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    Curtis Harwell and Michelle Brent Talk Bodybuilding and Fitness Unchained

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    The Curtis Harwell Show will be on Friday at 11:30 AM CST with guest host Michelle Brent and Curtis Harwell myself  doing a new Bodybuilding and Fitness show. It will be totally unscripted and an open forum show so call in with questions or send messages through Twitter or Facebook. It will be a free for all kick ass new show that will entertain you and inform you like no other Bodybuilding and Fitness Radio Show. We two old pro's will take you places never gone before with nothing held back. Listen in to the Internets BEST AND MOST LISTENED TO FITNESS SHOW to get entertained and educated at the same time.

  • Curtis Harwell and Michelle Brent Talk Bodybuilding and Fitness Unchained

    in Fitness

    Listen to the Internets most listened to Fitness show "The Curtis Harwell Talk Show" with Friday's regular guest host Michelle Brent giving straight talk with no BS added. We are also "LIVE" now every show on video on "Periscope". If you dont have it get it on Itunes or your Android store to see us broadcasting "LIVE" every shoow. If you have real questions and you want real unchained honest answers then send us your questions to get the 100% truth with nothing added. Listen in today and every Friday for the REAL DEAL.

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses What is nutrient timing?

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    Nutrient timing is a planned alteration of macronutrient intake in order to promote health, workout performance, and get/stay lean.

    Nutrient timing strategies are based on how the body handles different types of food at different times. One of the most important nutrient timing principles is that it’s best to eat most non-fruit and veggie carbohydrates during and after exercise.

    Many factors influence energy balance, with the laws of thermodynamics being the most important determinants of weight gain and weight loss. Yes, this means how much we eat is priority #1 when changing body composition.

    But the key here is “body composition.” If we’re losing equal amounts of fat and muscle when losing weight or gaining equal amounts of fat and muscle when gaining weight, we’re not taking advantage of nutrient timing.

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses Many Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Today

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    Your metabolism is responsible for converting food and drink into energy, according to the National Institutes of Health. Your age, gender and body size all contribute to your unique basal metabolic rate ( BMR). Your BMR is the minimum number of calories your body needs to sustain life while it's in a resting state. This rate accounts for well over 50 percent of the calories you burn each day. A few alterations in diet and lifestyle may help boost your metabolism.

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses Is Being Gluten Free Worth The Effort and Cost

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    What is Gluten, and Why is it In My Food?

    Gluten is a combination of proteins found in most grains, such as wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten traps water and air in a foam as bread rises, which gives it a chewy, soft, moist texture.

    Wheat is the most common source of gluten for most people. However, gluten is also used as a filler in many processed/prepackaged foods, like ketchup and salad dressing. Unless you’ve been actively trying to avoid gluten, you’ve probably been eating it almost every day. Some people think that’s a bad idea.

    Why People Think Gluten Is Bad for You

    Most of the arguments against gluten can be traced back to the idea that it increases intestinal permeability or gives you a “leaky gut.”(1-5) In a nutshell:

    Gluten enters your small intestine.
    The gluten molecules irritate and attack your epithelial cells (the ones on the inside of your small intestines).
    This irritation causes your tight junctions — the space between your intestinal cells — to widen. In some cases, gluten also directly attacks your cells.
    Gluten, bacteria, and undigested food particles sneak through these gaps between your cells and into your bloodstream.
    Once gluten and friends enter your bloodstream, your body mounts an inflammatory response.
    This inflammation spreads throughout your body, wreaking havoc on your health.

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses Fitness Myths You Need To Stop Believing Immediately

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    I spend my days training and teaching for people in Austin and all over the world, which means I’m constantly around men and women working toward their fitness goals. Whether their focus is training for an event, injury recovery, weight loss, or muscle gain, I work with young and old men and women of all focuses, but somehow I keep hearing the same misinformation over and over again. I compiled a list of the most prevalent fitness myths I encounter followed by an ice cold serving of the truth to set the record straight. Even though your brain isn’t technically a muscle, sometimes knowledge is the most important thing you can bring with you to the gym.

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses Why You Should Change You Workout Routine To Grow

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    If you would like to know whether you need to change up your workout routine, the simple answer is affirmative. However, in order to fully understand why you need to do so, you will have to find out about how your body reacts to exercise. Sticking to the same routine can be very convenient, but at some point, this routine may not give you any results, so you need to shake things up. Changing the workout routine can be a motivator and may make things more interesting for you.

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    Episode 2954 - A Man that findeth a wife findeth a good thing - Curtis Horse

    in Paranormal

    Curtis Horse - Pine Ridge Warriors
    Website: www.pineridgewarriors.com
    Recorded 11-5-2015 on Omega Man Radio  omegamanradio.com

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    L.A. Steel Show / 911 Truth, with activist Cheryl Curtis

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    Tonight we welcome Cheryl Curtis a 911 activist and a radio talk show host. We will discuss the recent presentation by Richard Gage and the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. ae911truth.org. Also we will discuss the international interest in Richard's message , especially after the Paris 911 of 11/14/15. Was the Paris bombing a false flag operation, to make France take a greater military stance against ISIS, just as 911 enraged the U.S to war against AlQiada and the Taliban in Afghanistan?

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    Below Da Surface Radio is the #1 Indie Radio show with over 220,000 listeners! We are a driving force that brings indie and labels together! We are a part of the Shay Star Radio Network! Without this platform we would not be where we are! We always keep he show live with "Trap It or Scrap It" and we got that Butter B Mix followed up by the Stoned Report with "PeeDee" and occassionally "Smack" gives out the "smackyaself Award. 

    Tonite we have a Live interview with "Cost the Religion"out of Wilmington, De

    Small Bio: Born Michael Battle in the small city of Wilmington, Delaware, the love for constructing words was discovered at an early age for the emcee. Traditionally, music inspires young artists to explore their talents. In this case the love for the sport was inspired by family members who shared a similar interest. Cost would watch as his aunt and cousin would write poetry and rap lyrics in journals and share them amongst each other in the household. Just experiencing his family sharing the rhyming of words sparked his interest in the art. TO HEAR MORE TUNE IN TONITE!


  • Curtis Harwell Will Interview One of Bodybuildings Best Michelle Brent

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    Here's one of the most beautiful over 50 year old womam you ever likely to see! That right, Michelle is stunning. She's only 5'3'' tall and in these pics is a huge 160 lbs with a low body fat % aswell. She has more muscle (much more muscle) than most men half her age. This fine work of art is the result of 30 years of hardcore lifting. That's what you call dedication, and naturally a big passion for muscle and bodybuilding.