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    Are we at a PROTEST or Are we preparing for the PHOTO OP?

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    Hey there Tea Sippers! We are now 8 days away from Christmas, Hanukkah has started, Kwanzaa is 9 days away and everyone is in the "holiday" spirit, BUT there are a few things going on in the world that you want to talk about....SOOOOOOO  today is another edition of "Don't Come out of a Bag" Wednesday where YOU are my CoHost.  You know the rules, we can talk about any and everything right here, right now..BUT if you decide to come out of a bag on me.. I will come out of a BIGGER BAG on you...ya feel me???

    Since when does The March on Washington have VIP Passes?:  There has been a huge explosion on the social media sites with the recent march having VIP passes to stand near the stage. WTF?? 
    I'm Not Gay No MO....I am DELIVERT:  I'm sure you've seen the YouTube video by now and I have a few things to say about this....It's very sad what we go through from "church folk" AND how the gay children are jumping all over this child.... I will explain.
    The Sony Leaks:  WTF is going on with this???  I really think that this is a disgruntled employee who had it IN for Ms. Girl who is behind all of the texts.
    Beverly Johnson says YES HE DID:   Now, we have a famous BLACK face added to the list of women who claims Bill Cosby allegedly drugged them.  What are your thoughts about HER allegations?

    This is going to be a RED HOT pot of tea baby.. so make sure you have PLENTY of CRUMPETS!

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    A Chipmunks V. Chipettes Moment? Black Girl Nerds Stop by Afronerd, Sat@6pm EST

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    Happy Festivus with collard greens and crumpets to our loyal listenership!  Join us for a very special Grindhouse broadcast (The Comic Shoppe and Afronerd Radio at 6 and 7pm, respectively) when we welcome Jamie Broadnax from the stupendous and ever popular BlackGirlNerds.com website.  Ms. Broadnax's BGN site serves as "a place for women of color with various eccentricities to express themselves freely and embrace who they are."  And in perfect Yuletide fashion, not only will we discuss all things "blerdy" (from a woman's perspective) with Ms. Broadnax but we will also address additional pulp concerns:  Sony's unsolicited email "hackathon is the gift that keeps giving; our impressions of the revelations from the fall finales of Arrow, SHIELD and The Flash; Comic Book Resources' The Mission column waxes about the physical changes of Amanda Waller and how that may translate on the silver screen and lastly, is there really only one Black owned comic shop (Third Coast Comics) in the U.S.?  And do we need more?

    And then there's Afronerd Radio at 7pm.  Join Dburt and Captain Kirk as they unravel the following Luther-esque mysteries:  the Ferguson aftermath spurs Black athletes to become politically active; is Geraldo Rivera correct about likening Black victimization to a form of urban suicide?; is hip hop artist, Jay-Z, the right police misconduct advisor for NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo; the new "Hands Up" anti-police rap video causes outrage and lastly, the minstrelsy continues with a new website entitled lightskinordarkskin.com that judges one's skin tone (really?).  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.  AGAIN, NOT THE SHOW TO MISS!

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    I'm MAD as HELL and I'm NOT Going to Take it ANYMORE! A DCOAB Wednesday

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    Hey there Tea Sippers!! You already know what time it is.... it's time for another installment of Don't Come out of a Bag, Wednesday where YOU are my Co-Host. We can and will talk about any and everything that is on your mind, Right Here... Right Now, BUT... if you come out of a bag on me... I will come out of a BIGGER BAG! Ya feel me??? Cool beans... now let's get this thing started.
    Here are some things that are on my mind:

    I stand behind Bill Cosby!: Yes, I do and I do believe he did it, BUT he did not RAPE those women. I believe they were part of the whole casting couch syndrome and now they are crying RAPE
    NO INDICTMENT: REALLY??? I know many of you are angry and down right pissed..and it's time for me to weigh in on the cases...... Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice (his case) and the countless others.
    Prepaid vs. Contract Phones: I've switched over to Boost Mobile who is a subsidary of SPRINT and I am NOT pleased!!
    Black Gay Men want to be Women!!: I've got a radio sound bite that pissed me off and I want to hear your thoughts on this.

    This is going to be a HOT Pot of tea for your nerves, my darlings so make sure you have PLENTY of CRUMPETS, ya feel me!!

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    Lean on Me cuz This is It! An Elegant Affair with Melba Moore

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    Hey there Tea Sippers!  It is my esteemed pleasure to present to some and introduce to others a woman who has embodied the very essence of Resilience! The Incomparable, Tony Award Winning, Songstress Melba Moore with be Dishing Tea with Big Meach about how she persevered thru her ordeal in this business called show and how she has regained control of her life and her career.  In addition, we will be introducing new music by this Dame and get really intimate with how she plans to coast her way thru this leg of her journey.

    This is a Do Not Miss edition so make sure you bring all of your crumpets darlings cuz this Hot Pot of Tea is going to be Good!

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    In GIVING, You are LIVING: a conversation with Marlo Hampton

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    Hey there Tea Sippers!!  We have a special edition show for you to bring you into the holiday season!  Our Guest today is known for going toe to toe and has now become a "frienemy" with the infamous NeNe Leakes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and on I Dream of NeNe.......but this diva has a heart of gold that many may not be aware of until Now!!

    The one and only Marlo Hampton will be Dishing Tea about her charity "Simply Giving" and how YOU can be a recipient of one of the Thanksgiving Dinner packages she will be awarding to deserving families.  We will find out more about her heart of gold and how she plans on using her new found celebrity to bring attention to those causes that speak to her heart....AND of course we will dabble into her personal feelings and find out how she is really handling all of the fame from being a cast member on RHOA.

