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    GirlsNightOutRadio interviews Blaque Dahlia & Layton BentonXXX

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    GirlsNightOutRadio interviews Model/Rapper Blaque Dahlia

    We also interview Star Layton Benton

    Interviewed by TrinaStarz & Bino the Personality of GirlsNightOutRadio

    Also we have Hot Topics *Sexy Playlist *Juicy Interviews

    Follow us on twitter at @radio_gno


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    Live with Dahlia Luxxx

    in Entertainment

    Dahlia Luxxx is a cammodels from KGB Studios, She specializes in XXX Games, Raffles, Spanking, Hardcore Facefuccking & G/G shows with different models on the site. She currently has a new game she created called the Point-A-Thon and there isnt anyone else on streamate doing it!

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    Blaque Dahlia & Santiara

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    For this another episode of the show. We will be interviewing  Blaque Dahlia who's a femcee/model whose soaring around the states with her sassiness. Also will be interviewing Santiara who's a rap artist hailing from South West ,GA. 

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    GAMERS_GEEK_RADIO~ Present's~ Dahlia Thomas ~ Cortana [Halo 4]

    in Video Games

     Dahlia Thomas ~ Cortana [Halo 4] Is coming to GAMERS_GEEK_RADIO on Dec. 8TH

    Gamer, photographer, cosplayer, sushi lover, and corgi obssessed dork. For booking info please inbox me. :) Xbox gamer.... If you lovee Halo then this is the place to be...

    CALL IN @ 713~955~0470  9PM EST 8 CNT 7 MNT 6 PST 5 AK 2 AM UK

                                         ~???~LADY RAGE~??~


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    TUNE IN AS WE GET YOUR WEEKEND "KNOCKING" AND WE WILL **MRI- ** MMDP Global South's New Artist From/Residing In North Carolina "Blaque Dahlia" Female Emcee Beasting Sh*t!

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    Interview WIth Antiwar Activist Dr. Dahlia Wasfi

    in Politics

    09/19/2013 - Join host Adam for an interview with antiwar activist Dr. Dahlia Wasfi.
    Epic speech Dr. Dahlia Wasfi - Life in Iraq Under U.S. Occupation - 16 minute runtime - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=colcD8UVr90. Dr. Wasfi's website http://liberatethis.com/

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    Best Selling Author Dahlia Rose

    in Books

    Author Dahlia Rose stops in to tell us about her best sellers and newest works!


    Dahlia Rose is the best selling author of contemporary erotica, suspense and paranormal 

    romance. She was born and raised on a Caribbean island and now currently lives in 

    Charlotte, NC with her five kids who she affectionately nicknamed “The children of the

    corn,” and her biggest supporter/long time love. She has a love of erotica, dark fantasy, 

    sci-fi and the things that go bump in the night. Books and writing are her biggest passion

    and she hopes to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of her books.






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    The Agenda with Dr. Dahlia Wasfi

    in Politics

    Join myself, JerryD and Michael Conoly with our esteemed guest Dr. Dahlia Wasfi. We will be looking at illegal occupations, The Good doctors progress on her book and the history that has led her to be one of the leading voices of peace activism and hope for the opressed.

    "On March 19th, 2003, the United States and Great Britain led their second publicized military assault on Iraq.  Under the facade of liberation and democracy, U.S. troops seized the country, securing the oil fields, the Ministry of Oil, the Interior Ministry (CIA), and taking the lives of thousands of people.  Iraq's rich culture, history, and valuable assets were left vulnerable to stealth and destruction.  In the years since, the lack of security, jobs, electricity, and potable water have made life for Iraqis unbearable.  American troops are perceived by the indigenous population as occupiers--not liberators--for the Iraqi people are far better educated in U.S. history than Americans are themselves.  Our obligation to the people of Iraq, to the people of America, and to the rest of the world is the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of American troops and mercenaries from Iraq.  The United States MUST liberate Iraq from its own brutal hands.  This website is my attempt to explain why."--DSW






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    #222 Dave the Mystic with Guest Channel Kay Dragon

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, April 6th at 8PM MDT with guest Kay Dragon.  Kay Dragon has been involved in Metaphysics and Spiritual development for several years. Her channeling experiences began when she was in her early 20’s and it has been a long and interesting road with many detours which lead back to her channeling and psychic  gifts that she uses to help and support others.  Towards the end of the show, Kay will be providing mini-readings for callers.

    Kay has studied many healing modalities and is a Reiki master but she focuses most of her gifts as an International Channel and Psychic on www.12listen as well as working in the local Denver area where you can see her in person.  Kay Channels Merlin and other Ascended Masters and Light Beings.  She is the author of The MerlinScopes on 12listen.com and also writes a channeled blog  called The Merlin Chronicles  rockymountainchanneler.blogspot.com/
    Kay also facilitates a group on Meetup.com where people who are interested in channeling can meet share their experience and get a channeled message.

    When she is not busy with clients and writing she volunteers in the Healing room at First Spiritual Science Church in Denver and goes out to sing blues as often as possible.

    For Private Readings, Kay is at The Therapeutic Massage Center in Aurora one Saturday a month. ( you must schedule an appointment in advance) 303 344-5907 or kdragon@comcast.net

    Upcoming events:  A Metaphysical fair at First Spiritual Science Church April 18th and 19th 3375 S Dahlia St in Denver and May 11th Dancing Spirit Metaphysical Fair at The First Unitarian Society of Denver 1400 Lafayette St Denver,80218

    Websites:  http://www.merlinchronicles.com  and www12listen.com

    Thanks for listening!
    Dave the Mystic

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    The Black Dahlia Haunting

    in Movies

    A psychological paranormal thriller. "While investigating the murder of her father by her blind younger brother, a young woman encounters the vengeful spirit of Elizabeth Short, known in legend as "The Black Dahlia"."

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    Musicians Hannah Thomas, Michael Wells, Red Heaven Live, Tukso Okey & Cindy Dees

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    Today's show highlights musicians who perform in Second Life, Concert Window & those on soundcloud. First up, you'll hear Musician Hannah Thomas, On Monday, I caught Red Heaven's concert at Lokki's. I've been anticipating the release of the new CD, Moth. On Tuesday, Seattle-based musician Tukso Okey did his weekly gig at Black Dahlia which was mesmerizing. Tukso is AVI Choice 2015 #1 rock performer in SL.

    Finally, on February 27, Mic Wells (aka MrMulti Writer) and Meetu Writer performed at Gallery Rouge. Zap Mama continues its kickstarter campaign and has already exceeded its goal which means the 25th anniversary album will be a reality. 

    Today, I visited Tableau, a Second Life region after learning about it on The Drax Files. I met the sim creator, Nylon Pinkney, briefly while exploring various spots there. It's a fun, visually stimulating place to visit. The trip reminded me of my first days in SL where everything was new and was so fascinated by everything I discovered. It's been a while since I have that feeling of newness in SL. 

    Of course, I'll share what's on the bestseller book list and what I'm reading this week. If you enjoy the show, follow me on twitter and BTR. Happy Listening!



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