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    Author Rhys Flint comes to Cream City to chat RHYSWORLD PUBLISHING

    in Entertainment

     AuthorRhys Flint , CEO at RHYSWORLD PUBLISHING, comes to discuss his publishing house, Kross Out and Kross Out 2.  Rhys And his staff are dedicated to bringing the hottest Work Around! What do you know about this that's classic? Lots of laughs, I'm sure. It's ENOUGH ROOM for US ALL to SHINE! Now that's classic!To get on the show as a guest OR To place a CCC $5.00 AD inquire to CreamCityClassica@hotmail.com CALL IN NUMBER (713) 955-0635

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    ASWIFTT Publishing Literary Segment with Brenda Padgitt and Guest

    in Writing

    Beginning Jan. 10, 2015 ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC will host its own Literary Segment in 2015 right here on In The Author’s Corner With Etienne. Brenda Johnson Padgitt of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC has teamed up with Host Etienne A. Gibbs of In The Author’s Corner With Etienne to discuss Literary, Visual and Performing Arts topics, highlight featured authors; give literary tools and advice; and respond to listeners who call-in with comments or questions.

    The ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Literary Segment will air on the second and third Saturdays of each month at 1:00 pm PST; 2:00 pm MST; 3:00 pm CST: 4:00 pm EST; and 5:00 pm AST. The new program seeks to educate and enlighten the listening audience, especially novice and aspiring authors, on various literary, visual and performing arts topics; provide marketing opportunities; address their concerns and questions, help listeners discover and seek out their passion in the Arts. ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Literary Segment is set to air on January 10, 2015 at 1:00 pm PST; 2:00 pm MST; 3:00 pm CST: 4:00 pm EST; and 5:00 pm AST.

    Today we'll say "Hello!" and "Welcome!" to Brenda Padgitt, CEO and Founder of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC, and get to know her better. Have questions or cmments? Call 646-721-9611.

    https://aswifttpublishing.wordpress.com/ and http://books0.wix.com/brendapadgitt#!vstc3=biography


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    WTF--Is going on with the publishing industry?

    in Entertainment

    Join us with Drina Clark and Joseph Lewis as we talk about the highs and lows of the publishing industry for indie authors: urban vs non urban, the .99 cent book, the free book, etc. 

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    REGGAE ROUND TABLE CHAT: Reggae Artist Do You know your Music Publishing Rights?

    in Music

    Music Publishing Rights?The broad bundle of rights that are associated with a musical copyright are known“music publishing rights.”These rights are not defined by statute but rather are terms recognized in the music industry. Similarly, the concept of the “writer’s share” versus the “publisher’s share” is based in practice, not law. 50% of the income derived from the exploitation of a composition is deemed to constitute the publisher’s share and 50% the writer’s share.Author assigns the copyright in the composition to the publisher, the publisher collects 100% of the income and, after deducting costs, balance for the author.Other typical types of arrangements between authors and music publishers include co-publishing agreements,under which the copyright ownership is shared author (heir) and publisher;administration agreements,under which the author (or heir) retains the copyright ownership and the publisher administers the rights; and co-administration agreements under which the author (or heir) retains the copyright ownership and co-administers the rights with the publisher.The performing rights societies have subscribed to the distinction between writer and publisher shares and allocate monies accordingly, usually paying the writer’s share to the author or his/her heirs.1.Dramatic or “Grand” Rights 2.Non-dramatic or “Small” Performance Rights 3.Synchronization Rights 4.Mechanical Rights 5.Print Rights 6.Concert Rental Rights 7.New Media Rights . Glenford Darby songwriter producer artiste aka Glen Judah  founding director of Jamaica Phonographic Performer and Videographic limited. Glen is advocating for musicians rights.He is partnering with the Song Embassy to lecture at the seminars and workshops to educate musicians about their rights.. 661-467-2407 .http://alterandkendrick.com/protecting-your-musical-copyrights/what-are-music-publishing-rights/

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    Jeff Trek: Novelist Clay Gilbert of PDMI Publishing talks "Annah"

    in Entertainment

    Novelist and Chief Ediitor for PDMI Publishing - Mr. Clay Gilbert shares his thoughts on his new book "Annah" the first in a trilogy of the series "Children of Evohe" as well as his Vampire epic "Dark Road to Paradise" and all his years of experience with hosting an author's panel at the totally awesome fan-favorite celebration known as DragonCon. Get a good transporter lock...and beam on in. 

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    2015 Publishing Industry Forecast -- Write Stuff -- 1/13/2015

    in Radio

    Do you plan to write a book this year? Good for you! I want to be able to give you information that will help you along the way. 

    As a fellow writer, I understand the need to be up to date about what's going on in the publishing world. What are some of the trends we can expect? How will the indie author movement continue to evolve the industry? What writers do to become more visible? These are just some of the thing we will be discussing on this episode of the Write Stuff with Joey Pinkney.

