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    Agile Writers - Critique

    in Writing

    §The Purpose of Critique is to

    §Get feedback

    §Get a first impression

    §Get a second opinion

    §Learn about mechanics (spelling, grammar)

    §Learn about structure (plot, character, etc…)

    §Improve your craft

    §through receiving criticism

    §through offering criticism

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    MOSH - Taxing Problem and Unwelcome Critique

    in Entertainment

    Another double feature! Two special MOSH Episodes (MOSH stands for the "Misadventures Of Sherlock Holmes" in case you didn't know)! Two hilarious comedies written by Vince Stadon!

    Sherlock Holmes and the Taxing Problem

    (The Lost Pilot to The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes)

    Written by Vince Stadon

    Starring Jeff Niles as Sherlock Holmes and Capt. John Tadrzak as Mr. Milhauser

    Produced and directed by Jeff Niles, Additional music by Alain Morin/First Com

    A surprise visitor to 221b Baker Street leads Mr Sherlock Holmes to an impromptu series of extraordinary deductions... but has he missed the singular fact that will reveal the true identity of this mysterious and irksome caller? And where on earth is Mrs Hudson?

    Doctor Watson and the Unwelcome Critique

    Written by Vince Stadon

    Starring Elie Hirschman as Dr. John H. Watson and Viktor Aurelius as Mr. Fotherwell

    Produced and directed by Jeff Niles, Music by Alain Morrin / First Com

    A surprise visitor to 221b Baker Street has Dr Watson reaching for his service revolver and pining for a hearty breakfast... but will things get heated when the good doctor's literary prowess is called into question? And where on earth is Mrs Hudson?

    Make sure to visit our website for MORE! http://the4077th.blogspot.com

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    Critique Groups, Critique Partners, Beta Readers: the Good, the Bad, the Snooty

    in Writing

    In this episode we have special guest, history fiction author J.F. Ridgley. We also introduce a new member to The Write Pack: Meredith Tate

    Critique groups, partners and beta readers are a low stake experience that can be similar to that of an editor, agent, or publisher. So you have written a short story or a novel and are told you should find a critique group? Maybe a Critique Partner? And what is this odd thing called Beta Readers? Are they a pond filled of piranhas? Are they necessary steps to getting published? Why are they so important? Aren’t they always filled with just failed writers who are bitter and waiting to rip things up?

    Is there a difference between college writing critique groups and commercial writing critique groups? Do they replace editors? Are they like a movie’s favorite private screening feedback group?

    Should these people ever be a loved one, family member, or close friend?

    What defines a good beta reader, critique group or partner? What kind of feedback should you expect to receive? What makes good usable criticism? And what is the “sandwich effect”?

    How do you know if you are ready for a critique group, partner or beta reader?

    What makes a bad beta reader, critique group or partner? When you break up with a group or partner like breaking up with a lover?

    How do you find critique groups or critique partners writing in your genre?

    Beware of the critique giver who is trying to mold you into an image of their own method. Also beware of turning it into “social hour.”

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    Critique of Joel McDurmon and Isaiah 65 Part II

    in Religion

    Today we present the second part of our critique of Joel McDurmon and Iaiah 65 on the New Heavens and new earth. We examine Isaiah 65 to determine whether it is to be understood in apocalyptic language or by using a literal hermeneutic. 

    We also compare the use being made by Joel who applies a literal premillennial hermeneutic to texts almost unamnimously accepted as figurative.

    For more infomation visit Don K Preston or William Bell's AllThingsFulfilled website.

    Join Two Guys and A Bible for another informative broadcast.

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    Critique Revolve: 'Blackhat' Review

    in Movies

    Welcome to Critique Revolve. This week's host discuss, analyze and breakdown 'Blackhat'

    Blackhat is a 2015 American action thriller mystery film co-produced and directed by Michael Mann and written by Morgan Davis Foehl. The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Tang Wei, Viola Davis, Holt McCallany, and Wang Leehom. The film premiered at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on Januar 8, 2015. It is set for release on January 16, 2015.

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    134-Art Critique Techniques

    in Art

    Be part of our artist community join us live on the radio:   

    Thurs. Feb 27th 9pm-10pm, MST

    Call: 646-915-9294 

    Art Critique Techniques, Radio Show  

    With Co-Host: Suzanne Frazier  &

    LisaNesmith.com, AmyButowicz.com, ClaireJackel.com, SuzanneFrazier.com, AnnetteColemanArtist.com

    Annette Coleman & Suzanne Frazier

    If you have ever wondered how to best critique or take direction from fellow artists, the public or an instructor this show is for you. Just a few things to consider: What is the painting of? Is it unusual, unexpected, controversial or intriguing? Does it lend itself to comparison to work by a famous painter? Do you understand the symbolism?

    A new way to prerecord for the show on your smart phone - record on your memo function and send to: AnnetteColeman@yahoo.com and we will include you on the show (note Radio Show in subject line).

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    The Captivating Guide to Critique

    in Motivation

    Here are simple guidelines for evaluating a speech

    Organization – Did the speech have a clear opening, body and conclusion? Did the Speaker make a definite point and provide material to support that point? Was the message clear throughout? Were the transitions appropriate? Did the speaker flow from one idea to another in an effective, seamless manner?

    Research / Supporting material – Did the speaker research their subject? If so, did they provide specific facts, examples and illustrations? Did the speaker present as an authority on the subject?

    Body Language – Does the speaker’s body language enhance their speech? How effectively did the speaker use body language to convey their points? Was the speaker’s body language loose and relaxed or confined and tense? 

    Vocal Variety / Vocabulary – Did the speaker use varying volume, pitch and rates of speaking to enhance the speech? Were these appropriately used? Did the speaker use words effectively throughout the speech to best communicate their ideas? 

    In all instances, offer suggestions for improvement.

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    Continue Exploration into Trans-Humanist Foundations for a Critique of Violence

    in Psychology

    Please join us for explorations into the link between cultural meta-existentials and possibilities for an aretaic ethics.

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    Critique of Protestantism

    in Christianity

    Sacerdotus in this episode offers an academic critique of Protestantism which originates from former Augustinian priest, Martin Luther.  He explains where this heresy came from and how its theological ideas are flawed compared to Biblical sources, Traditional sources and historical ones as well.  Protestantism is a collection of many sects with each claiming to be the "one true" church of Christ.  Sacerdotus explains how these claims are ficticious and dishonest by explaining how the one truth Church of Christ only resides in the Catholic Church headed by the Vicar of Christ, the Pope.  

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    Critique of Joel McDurmon's Family and Dominion in the New Creation|Isaiah 65:17

    in Religion

    Today, we will examine and article post by Joel McDurmon, and his dominion theology on the new heavens and earth of Isaiah 65:17-25. Joel's dominionist views are closely akin to premillennial dispensationanlist views of the kingdom of God. He sees physical longevity, physical security in physical houses, abundance of natural food, no fear of invaders or war, no more wild beasts but a eutopian peace and harmony.

    He surmises this is the new garden we are to dress and keep, that our children wil not face calamity and he claims all of this for those who are the "offspring" of the Lord. Does he follow through on his literalism. Will the Lord Jesus Christ be physically fathering all these babies he sees in his new heaven and earth paradigm? He can't jumpt to spiritual birth after claiming all of this is physical can he?

    He argues that will be a "multi-generational family"? How is that possible if the Lord begets all of them? Why do they even need to be multi-generational?

    These are only a few of the problems of McDurmon's view. We'll highlight more of them in the broadcast. Join us today.

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