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    CSI ~ (Jubilee's ch 37~ Exposed Racism)Fall Preview

    in History

    Welcome back to our series of Deleted Books of The Bible.  Today we are going to preview of what's to come on CSI this fall and to review where we left off in The Book of Jubilee ch 37 and 38

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    CSI: The Art of Historical Detection

    in History

    With almost 30 years experience in the field of history and broadcast radio, host Wayne Sedlak takes you into the world of historical detection. There we find the raw materials of history: archaeology, linguistics, mysterious manuscripts, ancient languages... and pieces of the larger puzzle we call History. No matter what else we see, the most important single quest is ... "The Story". 
    Nineveh... and Jonah?
    First we will look to the "Mysteries of the Ancient World". Nineveh in the year 772 BC defies historians. The people - from the king to the beggar in the street -  ALL were mourning. But why? What happened there... and why?
    George Washington... Religious Christian or Hypocrite?
    Our second episode of the night is titled "Cryptic America".  America's beginnings are topics debated in universities, media, churches and a host of publications. Most Americans are familiar with the picture of George Washington in prayer. But who was the real George Washington?
    From the Other Side...
    This is the segment where we take on conventional wisdom. Come join us this evening... We know the show will challenge your thinking.

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    CSI Ferguson

    in Politics Conservative

    UPDATE: CSI Ferguson

    How'd that bullet get in the top of his head?

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    The Ron and Don Show: The real story behind CSI and Community Action of Mpls

    in News

    Many Minneapolis residents are appalled after learning an audit of the non-profit Community Action of Minneapolis found corruption and misuse of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars by leaders on luxurious trips to Palm Beach, spa treatments, bonuses, and even a personal car loan. (Star Tribune, September 22, 2014)

    With the latest scandal surrounding CSI and Senators Jeff Hayden and Bobby Joe Champion, the team of Ron and Don will examine why now? Why is now the perfect time to expose these types of scandals? We see local community members and the press going after Hayden in regards to CAM; but why no mention of Minneapolis city councilperson Barb Johnson. There's an explaination, but you have to tune in to hear it. 


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    Kevin Malek and Jennifer Scelsi from Wisconsin

    in Paranormal

    Please join Sanjay on Tuesday, 29 September as he welcomes Kevin Malek and Jennifer Scelsi to Ridge Walker Radio!

    Kevin is a Paranormal Historian & Founder of the Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society. He is also a Ufologist & a certified Field Investigator w/Mufon (The Mutual UFO Network).

    Jennifer Scelsi is a Physical Psychic Medium & Investigator w/the NWPS (Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society.) & the Wisconsin State Director for CSI: Paranormal (City Sightings Investigations). She is also currently studying Daemonology & is a Wisconsin representative for the PWSM (Praesidium Warriors of St Michael).

    Together, Kevin and Jennifer run the Northwoods Paranormal Resource Center in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. They are contributing writers for Supernatural Magazine, and are the hosts of Paraversal Universe on the Paranormal King Radio Network.

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    09-On The Record: Look Inside for Personal Power

    in Business

    Sandra Dee Robinson is a well-known daytime actress, TV and Radio Host, Product Spokesperson, wildlife advocate, CEO and Founder of Charisma on Camera Media Training Studio, and Horsepowered Consulting.  She is author of, IMPACT! Secrets to Powerful Personal Presence on Camera and Off. 

    Sandra Dee is under great demand as a coach, consultant, and speaker for companies, entrepreneurs, authors, celebrities, and well-established experts to help them develop their most powerful personal presence and leadership communication skills.  She has appeared in major roles on Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, The Bay and guest starred on many prime time shows and films, like CSI Miami, Criminal Minds, and Two and a Half Men… among others.  She attributes her consistent success in this challenging industry to the lessons she now has honed into effective workshops and seminars.


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    Cinemax "Strike Back" with former Stuntman NCIS and CSI David Gray in Bangkok

    in Movies

    Join Nicky Dare's interview with a returning Guest, Mr. David Gray in Bangkok Thailand.

    GUEST: Mr. David Gray, a Stuntman/ Actor, screen play writer, bodyguard, a former US Marine, Firearms Instructor, Martial Arts trainer from Thailand. Stuntman on NCIS: San Diego and CSI: Las Vegas. Gray has been involved both as actor, and stuntman in several movie productions in the US as well as international.

    Mr Gray is currently working on movie series "Strike Back" (Cinemax and HBO) due to complete by end of 2014. Worked with crew and friends in movie industry, namely: Phillip Winchester, Sullivan Stapleton, Selwyn Roberts, Ron Smoorenburg, Damian Mavis, Charlie Ruedpokanon, Jaika stunts.

    Cinemax "Strike Back" movie series: CLICK HERE

    Author of "Demon By Knight" and more ...



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    CSI ~ (Jubilee's ch 37~ Exposed Racism)

    in The Bible

    Tracing the root of racism can be found in Jubilee's .As we continue to read into the So-Called lost books of the bible we know now what they were hiding.  Welcome to the reading and study of The Book of Jubilee's ch 37 exposed racism from Esau Son's.  Its not about Black or White, its about Two Brothers

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    Daytime welcomes kodi Kitchen to the show

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welcomes Kodi kitchen to the show she played also Dr. Margaret "Maggie" Wurth on Gh and also she has been on 17 Again (2009), CSi new york and also 2001 Maniacs so please call in and we will be also talking about soaps and primetime and breaking news of soaps and daytime and primetime.

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Gary Starta

    in Books

    Kindred Killers: A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery ~

      Homicide Detective Stanford Carter uses Zen meditation to deal with the gruesome crimes of humanity. But his composure is severely tested when an unfaithful husband and stripper are not only murdered but showcased for their immoral lives. To test his mettle further, department policy is jeopardizing his romance with his CSI colleague Jill Seacrest. Marrying colleagues is prohibited and Carter must either end his romance or have Jill put in for transfer. The private detective hired by the family of the victims becomes the only suspect. Carter theorizes someone with knowledge in law enforcement is responsible for leaving clean but disturbing crime scenes. Further investigation leads him to believe a pair of killers might be working as serials. As Jill goes undercover to investigate the PI's social life, Carter fears he might not only fail to stop the vigilante killings but lose the love of his life.

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    Orlando Presentz...Before the Fame: Feature Friday

    in Indie Music

    ORLANDO PRESENTZ: BEFORE THE FAME is a platform that initiated as a positive, Christian music movement created by Orlando Page. Inspiration for this platform from came from first hand experience in the difficulty of indie artists trying to get their music played on the radio on regular basis. Thus, Orlando created a network where newer, indie artist could have their own music absolutely free! In addition, his show "Before The Fame" also allows new, indie artists to guest on the show and share their testimony/story behind the artists, their songs, their goal in doing Christian music, and so much more!

    A Renaissance Man does everything well, ala Leonardo Davinci. As a father, grandfather, husband, youth leader, football coach AND MC, Damon Curtis knows the sacrifice and dedication it takes to strive for excellence.

    One look at his family history and there’s no doubt about why music is a priority. His mom’s family brought Jazz and Funk to the table, while his grandmother was a classically trained pianist and his father toured with Gold certified singer Millie Jackson.

    This nurtured Damon’s love for music. And, in the 80’s, he fell in love with emceeing, taking cues from pre-CSI LL Cool J and Kool Moe D. After joining the Air Force and getting married, he put the mic down, but picked it up again in 2006, shortly after Jesus brought him back to the faith.
    With a love for Christ and hip-hop (especially that boom-bap), Idiomz da Prophesayer (Idiomz) emerged