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    Come and join me on my psychic journey!!!!

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    Hitler, Is He Alive? WHERE ARE THEY with Linda Crystal

    in History

    November 18th, 2015 at 6:30pm EST on  WHERE ARE THEY?  We will investigate Adolf Hitler. Some of his life and LINDA CRYSTAL, FORENSIC ASTROLOGIST will profile his astrology chart to see what happened on April 30, 1945. Is he dead?  See what his own astrology chart reveals.

    Gabriella Doolin Disappearance Case Information, missing from Pee Wee Football Game Saturday, Scottsville, Tennesee and found murdered 25 minutes later.

    Charlie Sheen Breaking News Information, Celebrity Profile

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    Tammy Leppert Disappearance 1983 on WHERE ARE THEY? with LINDA CRYSTAL

    in Spirituality

    Show for week of November 4th, 2015 has been postponed to November 11th at 6:30pm EST. THANK YOU FOR BEING LOYAL FANS

    Tammy Leppert was an actress, model and appeared in various films Scarface and Springbreak, Video Darlings and Video Wars. Tammy did over 300 Breauty Pageants. On July 6, 1983 she went to meet a boyfriend and was never seen again. However she did tell people that someone wanted to kill her prior to going missing. Tammy was 18 years old.

    Now Linda Crystal, Forensic Astrologist, BA Forensic Psychology  investigates the case. 

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    Join me on my psychic journey!!! :-)

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    in Paranormal

    Join me on my psychic journey!!!!

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    in Paranormal

    Come and join me on my psychic journey!!!!

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    Commentary with Crystal: Bobbi Kristina Death Watch – Cries From The Grave

    in Current Events

    Commentary with Crystal Podcast: Segment of The Crystal Show with Host, Crystal Hickerso

    We're all eagerly listening for the news of the death of this young woman. But who was listening to her cries while she was alive and well?

    Not since the infamous coma of Sonny Von Bulow has the eyes of the public been fixed on one such soul wandering around in the deepest realms of purgatory. Today we watch and wait for the poor 22 year old daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina to be finally released from her comatose state. Sonny Von Bulow’s coma which was dramatized in the book and movie Reversal of Fortune, lasted for 28 years when she finally succumbed to the light in 2008. I don’t think that Bobbi Kristina will be in her permanent vegetative state for that long. As of today she has been brain dead for about 7 1/2 months. Her family refusing to let go. In June of 2015 it did seem that the family has decided to release her when they placed her in an Atlanta hospice.  

    Official Website of The Crystal Show

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    Boca Raton Murders, WHO DID IT on Where Are They? with Linda Crystal

    in Current Events

    Tonight on WHERE ARE THEY?  with LINDA CRYSTAL, The Boca Raton Murders. Who Did It? Nancy Bochiccio & Joey, 7 years old were murdered and found in their car. Who murders a 7 year old in cold blood? There is a $400,000 Reward for the person who did this to these folks! LINDA CRYSTAL, Forensic Astrologist, BA Forensic Psychology Investigates the case!

    Also on this show the murderer of Kirsten Hatfield from 1997 in Midwest City, OKlahoma sees some justice as a suspect Anthony Palma, 56 is arrested today in OKlahoma. Kirsten then 8 years old is still missing.



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    Jillian Neal is LIVE on The Librarian

    in Books

    Host Tabatha Pope welcomes author Jillian Neal to THE LIBRARIAN on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network. 

    Jillian Neal, bestselling author of the contemporary romance series, Gypsy Beach and the urban fantasy saga, The Gifted Realm, will be here to discuss her sexy writing style, her belief that love and coffee can conquer all, and that she’s incapable of writing inside the proverbial box. She showed her skill weaving the intricate plot lines that make up The Gifted Realm saga and created a bohemian beach town that we all want to visit in Gypsy Beach. She’s taking on adult illiteracy and has partnered with the ProLitearcy organization for her latest release in the Gypsy series, Gypsy Hope. For every copy sold, Jillian is donating $1 to help stamp out this global epidemic. Next year, we’re going back for another Gifted saga and she’ll add another fictional locale to her repertoire when the seductive cowboys of Camden Ranch gallop onto the scene. Jillian’s characters not only have legendary bedroom skills. They always manage to capture our hearts, fill our souls, and make us think. Her self-proclaimed love of love is evident every time she takes pen to paper. Visit Jillian's website for more information about her and her books: http://jillianneal.com/.

    Host of "The Librarian", Tabatha Pope, can be found at All For Love of the Word and Facebook. 

    This is a copyrighted and trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors On the Air Global Network LLC. on the web at authorsontheair.com.

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    Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal

    in Christianity

    Join Pastor Neal for discussions on some of the day's trending topics in religion, education, and politic

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    A discussion of the complexities of the polyamorous lifestyle with Joshua Neal

    in Lifestyle

    The Following is an excerpt from an essay written by Adjunct lecturer Joshua Neal on the complexities of the poly-amorous lifestyle. Adjunct lecturer Neal currently teaches undergraduate psychology while working towards his PhD.

    I can't say that I've always identified with the polyamorous life; as a younger person I often spent time imagining a future life as a father and husband. With time and experience though, I became skeptical about the prospects of long-term pair bonding. The lack of positive role models in this regard, coupled with my own personal experience left me somewhat crestfallen as to the plausibility of a lifetime union. My leery attitude towards marriage shouldn't equate with it being 'unnatural', because I don't believe that monogamy (or for that matter monoamory, the practice of exclusive sexual relationships) is unnatural either. However, in its current configuration it may be highly impractical. I can't make any claims as to the natural position of the human animal when it comes to romantic intimacy, either. Many intellectual pursuits have failed to identify the 'natural' human instinct towards love and family. If any 'natural' or original inclination can be surmised, it is that human behaviors and cultural practices change over time as we adapt to meet the demands of a constantly evolving environment.

    Joshua is also a musician, combat sports practitioner with interests in human optimization.

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they welcome Adjunct lecturer Neal to this weeks edition of Zaiyah's House

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