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    Cross Cultural Competency-Harriet Russell

    in Lifestyle

    Harriet Russell is a world ambassador.  She is qualified by education  and life experiences to teach cross cultural communications to others.  In her yoga practice, wellness workshops, international speaking engagements and everday life she has been able to create a heart centered philosophy that  emulates in everything she does. 

    Her ability to speak eight different languages created the opportunity for her to translate for Peter Jennings, ABC News staff at the Tokyo Economic Summit,  Educate and coach entrepreneurs in Minsk, and conduct buisness in Japan.

    She has taken spiritual retreats to India, Napal, and Tibet, actively particiated in Rotary International projects and visited medical clinics with doctors  specializing in yoga practices.  

    Her travels have taken her to Krygyzstan as an independent volunteer coaching english teachers on methologies, artisans in small business development and, social workers, teachers and school children in stress management and yoga.

    Working in the corporate world Harriet owned her own business which she operated from Japan for many years, worked in public relations for Sony, published for Encyclopedia Britannica, and has taught taught cross cultural communications at universities and companies. 

    She is the owner and operator of Bhumi's Yoga studio which certifies yoga practicioners, facilitates workshops and seminars to small and large companies and organizations, and coaches in wellness and holistic health. 




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    Cultural Competency Needed Now

    in Business

    As in all fields of study, the field of diversity management continues to evolve,  with "cultural competency" at its core.   While diversity management was once thought of as simply being aware of differences of race and ethnicity, we now know that it is much more, with the term" cultural competency"  covering a far broader span of areas such as gender and generational differences, and religious and cultural beliefs and customs, just to name a few.  As our society becomes much more multi-cultural and our organizations progressively more global in scope, it  becomes more and more apparent  that this skill is vital for  today's leaders   Join us tonight as Lisa Pasbjerg, executive coach and CEO of Focused Coaching, LLC interviews  William Appleton, President of Kairos Consulting.  and  a CDP (Certified Diversity Professional.)    Prior to founding Kairos, Bill worked as an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant at the Cleveland Clinic, where he served as team lead for the design and facilitation for a system-wide (40,000 +) cultural change initiative and acted a resource for more than a dozen facilities and hundreds of leaders, designed and delivered numerous courses  for the Center for Leadership and Learning and developed the organization's diversity councils throughout the system.   A true leader in this field, Bill will share with us his deep expertise on this critical competency required for any progressive business or organization, including, the first steps that you and your organization should be taking immediately in order to stay abreast of this important requirement  for our evolving workplaces.  

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    Cultural Harmony

    in Culture

    We surmise that cultural homogeneity is on its way to extinction, and that the recognition of cultural diversity has become the new global tradition. However, cultural diversity is just the first step, and incomplete without harmony or congruence between people of different cultures. Cultural harmony shows the possibility of how one culture relates to another and how a person relates to the society. 

    Every one of us has a cultural background and often times we must relate with people of other cultures, beliefs, and races within our society or other society when we travel. Sometimes bad laws are made, such as the anti-gay laws in Africa, or police brutality in the USA, Xenophibia, creed, class, racism, political feud,  and claims that one culture is superior or chosen by God over another. These creates negative cultivated dependences which pervade our ability or interest to co-exist peacefully. Look no where else than unto yourself to change the paradigm.  

    We invite you to join this conversation and share your views or tell the story of how you use your ability or knowledge to extend friendship and encourage harmony between peoples that are different to you?

    If you could change one thing for the better what would it be? 

    Please join us in this casual dialogue live by calling int ot he teleforum

    Phone: 760-283-0850

    Skype: Africanviews

    Date: 05/30/2015

    Time: 12:00 P.M. EST

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    How to Start and Build a Cross-Cultural Mentoring Program

    in Training

    How do you start and build a cross-cultural mentoring program? When we think of mentoring programs in the workplace, we tend to think of programs that carefully match mentors and mentees who share some or a lot of cultural similarities.  

    But there’s another approach to mentor/mentee matching and that is identifying and pairing mentors and mentees who cross different cultures, such as mentors and mentees who come from different races, genders, ethnicities, religions, cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, or nationality. 

    Today I will discuss this topic with my guest Jodi Davidson, Director of Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives at Sodexo. 

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    The Female Solution: Inter-racial, Inter-cultural and Inter-religious Marriages

    in Religion

    Finding the right partner is challenging enough when both parties come from the same background. But what about when there is a racial, cultural or religious difference? Will crossing these boundaries help the human family beome more unified and less divided? Or do we owe it to our racial group, our cultural heritage, or our religious community to stay within those boundaries when considering a person for marriage? What happens if a Muslim woman marries a non-Muslim man? What happens if an African American woman marries a white man? What happens if an American marries an African? Will it help us understand each other? Or are we asking for a marriage full of conflict and incompatibility?

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    The Seeds of Cultural Marxism

    in Politics

    Marxism is a worldview and a method of societal analysis that focuses on class relations and societal conflict, that uses a materialist interpretation of historical development, and a dialectical view of social transformation.

    Now that we understand what Marxism is, "What is Cultural Marxism?" Our guest tonight is simply a man whom we will just call Sarge. Don't miss this show tonight to get the details on Cultural Marxism and the insight in today's world on how Cultural Marxism relates to religion, homosexuality, nationalism, and government.

    Of Course this is the First Sunday of the Month, so join us for our Zodiac Hour the Second Hour of the Show with Dr. Khailfani Rivers...


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    A Brief Discussion About Cultural Shifts and the Role of the Christian

    in Christianity

    On this episode Dr. Tim Stafford discusses the cultural shifts in America and what the Christian response should be to such a shift. His insights will help Christians keep a perspective that will help them work throught he changes internally and then trust the Lord to move forward in the call on their life. 

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    JADE Radio Network- Environment, Cultural Heritage, Freedoms & Rights

    in Environment

    SUNDAY June 28, 2015  LIVE On Line Radio

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    Join Your Hosts: Steven Smith, & Aven Peralto


    Contact Us Live In The Studio To Take Part In The Show

    1-914-338-1983  use Skype, log onto Blog Talk Radio Chat or Face Book Chat

    Join Our Face Book Page:https://www.facebook.com/groups/no.onportgoatisland/


    A production of The Peralto JADE Foundation (A US NGO/501c3 on-Profit) Jamaica Action Dialogue Education

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    Great Books Foundation presents  Milken Award winning Educator Shekema Silveri, NCTE Early Career Educator of Color and founder of the IFE Academy of Teaching and Technology


    Great Books Foundation presents  Milken Award winning Educator Shekema Silveri, NCTE Early Career Educator of Color and founder of the IFE Academy of Teaching and Technology


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    Cultural Diversity Nursing (Blog 6)

    in Education

    Welcome to Cultural Diversity Nursing. At the end of this class please send your attendance flag word to your Instructor.
    Enjoy your learning journey.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Weaponization Of Cultural Politics

    in Politics Conservative

    Do the Clintons even care about how their myriad scandals affect their public image?  They've never had to before, but they'd better start now; "The current notion that we must avoid hurting the feelings of anybody from the "right tribe," but the feelings of people of the "wrong tribe" are fair game is becoming oppressive; Lack of "investment" is NOT the problem in Baltimore; Baltimore, Charlie Hebdo, and the weaponization of cultural politics; Republicans acting in the spirit of Barbara Jordan?; and guess who's running away with Iowa?


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