned for the Right Wing Riot with the Luminaries of Liberty: Ms. Always Right, Scary Smart, and The Prince of Whitebread!


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    Dead Wrong Radio w guests Ron Edwards and Daniella Bova

    in Politics Conservative

    An irreverent attempt to make deathly-serious topics more accessible to freedom-loving Americans, Dead Wrong Radio covers a full range of issues including Gun Rights, Border Security, Free Market Capitalism and common liberal myths.

    Please join hosts and Robert Bertrand @TYCapitalism and Amy Lynn Author Jack July as we discuss the week with guest Ron Edwards and Daniella Bova!

    Topics: Hobby Lobby Decision,ISIS, Crisis on the border and more!

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    The Undiagnosed Child: Two Mothers Speak On Their Journey For Answers

    in Health

    This show is about the courage of two families to find answers to their child's undiagnosed illness.  It is the story of learning to be the voice and advocate for your child.  It is the story of never giving up or taking no for an answer.  This is the story about wanting the absolute best for their child.  This is the story of grace, love and strength. 

    Daniella Ferreira is the mother of Naylah and Jennifer Clatterbuck is the mother of Emma.  Both girls were born with a genetic disorders that went undiagnosed for an extended length of time.  Both Jennifer and Daniella will tell us about what life has been like trying to find a diagnosis, getting the medical profession to listen and finally hearing the words, "We know what it is."  Mary Elizabeth Parker will also be joining to give her insights on the struggles these two families had and updates on the incredible work of her organization U R Our Hope.

    Be sure to listen and have your questions and comments ready.


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