    This will be a LOVELY pot of tea for your nerves, darlings so be sure to have plenty of crumpets.

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    Let's Make Reservations for TWO...an intimate discussion with Ms. Dionne Warwick

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    Hey there Tea Sippers!  This is a glorious time for us here at Dishing Tea with Big Meach because we have the pleasure, the privilege, the honor to have spend some time with one of my  aunties in the entertainment industry. She is a Living Legend whose career has spanned over 5 decades with 69 Billboard TOP 100 singles, 15 Grammy Award Nominations with 5 Grammy Award wins, 10 Cash Box Magazine Awards, 7 National Association of Recording Merchandisers Best Seller Awards, A Trumpet Award Honoree, NAACP Award Honoree, 2 Time ASCAP Award Honoree, A Sister in the Name of Love, a Humanitarian, a Mother and a PROUD member of the Drinkard family.....We will be serving Tea and Crumpets with the one and only....The Legendary Ms. Dionne Warwick!

    Be sure to tell all your friends and have plenty of crumpets because we will get the tea on her new project, "Feels So Good Duets" and find out more about how she has maintained her sense of style and sophistication in an ever changing world of show business.

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    I've Got a Deeper Love, and I Call it PRIDE!

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    Hey there Tea Sippers. We hve got a delcious pot of tea for your nerve to day that will sent you into the stratosphere!  We will be talking about the educational system from a different point of view.  We've heard so many people talking about, criticizing, and doubting the current institution of higher learning, but no one seems to have an answer or a workable set of solutions.  Well, the time has come to embark upon a new education initiative that will not only speak to improving the cirriculum, but encourage a populous to thrive as it builds allegiances and supportive strong fronts that will empower and edify the community.

    With the K-12 school structure being under the rule of what seems to be a Judeao Christian structure, an innovative approach to learning and acquiring the primary life skills required to be a productive citizen is on the horizon.  The Pride School Atlanta is in development  to revolutionize the institution of education as it bridges the gaps that hosts all of the phobias which hold society hostage.   Established by Christian Zsilavetz, Pride School Atlanta will seek to provide a safe place for the LGBTQQIA communities and their families to learn and matriculate while supporting and celebrating diversity and acceptance throughout its student body and facaulty. We will delve into this new and excited possibility of a  Pre K-12 school system and address all those burning questions that may be on the forefront of your  minds. 

    This is going to be a very HOT POT of TEA so make sure you have plenty of crumpets, darlings.

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    It's So Many, What us gon' Do? A Don't Come out of a Bag, Wednesday

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    Hey there Tea Sippers.....  It's the first Wednesday of the month and it's time for you to be my CoHost.... It's another installment of Don't Come out of a Bag and YOU ARE MY COHOST.... Now, you know the Rules.... We can and will talk about ANY and EVERYTHING right here, BUT if you come out of a bag on me, I will come out of a BIGGER BAG, you got me?

    Here are a few topics that are on my mind:

    THE ELECTION RESULTS:   Child, the Republicans are REALLY going to make this next two years very difficult for us!  What are YOUR thoughts on this.
    The right to VOTE:   We can always say that if you didn't vote, you have nothing to complain about; however, let's talk about it from the other end.....the reason why folks don't vote.  If you are one who doesn't like to vote or have reservations about it, I want to hear from you.
    ROOMMATE ETIQUETTE:  This topic was brought to me from a loyal listener and I thought this would bring about some wonderful conversation and insight into the ups and downs of having HOUSEGUESTS.

    This is going to be a DELICIOUSLY HOT POT of tea for your nerve, baby.. AND I have a studio audience for a limited time, so make sure you have your crumpets, darlings.

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    Sisters are Doing it for Themselves

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    Hey there Tea Sippers! We are going to take a look into the Entertainment Business from a woman's point of view. When they were last here, my sistahs, Helen Brunner and Terry Jones  gave us the 4-1-1 on how is was to come into the business of SHOW and dealing with the ups and downs of dealing with record execs. Now, they are back along with the sistahs over at PhillyBass'd Records to share with us what's it like to BE the execs and how it is to create an empire from the ground up and having the power of "the sistahood" to empower their endeavors.

    We will be dishing tea on how it is for women to actually exist in this business and it is real or a myth that BLACK WOMEN can not work together for long periods of time in this industry. With the onset of R&B Divas Franchise and other reality television shows that depict black women in such a horrible light, can 'the sistahood' really bounce back from such a hard blow to its fiberoptics?

    Also, we will be debuting on Dishing Tea with Big Meach a new artist who I am already deeming her THIS GENERATION'S Gladys Knight.... Ms. Tati....and her hit "You Stopped" written and produced by Helen and Terry. Have your crumpets together darlings, because THIS is going to be a HOT POT of humdinger tea.

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    "Love is a Contact Sport" an intimate conversation with Coach Von De Carlo

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    Hey there Tea Sippers! We have gotten a wonderful treat in store for you today.  Many of us are always looking for answers or advice when it comes to matters of the heart and we have got someone who can get you right together.  She is one of the voices you can hear and SEE on Centric's "According to Him and Her" as she give it to you Play by Play from her very own "Playbook". 

    She has been classified as "Clatchet" and  professes to be "The Dude's Kinda Chick" as she says she understands the language of MEN and KNOWS Man Truth as she has written a book for every woman to tote as a manual, "Speak Fluent Man: The Top Things Women Should Consider Before Blaming the Man".

    My guest today, Ms. Von DeCarlo, will be Dishing her Tea on how she has created and recreated her empire, putting her life back together after such a tragedy, AND how she handles the dating scene in this age of technology and dramedy. 

    Get your crumpets together because this is going to be a beautifully HOT pot of tea my darlings.


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