    You can call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or you can download the WLUV Radio mobile app. Any way you can, join us!

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    Finding Your Way Back to God

    in Christianity

    Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson, leaders at Community Christian Church, Naperville, Illinois, discuss their new book, Finding Your Way Back to God: why they wrote it, who should read it, and how churches can use it.

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    Beyond the Standard—Healthy Church?

    in Christianity

    In the January issue of Christian Standard, more than a dozen church leaders give their prescription for making your church healthy. In this special episode, we talk with three of them.

    Nate Bush, lead pastor with New City Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, wrote, A Healthy Church Helps Make a Healthy Community.
    Jeff Faull, minister with Mount Gilead Church in Mooresville, Indiana, wrote, A Healthy Church Is Doctrinally Strong.
    Joe Putting, senior pastor with Tomoka Christian Church, Ormond Beach, Florida, wrote, A Healthy Church Is a Giving Church.

    Read their pieces in Christian Standard (here’s how to download it today: http://christianstandard.com/subscribe/digital-subscriptions/). Then plan to join our conversation. Each of these fellows has more to say than print space allowed. And we’ll talk with all of them about more than their assigned topic!

    We’re looking forward to a rich discussion about earmarks of a healthy church.

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    ASWIFTT Publishing Literary Segment with Eunice Bridges

    in Writing

    Jan. 10, 2015 Brenda Johnson Padgitt of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC teamed up with Host Etienne A. Gibbs of In the Author’s Corner With Etienne to educate and enlighten the listening audience, especially novice and aspiring authors, on various literary, visual, and performing arts topics; provide marketing opportunities; address their concerns and questions, help listeners discover and seek out their passion in the Fine Arts.

    The ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Literary Segment airs on the second and third Saturdays of each month at 1:00 pm PST; 2:00 pm MST; 3:00 pm CST; 4:00 pm EST; and 5:00 pm AST. This week’s guest is Eunice Bridges.

    Eunice Bridges, as the founder and Executive Director of EB's Flip the Script Productions, LLC, is the mother of 3, grandmother of 6. The main purposes of EB's Flip the Script Production, LLC are to lift up the name of the Lord, Jesus, and to minister throughout our community.

    Born in Mobile, Alabama, Eunice moved to California at the age of 6 years old. In 1978, Eunice graduated from Cordova Senior High School and is currently working as a Deputy Clerk III for the Superior Courts of California.

    Published Author: Destiny of Flight (2010) and A Day Like Mine (2010); upcoming publications: A Child's Laughter and Silent Cry (2012); Short films (DVD) The Prayer of a Righteous Seed (2006) and Ain't Going Out Like That (2011); a DVD commercial: In My Life Time (2010); Radio Broadcasting with ASWIFTT Writer's Guild.

    Contact Eunice at http://www.ebsflipit.com/

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    Secrets To Success in Book Publishing with Michael Drew

    in Marketing

    IF you had the opportunity to sit down with an Icon of Industry who has successfully launched 82 consecutive books onto national best sellers lists and has over 1,000 Amazon titles, would you?

    SAY YES!

    If you had the chance to pick the Brain of the "Marchitect"™ who has a proven and easily verifiable track record of designing the architecture to  market, sell and promote your product or service to our current market place, would you?

    SAY YES!

    IF you had the convenience to access this informational gold both LIVE so you can ask questions directly to THE  MARCHITECT™ and also have the luxury to listen and study it later, would you?

    Well....... you have praying and your prayers are being answered!!!!  Book mark this show to listen live to Michael Drew CEO & Founder of Promote a Book JOIN US AS

    WE BROADCASST LIVE Thursday 01-22-2015 at

    11:11 am PT/1:11 pm CT/2:11 pm ET/7:11 pm London/8:11 pm Munich & Milan

    One thing I can guarantee, is you will be amazed and learn at least one valuable tip that would normally cost you thousands to obtain and if applied it will put you one step closer to realizing your dream! So join us and DO TELL A FRIEND!

    For Archived Broadcast go to TheBottomLineShowLive.com

    This show has been brought to you by our show sponsors:

    OrganoGold-Click Here Now 


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    LC Scott of eFrog Press on Writing Your Book

    in Business

    Today my guest is LC Scott, owner of eFrog Press. We'll be talking about writing that book you've always wanted to write. Tune in and hear what a seasoned publishing professional has to offer in the way of guidance.

    LC Scott has a B.A. in English from UC Berkeley, an M.A. in Education from Stanford, and a doctorate in educational leadership from UC San Diego. During her freelance writing career she wrote dozens of magazine feature stories, chapters for textbooks, study guides for educations films and newsletters for the San Diego County Office of Education's reading tutoring program. For many years she created websites for small businesses and children's authors. She has taught at the high school and university levels. She founded eFrog Press in 2011.

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